Counseling clients who were heading for stressful gatherings with family members led to deep conversations focused on joyful experiences rather than regret. We spoke of how to make their holidays harmonious rather than angst building, anger erupting, or feeling sidestepped in the sea of painful memories and attitudes that need to be healed.
I spoke of the need for communications before gatherings. There is great importance in speaking of the hurts and the ways to heal. I asked that my clients honor the past, but not be stuck within it. I encouraged their honoring of their own life changes through healing processes and look for ways to see the life changes in others.
Throughout the conversations, meditations before and after, and contemplation of what can truly be done I continued to hear a word: Homogenize. I felt the meaning of the word, with great curiosity.
I felt what the Divine was presenting and decided I needed to write about it. I believe this is a message to help form a union with all people we encounter: Homogenize – Make Equal.
I had to look into the dictionary to get beyond my knowing of homogenized milk (LOL). It led me to two other words: Homo sapiens and Homologous.
Homo Sapiens means, “Wise Human .” Ah, in all our gatherings may we be wise.
Homologous means: “Having the same relation, relative position or structure.” Seems like family to me. It has a chemistry meaning: Similar in properties but differing in composition by a fixed group of atoms. Still feels like family to me.
As we go from Thanksgiving into Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Kwanza and many different celebrations I send prayers for everyone to mix together well (Homogenize) with attitudes that can set the power of harmony in all experiences. It is important to notice that anger and resentment cannot be maintained in attitudes of love, forgiveness and compassion.
When we come to the inner and sacred knowing that all are from the same Divine Mother/Father who provides a love beyond human comprehension, we can bring that love to ourselves and others. This is a season that we call on attitudes of love, compassion, giving blessings and receiving blessings. May we homogenize with Spirit and Matter in Sacred Oneness.
I know for some individuals a loving and happy family does not surface in the darkness of many very unhappy and distressing living realities. For all who truly know you cannot blend with your family of origin, know that life contains others that are your family. Homogenize your “other” family and be with them in the delight of loving gatherings, joyful laughter, fulfilling experiences, sharing life and gratitude for all.
To all of us, I pray that as this season of gatherings continues, we look at how we can become the Chemical of the Holy Light as the One single property radiating in different compositions. I pray we can radiate our compositions of light into the glory of joy, love and sharing. May the power of Oneness through love, honor, respect and joy become a brighter light that expands and flows beyond our holidays and homogenizes our entire world. May we find ways to no longer live in separate beliefs of bigger, greater or better; but in one process of emulsified holiness.
Oneness Occurs! Love Abounds! Delight in Life creates Fulfillment!
…Until Next Time:
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
©2017 Katherine Bell