New Moon – Holly
July 20, 2020
11:28:48 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time

The Gate – Power of Inner and Outer Potency!

Hello everyone:

Before I begin to write about the empowerment offered through the lunar cycle this month, I would like to thank those of you who took the time to write an acrostic poem and share it with me. It was so much fun to read them and I was inspired by what you wrote. I find that any one of us truly can write such a poem without being a perfect poetry writer (I’m certainly not). Yet, what each person shares provides insight and delight. Again, THANK YOU!

Also, some of you are sharing how you are learning more about the Outer and Inner Builder and how it is helping you express yourself with more confidence. In fact, one client shared that it has taken her nearly all year to recognize that something has been occurring, and what she realizes is more confidence in herself. What tipped her off was the recognition of the Oak Moon Mother and the Inner power of Birch Moon Mother. She realized what has been transpiring since Birch (Dec- Jan) has truly unfolded for her within the grace of Oak. She is ready to see what else can be recognized as we dive into the continued roll reversal of the Moon Mother alignments for the rest of the year.

Speaking of the rest of the year, this year we have a shift in the lunar cycles no longer aligning in a perfect match. For the last couple of years we have been riding on the waves of the Moon/Sun conjunctions being “spot” on in the cycle of the Moon Mothers. However, other years we have noticed how the New Moon doubles up in a sign and the moon does not enter the power of the lunar essence of the Celtic messages until later in the day. We begin that process this lunar cycle.

As we enter New Moon on July 20, 2020 at 11:32:48 a.m., we discover that the Moon and Sun are just completing their trip through Cancer. Thus, they meet at 28 degrees 26 minutes of Cancer/Oak. The Moon shifts into the Holly/Leo energy field at 2:17 p.m. on July 20th, and the Sun will not begin to glide through Leo until July 22nd. Thus, the Holly messages are blanketed by Cancer for a bit of time. That encourages us to continue to give honor to the Gate and “birthing” process we started last lunar month. It is as though Holly is protecting the child being born (the plant Holly has long been placed over the crib of babies to keep them safe from harm, illnesses, and the dark night of the soul). Holly leaves, when soaked in pure water under a full moon, are used to create Holy Water to bless home, hearth, and family members, etc.

As Holly reveals her Great Light, it is a month in which we also honor the Ritual of Lughnassadh–Lammas, August 4th. In truth, as a quarter festival, the perfect timing to hold the ritual is when the Sun has reach 15 degrees 0 minutes of Leo, and that will be on August 6th at 7:15 p.m., Mountain Daylight Time. This ceremony also honors that the Light is Giving Way and the waning time of the year is now to be honored. The Great Sun Goddess, Suil, is revered. Of course, most know that the Great Sun God Lugh (Loo) is celebrated. (No pictures can be found of Suil.) The Goddess is given tribute as the first harvest of the year occurs. The harvest is Her Bounty given to all creatures. Honor is given that She will continue to bring forward high yielding crops. The grain will not only feed the tribe in the here and now, but stored for the dark time of the year. The Ritual of Lammas is available on the website. Recall, this is a playful time. Games of competition are the joy of the day. Marriages are performed with the privilege to annul or confirm the following Lammas. The Year and a Day blessing is activated (travel for a year and a day to discover is what you desire is truly in harmony with the true you).

How can we see this blessing as we honor the blending time of Oak and Holly? The mother (Oak) has given birth through her gardens and the food of the land is presented as blessings to sustain life. This is a time when we can continue to ask ourselves what has been birthed through our inner being to our outer reality, how will it sustain us through the rest of the year, how will it and prepare us for continuing cycles of our soul journey? We can grow with what we are birthing and allow the year and a day process to allow us to know if it is of value to carry on further, or a simple lesson learned and completed.

Homage to the Sacred Power that gives us life and sustains us is very important. If we cannot recognize what is Within, we will not allow it to develop, express, and provide what we need for our continued conscious maturation in the outer world we call our Earth Life.

“Blessings of Harvest, Blessings of Light, Blessings of Dark, it gives me Might. Honor to the Sun who gives way to the Moon. I find the rhythm of commitment–I am in tune.” (From the Ritual of Lammas.)

Entering the New Moon – Holly: Active Conscious – Universal Law of Self Dominion

Throughout this lunar cycle we are given the light that will sustain us as we prepare to enter the waning vibrations of the year. That Light is the Law of Self Dominion. It is a powerful law to learn, live, and lavish within. Why Lavish? Because it teaches us how to reconcile the shadows of our self, reveal our true self, and receive a multitude of love and blessings as we come to terms with the false beliefs of who we are. In the Holly essence realize we are in love with our self and committed to living the Higher Essence of our Own Beingness with others. Holly wisdom is a reconciler.

The women seen in the Holly picture are tied together in a commitment to the Goddess. Ultimately, it is a commitment of one year and a day to learn to live in their higher state of being so they can present and express their true self, their talents, and their service to their own self before they serve others. They learn to be unencumbered by lack of self dominion. While they undergo the training, they have to struggle with temptations that entice them away from their higher purpose. They are called to say “no” when they want to say “yes” even when the draw to do something seems to fill them with unreconcilable passion that appears “real.” They must live with a question: Will this person, circumstance, or event provide me with the wisdom of my true self, ability to be my true self, the honoring of the Divine Purpose of life from within me, the expression of my talents, and above all the confidence and love of myself? If, at any level, the answer is no, they must have the strength to turn away and hold fast to their higher intentions, no matter what.

We are asked to do the same. Often we sway, lose clarity of consciousness and run off to play in life experiences that we just “gotta do or have now,” without consideration of future consequences. This is a lower ego event that may feel like love, but is truly only “neediness” that surpasses honor of self, love of self, and love of all others. We are the Prodigal Child. We run off, but we do learn about ourselves as we go into and out of events that teach us who we are. Actually, when we are on the true path of higher awareness we return to the authority within us and reconcile our lower self with our higher self. It may take years (most often does), but when we do learn to open the gate to self love, we do begin the true reconciliation and unify our lower self with our higher self.

Law of Self DominionThis law is inscribed within each soul and releases the ability to be self-governing, live in harmony with the Supreme Power and Authority that exists within self and its environment. Use of this law opens the doorway to the revelation of secrets—the Secrets of the Universe as well as yourself.

To gain the awareness of this Supreme Authority one must:

  • Use fortitude to discover Self by understanding:
    • Ones natural qualities and live them rather than a facade
    • The sub-conditions of consciousness
    • Personal memory
    • Personal fears and sabotaging attitudes
    • Personal strengths not yet discovered
    • Power of Source Living Within
  • Understand the super-conditions of consciousness
    • Higher Self
    • Divine Consciousness
    • Perfect wisdom
  • Modify personal self to align with Higher Self

-Live in the power of purity

The mixture of the 3 levels of consciousness brings the Cognitive, Subconscious and Super Consciousness into One Active Conscious State when we take dominion within these levels. It provides the union of personal consciousness, collective conscious and Supernal Consciousness. When these combinations act as one we are in the state of At-One-Ment. (Atonement – The reconciliation of God/Goddess and Humankind). We come to awareness of this state when we live the Law of Self Dominion.

Most appropriately, to take Self-Dominion does mean to integrate our six levels of being: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Ego, and Soul, the S.E.M.P.E.S.

We can see the power of Holly being a reconciler on the Tree of Life. The Path of Holly is noted as the Path of Teth (Teth means snake–a reconciler; the essence that entices, challenges, and changes). The pathway is a balancing and integrating field for the Blue Sphere called Mercy (All we need is given) and the Red Sphere called Severity (refinement of what one has created; healer of all ills). The Snake – or Reconciler brings two forces together to create a greater outcome–to die of the old and birth to the new. It also reveals that the All Given elements are to be refined in order to be used in the realm of matter: a reconciliation.

As the Gate of Love is opened at New Moon, it is the Gate of Self Love and the reconciler of self loathing (at any and all levels). To gather the blessings of Self Love one also cultivates the essence of their Higher Ego, a state of the Messiah Self: One who knows why they are a manifest being, how they are the Divine Manifest in a Body, and as an embodied Spirit, what they can create in the land of Matter that aids the good for all. Of course, Holly is a creator of the foundation of this power and the Active Partner of Suil guides the way with the brilliant solar light that honors the Higher Self/Higher Ego.

Activator of Holly, The Outer Partner: Suil – Law of Regeneration

As we enter the New Moon, we have noted that it remains aligned in the Mother Moon of Oak… and thus, the womb. However, in less than three hours, Suil comes through the Gate as The Greater Light. This allows us, again, to honor how something is being delivered. It is important that we contemplate this reality for ourselves. What is coming out of our gate? Are we sprinkling it with the protection of Holly? Are we embracing it with pure love? Are we nurturing it with the Grace of our Higher Self?

Suil is a very ancient name of the Sun. In fact, it is believed to be a primitive-Celtic word for Sun, from which the Old Irish goddess, Súil (meaning eye) is noted. A single “eye” is always an honoring of the Divine and it is directing creation and the good of all. Keep your creative eye

focused on the nurturing solar light of your heart-mind. The Sun is the esoteric ruler of the Heart Chakra and its Hebrew letter, “Resh,” is connected to the frontal part of the brain. The law associated with Suil is the Universal Law of Regeneration.

The Law of RegenerationThis law expresses that: Everything in the cosmos, from the Great Central Sun to the smallest insect, is an everlasting work of Divine perfection, some in less noticeable degrees than others. Each aspect begins with a birth, grows in Consciousness and Construct, and then Decays in Construct.

This most certainly sounds like the Law of Life, Death, and Rebirth, yet holds a difference in its nature. It encourages the vibration of your awareness to note that death does not create an end, but an opportunity to regenerate the cellular expression of the Divine Self. We can most certainly look at illness as a degenerate or decaying process. We can also see clearly that illness has many ways to turn about to regeneration of wellness and through the process of natural regeneration we see a healing occur. We can also note that through healing modalities of “radiant” healers, regeneration of cells, consciousness and the power to heal occurs by one person helping another.

Whether it is by Source as the regenerator or by Source channeled through healers, regeneration of all levels of consciousness can and does occur! Can you review your life and see where “regeneration” has occurred? Cover the areas of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. What does this law reveal to you by reviewing these areas of your life or the lives of those you have a distinct connection to.

The power of regeneration can be seen in many ways this lunar month. It is regenerating the final contractions of the womb that is ready to deliver new or final birthing aspects of our self, our talents, and our higher nature. It is ready to regenerate the creative power within us and aid its growth (as the Sun aids the growth of all living things on Earth).

On the Tree of Life Suil is noted in two areas, one is where it reigns at its highest level, The Heart of the Tree (The Yellow Sphere). It is here it represents that Sacred Child of the Holy Trinity. In this Sphere we learn to honor our true self, the will of our nature to be the master of our reality, and the wisdom to realize we are destined to evolve through the currents of involution and evolution to explore and express mastery. We know we are to regenerate the Light of Oneness through the Light of Many.

The second evidence of the solar light of Suil is seen on the Resh pathway between the Orange and Purple Spheres (Hod/Splendor and Yesod/Foundation). This is the Soul Triad and Suil/Resh is revealing the Sacred Light of the Master being that we are impregnated into the individual soul nature that is to manifest into a human being. Thus, within our soul is the wisdom that we are an All-knowing Being. We must release the light of this knowing through Self Dominion and the power to regenerate our awareness of who we truly are. The release of this light within us provides the energy to stimulate, daily, the call and understanding of our soul purpose, presence, and passion. Our Higher Self initiates the “reasons” our soul is evolving. It reveals the greatness of its wholeness and the expansion of the Divine in soul expression. We feel and know this as an inherent quality. Our Higher Self provides healing powers at all levels through rays of light, the blessings of sacred memory encoded in the soul, and the ability to achieve every intention of an incarnation, with constant support of the soul’s knowing of its true Self—Divine Presence.

With the Law of Self Dominion (Holly), we will use the Law of Regeneration (Suil) with creative aplomb and love of self, and step forward to share it with others. No fear, no lack, simple expression of Love Light!

Rowan the Opposer of Holly- the Inside Builder – The Law of Illumination and Luminosity.

With Holly active in our conscious state and self dominion in tack, then the inner builder releases the light of our plans. The electrical current is activated when self dominion has taken place. The inner lights are illuminated and we are shining lights…or Light Bodies.

Love for all humanity must also take place or there is truly no self love to be revealed, and surely no communication with the interior designer. We have no hook in place that allows the inner world and outer world to join forces and allow the

current of light to reveal our greater intention. Self love may be lost, allowing the lower ego to turn toward fear that someone else will take away our ideas, our talents, our love, our dreams, our power,

our passion, and so on. This reminds us the opposer does carry a message of challenge.

Yet, as the inside builder it carries a message of positive reward as well. It is time to allow the light within to radiate and when we are in alignment with the Light of Self Dominion and the Light of Self Love, we can use the wisdom and blessings of Rowan as the inner builder and illuminate our inner light(s).

Law of Illumination and Law of Luminosity: “Everything living in matter, or ethereal living, possess intelligence and will respond to higher degrees of intelligence. However humble, each form of life may be on the evolutionary ladder, it revolves around an inward growth of development and awakening. It reveals our True Light. We seek the Light by extending ourselves until reached.” When one opens themselves to illumination they allow their inner self to be revealed. Once the inner lights are activated and revealed, the power of Luminosity, the gift of ones’s visible, bright and inner light shines outwardly to everyone and creates “guidance” on the path of evolution.

In mystical wisdom, the illumination of one’s higher self comes by way of Chakra activation. Becoming aware of the consciousness of the vortices of light at the personal seven centers of consciousness helps you illuminate and release your inner light. When you release your light, it is a luminous energy that is felt and known as inner empowerment, and also reveals a light to others you interact with, whether in human form or ethereal form.

Make note of how your Inner Self is illumined or blocked by connecting to your spinning wheels of light through each Chakra center. You can make the choice to clear and open these centers of light that connects Source to you and you to Source. Pay attention to your inner self and note the power of wisdom that is contained in these sacred chambers of your self.

Recall the plans you designed when the lunar cycle of Rowan began in 2020. You used the inner lights of higher consciousness to initiate your desires to deliberately focus on an intended success(s) to be achieved this year. Your inner builder was self love, Holly. Now, in the realm of Holly as the outer expression, are you harvesting your success(s)? Are you in the playground with them? Are you in the realm of competition offering your creative aspects as a variance for others to use in their needs to discover wholeness? (Holly does represents healthy competition in order to reveal one’s talents to others. It also honors team work in order to display the greatest artistry of ideas.)

Rowan is offering the inner power that blesses us with the gift to reach beyond our human cycles of thinking, hook into the sea of our soul conscious, and fish out the higher mind that reveals true intelligence and the recovery of our True Self.

On the Tree of Life, we discover Rowan in the essence she reflects as the Hebrew Letter and pathway, Tzaddi (Fish Hook). This is an important path for raising consciousness from the dark corners of the soul and lower ego region, as well as continuing the quest of discovering our Light. As we release our lower ego and explore our soul region, we also move into a state of nullifying the lower identity of our limited ego-self; the self that keeps repeating the cycles of being “less than,” “incapable of,” and believe we will “never express” our true self.

This path is just opposite the path of Suil/Resh in the Triad of the Soul. It is within this path we open the doorway of awareness to the truest essence of our self as the Master of the Universe. This message reveals wisdom of Yesod on this path. Yesod, recall, is also a place of the Moon and the soul womb ready

to deliver an individual into the realm of matter. We take up the light within us as we illuminate it through our Chakras (Rowan/Tzaddi). Our attention changes to a higher order of self, and we become the Master of our Universe. We are “hooked” into the memory and knowing of who we are. We are not just discovering our talents, we are our talents. We are discovering Love of All. We live in no fear. We Live in the peace and harmony of Love for All, freedom to express a unique light of the Allness, and reveal the greater picture of the Holy One.

Our inner builder communicates through the electrical currents of thought and vibrations that tingle throughout our nervous system. We call them the “chills of knowing.” They guide us from the shadow of ignorance to the light of our Transpersonal Self. We learn to detatch from limitations and fully feel the honor of our self and others. Love is gentleness and unconditional. Love is creation, creative action, and creativity fulfilled. Joy, Peace, and Harmony reside in Love for All. As we feel this within, so we present it in our human expression and experiences with what appears as “others.”

Suil is the inside activator for the Inner Builder, Rowan

The inner activator is the regenerating fire igniting the electrical current of interior lights. It is the power pushing the unequaled and exclusive intentions of our soul to express its mastery by revealing creative expressions each and every day. One day it may ignite the way to cultivate the land. Another it may be to reveal how we dance. Perhaps it is the way we take command of situations. The light of the Care Giver may show up. The orator within us will display how our words inspire, direct, and perhaps help another know more of their own self. The spirit of our mind may reveal a scientific and/or metaphysical wisdom that can lead a small group or all of humanity into the use of new techniques in the realm of cars, home technology, healing methodologies, and so forth. Each day, the inside activator, Suil, will be guiding the illuminator, Rowan, to work with the outer essence, Holly to reveal our talents.

As with everything we learn, we can use our wisdom for good or to activate a challenge. The challenge that can be brought forward in this union is arrogance. To believe we are better than anyone else causes us to form an opinion of self aggrandizement. We believe we are the only important one, and thus the only one who is to receive positive notice. The short end of this story is that self love is truly non existent of we are living in self aggrandizement. We will believe our inner lights are on and flooding the way for all to follow. However, the Grand Ego Light is on and overshadowing the truth that we are lost in our hopelessness and false belief that we have to be arrogant in order to push out the sorrowful belief we carry that we are “good for nothing.”

We are called to understand the true meaning of humbleness (to know everyone is important, including ourselves) and stand straight while bowing to the greatness of each person. When we do this, we know each individual is the revealer of the Divine and also a gate keeper to the inner lights of our precious re-membering of Oneness. The reconciler of the challenger:

May the joyful light of Holly bring forward exciting expressions of you!

New Moon Love and Blessings,


I did copy this from Facebook and the page of the husband of one of our students – Thanks AB!

~Lunar Phases of Holly~

New Moon – July 20 Crescent Moon – July 24 First Quarter Moon – July 27 Gibbous Moon – July 30

Full Moon – August 3 (Sun Holly, Moon Rowan) Disseminating Moon – Aug 7

Last Quarter – Aug 11 Balsamic Moon – Aug 14

New Moon of Hazel/Grapevine – August 18, 2020 ~8:42 pm MDT Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.