Imagine there’s no heaven or hell, challenge or reward, wisdom or ignorance.  What would life be like?
Imagine you are a creator and you create heaven or hell, challenge or reward, wisdom or ignorance.  How would your life change?
Suppose that the gift of imagination is a powerful tool of the Universe, as well as powerful tool you use.  As I entered into studies of the Tree of Life, I learned of the subtle and not so subtle qualities of the Universe.  I learned of Universal Laws and how they could be effectively used by our personal awareness of them and our right use of them.  Dual Universal Laws I discovered was part of the Supernal Triad.  This triad is the pure state of the Universe initiating the qualities of Its multidimensional self, and multiple personalities:  energy in motion moving through gaseous realities, forming worlds of matter, souls of existence, animals, plants, minerals, humans, mountains, streams, fields, etc.   The Universal Laws of the Supernal Triad stirred me into action and particularly the realization that the Dual Laws:  Law of Imagination and the Law of Attraction are fields of energy that join Force and Form…nonmatter and matter.   I was excited to learn that these were part of what the Divine used to create everything.
I must say that when I contemplated the power of the Universe utilizing Imagination to create its multiplicity, it took me into a deeper knowing of the mystics wisdom of teaching us how to use creative imagination to manifest what we desire.  After all, the reality of the Universe is the evolution of Spirit-to-Matter and Matter-to-Spirit.  It became evident to me that we all can participate in the process, as it is the Will of the Divine.  It became more exciting to me to use my imagination to create different and rewarding qualities of my life.
I learned a few things on the pathway of using imagination.  I learned that I did not always manifest what I was imagining.  Sometimes I felt like the Divine was limiting me or it wasn’t my soul plan.  This created discouragement until I went further into instructions from my guardian, Malachi.  What he taught me is valuable for you…for it is Universal and we all can use this wisdom.
He taught me about our T.E.A.M.  He taught me about the Dual Laws: Law of Creative Imagination and the Law of Attraction- are part of the T.E.A.M. for sure.  He taught me that I often thought I was feeling the joy and excitement of my vision, but something was slipping in the background of my unconscious.  He helped me see how quickly I slipped from excitement to emotional doubt.  He also taught me how I put “time” limitations on my desires (let this occur in six weeks; but I want it now-incongruent realities).
He shared the very important parts of the T.E.A.M. were Thoughts that were also the mental vision, and Emotions, the feeling field.  These two aspects of the team are absolutely necessary to be congruent.  As I watched my positive, affirmative emotions, I recognized how instantaneously, the deeper emotional doubts occurred.  My favorites were: I don’t have the means; I don’t know how it can work; I can’t see that others will care; I am not worthy of this.  So quick did they slip in, unnoticed and yet noticed, and disturbed the entire field of creative and manifesting energy.
Malachi continued to reveal how I (and all of us) could realize the emotional trap that stops the manifest.  First, if we need to notice the downside of our belief surfacing immediately.  We need to stop, clear, and return to knowing,  revisualize, and feel the true awareness that  all is in right order.  If we don’t recognize it then we come to the ‘A’ in  T.E.A.M..  ‘A’ is our Actions.  We can notice if we act in such a manner that we are living our life toward our vision or finding excuses (conscious and unconscious) that lead us away from our desire.  We can also realize we are in congruent alignment with our thoughts and emotions if our actions reveal our movement forward.
Finally, the “M’ in team is Manifestation.  If we have lost the congruency of our thoughts and emotions, and our actions have us holding back in disbelief and unworthiness, then our manifestation will only be a partial event or a total abortion.  Which often creates the illusion that we are soul-limited or what ever we think has caused a disconnect to Spirit gets the blame.  What can we do?
Check and recheck our thoughts and emotions for sure.  However, it is important to learn of the dual Laws.  When we are in the field of creative imagination, our thoughts and emotions congruent with a knowing that we are using the Law of Creative Imagination and there is nothing that can stop the universal flow, we are also in the field of the Law of Attraction and we are drawing the schematic of our desire, increasing the fulfillment with our delight in what we are creating, and calling forth the energy (Law of Attraction) to form and be an outcome in our physical reality.
Be the Designer with an open mind and open heart.  Feel the reality of it all (not the possibility, the reality).  Know it deeply within you and “see” the completion, feel the completion and let go to the Universal field of All Is!  Don’t try to redo the imagination…it is already weaving the outcome.  Do become even more excited to be the observer of the Magick of Imagination, the purity of your intention, and the Greatness of being in the field of Oneness.  Actively honor your Desire already IS.  Be in the realm of honoring Spirit forming in Matter.  If there is something you can do  DO IT (for me it is continue writing when I’m desiring to create a book, workshop or other event).  Be Active and Patient, as the forming of the desire is now attracting life events, people and places to unify.
I have practiced this process for years.  Sometimes I have manifested a desire in a day or three days.  Sometimes I notice all the people or an event that occurs as a confirmation;  and I smile inside noting the mysterious universal process is at work.  Sometimes I abort it by a thought or feeling that is my distraction and illuminator of my desire.   When I abort my desire I realize I have wrongly used the Law of Creative Imagination and the Law of Attraction; for somewhere in my thinking and feeling I visualized and felt the impossibility…thus, I have attracted the abortion of my desires.
What do you Imagine is your power to create and manifest?  Follow the flow of your T.E.A.M.  Maintain positive congruency with your vision and feelings.  Take all actions you know are to be taken to guide the universal energy through you.  Manifest your desires with a smile on your face and in your heart.  You are the Creator Creating!
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
soon to be unveiled:

©2017 Katherine Bell