“The 72 Names of God by Katherine Bell is a compilation of “cryptograms,” divined by the author and each consisting of three Hebrew letters derived from the 216-Letter Name of God. Each cryptogram is a triangle embedded in an octagon, reflecting the colors associated with each of the letters. Additionally, musical tones are associated with each letter. Following the visual presentation of each cryptogram, an affirmation offers positive ideas about the specific combination of letters, colors, and tones represented by the cryptogram.
Bell indicates that the experience of the cryptograms can be enhanced by adding specific tones from tuning forks while viewing the cryptogram. The vibrations of the forks combine with the vibrations of the colors on the spectrum of visible light to effect various positive changes in the viewer/listener. In addition, each letter vibrates in relation to specific laws, such as the Law of Life Mastery, the Law of Worldly Development, and the Law of Cause and Effect.
My first impression was that the author had constructed a complicated system in order to reach a simple result, but as I read the text and viewed the cryptograms, I did feel better-not anything quite definable, but definitely better-happier and more peaceful. If I had the added advantage of the tuning forks, I can only imagine the increased effect.”
– Mike Gadell, Ed.D., January 2018