A deep desire to be one with the Being who Created us has been in my heart and as a life-quest since very early childhood.  After a deeply moving mystical experience at age 19,  I began to explore beyond my family church to discover more of what I was seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing in the multidimensional realm of the Universe.
I became a multi-denominational person.  My meditations, wisdom-studies, and searching for the philosophy that could reveal my inner knowing and teach me of this Creator took me through many spiritual pathways.  My search was to be One with this Creator.   I finally allowed expanded guidance from the spiritual beings who had been teaching me how to live since my first recollection of their presence at 2 years of age.  Communicating between the worlds for myself and others began in 1963.  Yet I still was not able to reach the level of my desire to know God and unify with him.  Of course, since then, I know God not simply as a He, but a She, and truly, a non-gender energy:   Pure Spirit.
A guardian entered my world when I was 39.  Mohad-Malachi began transmitting wisdom in late 1983.  The first transmissions were most definitely explaining Oneness.  And since then, teachings of this wisdom has expanded and remains a constant message, “This element you seek is you, accessed within your self, is nonjudgmental and pure love.”    It was profound to hear I, actually “we” are the God we are seeking. It was profound to feel that quality within, but destabilizing when not able to sustain it.  Ever expanding wisdom has guided me through many passages of consciousness.  All has been nurturing food  for contemplation and life changes.
Now, as I continue to contemplate the desire to be the essence of Divine Oneness, I also consider what keeps me from sustaining Oneness.   I seek it, desire it, feel it periodically, but as yet, I have not fully accomplished this Oneness.  At times a full day I experience this Oneness, may even awake in this Oneness the next day.  However, something seems to interrupt that union.  Perhaps it is only me, Katherine, becoming focused on a task or listening to words of a newscast, or a need to take care of something I had not planned to do.  Then I find myself passing too many hours without the thought to redirect my field of self to the field of Oneness.
For centuries and the shape shifting of eons, we have had masters who teach of Oneness.  In the 21st century this is the call from mystics, quantum theorists, and many spiritual practitioners.  I first heard of this deeply through Malachi-Mohad in 1983.  I felt the truth, was excited to share this truth, but still no sustaining actions keeps me within this truth then and now.  I’m working on creating the habit of Oneness.
In my life I have lived in the world of separation. My body has been separated from my mind and emotions unless I consciously note the separation and bring the union by awareness.  My mind has been separated from ego and my lower ego then ruled the day. My emotions thrashed between the worlds of Divine love and human need of love and need of recognition from others.
At times I felt the Divine love and cried at such a blessing. Yet, the moment of the joyful and blessed cry was another moment I was revealing my being  “less than” the Divine as I bathed in the sacred moment but kept myself in the lowly position of being an unholy human.
I am graced with the ability to merge with different states of the Divine and see, hear and feel these states as Angels, Masters, Wisdom beings of all nature.  Through all states that I have held union with, I have learned, hear and understand the wisdom that we are the Divine in individuate aspects.  Many who merge with this multi-states of the Divine speak of such experiences as well. And, I believe all of these experiences are important and provide the awareness of being more than the unholy human.
The call to be aware that we are the Divine in living matter and to live in Oneness, is one I’ve heard and share with others.   The marriage, or union of spirit and matter,  has been a guidance and a call that I desire to fulfill.  Since childhood I’ve sought to understand and be in such a merge of this Oneness so that I could serve the Divine.  I have felt it, grown through many stages of healing my gross challenges of loss, judgement, hurt and being hurtful, as well as dipping into my unconscious levels of dark demons of painful memories that dictate separation.   Yet, I find I am only baby steps closer.
Along with the condition to unify with God I’ve held the belief that this union would make me happier, wealthier, healthier in mind, emotions, and body.  Meaning I will “get something”out of this practice.   LOL!   Oh that is truly not what will unify me, create the Oneness (that already exists), and make me a Holy being.   I must be the Oneness.
I’m learning what separates me and perhaps all if us.  It is the language I use; we all use, that keeps us separated.   It is the belief and conditioning that I must call on:  God, Goddess, WomanSpirit, Jesus, Kali, Tara, Kele De, Malachi-Mohad, Archangel Michael,  (or whatever deity name we believe will be the deliverer).    These aspects are frequencies of the Divine and are vibrations that teach us the wisdom of the Oneness.  Thus, to call these frequencies forward I must learn they are the aspects of Oneness within me and as I call them, I am calling forth the Divine Presence within me.
My contemplation recently has sent me to a new naming process. I  contemplate Consciousness in it’s guises:
       Personal/Human Conscious – The very moment of alert awareness and activity of mind and human activities we are involved in.
       Personal Subconscious where  memories of fears and phobias often intensify to sabotage us, or holds good memories that make us feel better.
In these states of consciousness I know I will quite likely call out for someone, some spiritual master of the inner realms, God/Goddess.  I know I need the help of a frequency that I have separated from.
     The unconscious realm of Soul, the individual quality of the Divine spectrum of color and designs of everything that will manifest in the physical realm as well as all realms of existence.
    The Divine Conscious that is undifferentiated Oneness.
In these states of consciousness I recognize Oneness and know I am truly calling forth the strongest essence of Being.
When my Personal Conscious and Subconscious are the main workers of my self, I am lost in the separation trap and cannot feel the special vibrations of my soul which is attempting to reveal the spectrum of experiences to explore.  Most assuredly I am separate from my knowing, understanding, or feeling Divine Consciousness that is me.   I cannot reach the true corridor of the realm of my soul.  I cannot open states of awareness that allow me to know Divine Consciousness and the Ultimate Being of me (and all existence).
My contemplation has brought me to what I can do to be in Union with All That IS.
Thus, I’ve begun a practice. When I need something tangible, or an insight, or the blessing of finding something I’ve misplaced, I’ve begun to change my habit of asking something separate from me, in my conditioned thinking, such as guardian Malachi, WomanSpirit, Goddess, God, or an angel I can name. I simply ask the state of Me that is Divine Consciousness.  The energy rises in feeling and guidance and I feel the unified state of Oneness.  I am no longer separate begging for assistance I Am the assistance, I Am the Oneness.  I feel neither pride nor less than.  I simply am the moment of the experience and flow into the next moment. I find what I need without distress.
In this marriage of matter and spirit, I am joy, I am love, I am happiness, I Am That I Am.  I Am the Oneness without seeking it.
This practice has led me into just Being: Love, Happiness, Joy, Curiosity, Grounded, Gratitude, Wellness, and more.  Not in order to get anything, but to Be the pure energy.  Not to find out if my life will be better, but to simply experience the energy in its virginal state.  I am the Energy.  I am not calling it into my life, I Am the experience of whatever I am contemplating at the moment.  As I have been writing this article, I have paused to be The Computer, simply to be the computer.   As the Computer, I am also Joy.  I am these elements of being without the need for an outcome or a drawing anything to me.  In Being.  Everything is me.
Oh yes, the habit of Being Oneness is progressing. I still recognize the separation, but unity is becoming the cellular memory that is the state of mastery: Oneness.  My state of personal consciousness and subconsciousness is still in the plane of changing; and delightfully so.
Peace Prevails.  I recognize Oneness and Separation are a unit and important for Spirit Expressing as Matter.  As long as I don’t  create neediness and unworthiness through my Personal and Subconscious levels,I maintain Oneness.
            -Just contemplating and sharing!
How are you doing with Oneness as your state of consciousness?
…Until Next Time:
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.