Live Your Christed Self

New Mon – December 28-29, 2016
11:53:07 pm Mountain Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

I am writing this letter before my husband and I take a vacation. It is a bit early to initiate your New Moon ceremony. Please wait until December 28-29 (according to your time zone) to activate your lunar intentions and desires to be fulfilled through the month. You may also want to activate your intentions for the entire year ahead.

I’m excited to see 2017 unfold as it feels like a new door opening for many. Of course, I have been inspired by WomanSpirit to bring a another focus into the expression of Her Faces. Another gift of each year is to recognize the depth, dimensional reality and many, many correspondences that are within the visual artistry of Her Faces, and most of all within the essence of Her wisdom. She brings to all of us an additional manner to focus on the gifts of each Moon Mother and the supporting power of the ruler of the month that is an activator of Her Foundational energy within the lunar cycle.

Before I begin with the wisdom of Birch, I would like to give a few insights to the power of 2017 by honoring the numbers once again this year. I will break it down by twenty seventeen, then look at the combined numbers – 10. I will break it down by each number, as well.

Of course, since we entered 2000, we broke into the field of Twenty and a new millennium. I have shared each year that the number 20 relates to the Divine Feminine Face, Plutonia, the Universal Law of Soul Evolution, and the tremendous power of transmutation. So, how are you doing with this power of change? Are you aware of your soul voice as it reveals its evolution since your birth? Are you feeling self-empowered? What have you changed so drastically in your life that your habits, realities, and experiences are revealing a great difference (Transmutation)? Of course, this field of Transmutation and Soul Evolution continues to move all of our human family through a 100-year process of qualitative change.

As we enter the realm of number 17, we enter a year that calls us to illuminate are sacred lights–our Chakras and be a Light within our World. This number corresponds to the Divine Feminine Face of Rowan. It is a call to undertake the path of internal awareness once again and note how we are responding to our:

* Survival and Manifesting needs.

* Our Soul Purpose and Passion (or live in the shadow of our dysfunctions).

* Empower our interdependence with a healthy ego that knows we are where we are supposed to be, express our true self, and live in harmony with others (not jealousy and fear of being less-than).

* Open our hearts to new levels of unconditional love and releasing anxieties of being our true self. Now is the time to be the True Self…higher expression.

* Let our voices be the sound of our heart; the sound of our Highest Essence, and the truth of our life.

* Let our mental capacity be fueled with the power of intellect and intuition flowing and weaving together.

* Let our doorway to the universe be open to the gifts of greater wisdom.

* Allow our personal rhythm to align with the Cosmic Rhythm of all life.

* Let the Divine Intelligence lead our personal intelligence.

* Allow the Divine Feminine to present the birthing of our new selves.

* Allow the Divine Masculine to urge our creative innocence to be released.

* Allow the ultimate state of Universal Oneness be known within our personal being and our collective family.
The Number 10 relates to the Divine Feminine Face of Jupiteranu. This is a gift for this year. It is a positive energy. It drives us to live joy. It is the energy that creates new beginnings on new levels. How many of you are feeling this, experiencing this, or knowing it is to be? It offers a power you use to “grasp” the meaning of your life in conjunction with your highest intentions of your soul in evolution. It calls you to take action in your spiritual quest, educational evolution, and to travel to places of the mind and the world that you have not done before. The individual numbers of 2017 will help you use the power of 10:

2 = The Law of Wisdom. Provides an ability to enter the field of intuition and travel through the realm of Divine Intelligence. It is a gift of knowing and understanding your emotions. Are they steady and purposeful or rocking and jostling your will to reach higher levels? This number corresponds with the Divine Feminine Face of the Moon.

0 = The Law of Love. Much like the 10, it is a doorway to new opportunities, free from cumbersome beliefs, attitudes and actions. It calls for you to leap into the love of living and the innocence of your creative potential. This number corresponds with the Face of Urania.

1 = The Law of Expression. This energy calls for you to be centered in your being so you may hear the voice of the Divine expression. This will present you with clarity of mind, purpose in speaking, and an ability to reveal the true you. This number reveals the Divine Face of Mercrianna.

7 = The Law of Containment. This is a powerful law. It aids in setting your boundaries, that is for sure. Beyond that, it calls you to feel yourself contained in your personal essence and not drifting here and there in all that you do, think, and feel. It is this containment that helps you live your potential. It is a power that calls you to the magical process of mind, body and spirit flowing in oneness and manifesting in purpose. This number reveals the Divine Face of Oak.

As you contemplate the power radiating through you via these numbers, may you expand in personal wisdom. May you enjoy the next level of your life. May you cultivate your true calling and live empowered.
Throughout 2017, each lunar cycle will assist your fulfilment. Each Face of the Divine Mother will help you uncover the Grace provided you each month to activate a deeper truth within you that guides you to your purpose in all that you do. It will support your personal needs, relationship needs, family needs, career needs, health needs, and all needs you uncover as the year goes on.

On December 28-29 the New Moon begins the cycle of the Moon Mother Birch. Once again we look into this face of the Bride, the field snow covered, the women at work together, the bear slumbering, and much more. This Face of the Divine Feminine, Her symbols revealed in the card, and the pure essence of the Creatrix guides us to initiate a new year. Winter Solstice has honored the darkest night and shortest day. Now the evolution of light begins again.
Moon Moods

When the earth turns and the moon evolves,
a mystical influence enters our lives.
Moon moods are designed to bring clarity to the mystery.

The moon mood of Birch is Dreaming the Future. The Dream Master within is calling the intended reality of one’s soul to come to the expression of living in the world of matter. In the core of your being you feel the potentials that lay before. You know you can achieve the desires you feel. The Birch vibrations call you to dream them into existence.

Will you be a dream master of your inner being? Will you use this lunar cycle to enhance the connection of your inner soul-world with your personal reality? WomanSpirit will help you. Will you allow Her guidance to surface in your day dreams? Will you call Her to guide you while you sleep? Will you turn your human eye inward and know the eye of WomanSpirit is desirous to give you a view of what you are capable of achieving this year?

Why is it so necessary to move inward when a new beginning is waiting for your action as we claim “Happy New Year,” and desire to start fresh? So easy to understand in the circle of spiritual wisdom.

We have just completed the cycle of a year, entered the fallow field of our being, and have allowed our soul and the Divine intention to set the seeds in the core of our being. We must now turn our human eye inward and tend the seed of potential. The cycle of Birch offers us the power to be dream tenders and become Dream Masters. We can learn to flow into the core of our soul and allow the soul dream of another year to be captured. We can hold a vision of our perfect outcome from the inward place to the outer reality.

Birch is the gift of setting the foundation of the year before you. Intend to set the foundation of Dreaming your Soul Intention into manifestation. Day dreaming and night dreaming are called forward during this lunar cycle. Set the foundation of 2017 and bring your TEAM into the new action of your intentions. Make sure your Thoughts are congruent with your Emotions. Notice your Actions, for they are the dream tenders of your internal desires. As you know, if your Thoughts and Emotions are not congruent, your Actions reveal that secret of separation. If your Thoughts and Emotions are congruent, your Actions support and cultivate your dream. It is only through the congruency of Thought, Emotion and Action that your true manifest desire will come to fruition.

As we enter this year, WomanSpirit has asked that we set the course for activating Her Seven Graces. Birch, of course, initiates the year, and sets the field of potentials for the Graces to manifest in our human endeavors. Saturnea, ruler of Birch, takes the foundation and creates the field for “right action” to bring the dream intention into the birthing power of “right manifestation.”

Birch guides us to use of the Graces of the Universe. She calls on us to fold into the gift of humility and connect with the Divine as She opens the pathway to sacred knowledge. Through meditation, your human eye moves inward and the impulses of your inner vision reaches toward infinite wisdom. You, taking charge of your “reactive field” by giving away control, enter the realm of your “intuitive field” and release self-imposed limitations and perceptions. You open the gates to personal mastery as you allow the Ultimate Master (Holy Spirit/WomanSpirit) take charge and guide your wisdom through Her sacred vision of your life unfolding. You use the Divine Eye to see what is before you, what is to be cultivated, and what you can do to support the process.

The Graces

* Discernment Through Intelligence

– The power to discern provides us the wisdom for making right choices to unfold our life in ways that provide us abundance in all areas of our living.

– Intelligence is the right use of your logical and intuitive qualities. Without the right use of both you likely will make unconscious choices that challenge us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

* Healing Through Compassion

– Healing is the power that balances us physically through diseases, mentally through minor to major dysfunctions, emotionally when disturbances have us lost in the darkness of the past, the traumas of abuses, and the shadow of unworthiness, and spiritually when we have lost our way and forget there is the Holy Spirit as the Indwelling Spirit that constantly guides us.

– Compassion is the gentle love we give our self and others. The understanding that the shadow effects are great challenges, yet the power of change is the quality of healing and a greater capacity within each of us. It does not ask of us to interfere with another’s process, but to give from the heart, love from the spirit, and honor their course.

* Faith through Knowing

– Faith is the gift of knowing that all that is occurring in our life is the pathway to what our soul and the Holy Spirit intend for us to experience. It is the gift of knowing that we are on the right track no matter how it may seem in any moment and particularly through great and seemingly dark passageways of personal experiences.

– Knowing is the ability to realize that we are in the stream of the Universe and all is perfect. Knowing is the gift of realizing that what we are creating and asking for will and does occur at the very right moment of our life.

* Creative Potential

– Creative power is an inner gift to shape our lives from unique qualities of our inner being. We can dream, design and manifest an outcome. There is no person without creative qualities. Each person simply needs to know this and then choose the path to unfold their creations. A scientist, a maid, an artist, a street cleaner, a writer, a shore man/woman, a singer, a teacher, a student, a policeman/woman, a mother/father, a reverend, a counselor….I think you get it… everyone has the gift of creating within their self. We all carry the knowing we are creators creating.

– Potential is the opportunity to use the creative power. Every option to choose how to use this potential is encoded within the soul level of each being. Again the power of Free Will and Choice are called for to use this Grace. Each person must know they are the guardians, caretakers, and designers of the potential. No hesitation, take action to live the Creative Potential to manifest what is needed in your world.

* Mastery

– Jesus, Buddha, and other Masters are simply the reflection of who we are and what we can achieve. It is a Grace seeded within us to be the Master of our self, our world, and our present reality. Mastery is the Grace of being in Oneness with the Divine Consciousness of the Holy Spirit. Mastery is the gift to harmonize all aspects of our self.

* Prophesy

– Yes, prophesy is a Grace given. It is the power to speak with the Divine. It is the Grace of Divine Inspiration known and used. It is an ability to predict what lies ahead. All other Graces are given and with this one, it is our responsibility to activate it.

* Miracle Working

– As with prophesy, this Grace is given yet, within each one of us, the previous Graces need to be used so this Grace can be easily lived.

– Miracle Working is the power to be an agent of extraordinary and inexplicable change. It is a wisdom and a gift to know the blessing of the Master within all beings and “see” this mastery, invoke its presence, and honor the loving essence of the change of imbalance to balance.

The gift of this active field of Saturnea is to be used to foster the awareness and use of the Seven Graces. For the Graces are freely given. You don’t earn them. However, you must unearth them in order to use them.
Saturnea offers you the gift of living the perfect Truth of the Graces. In fact, Saturnea is the Signature, the final commitment of WomanSpirit, to provide the Graces to each soul. In fact, Saturnea calls you to retrieve the gift given. She will assist you in opening the doorway of the essence of All that Is, All that Has Been, and All That Will Be. She gives you the movement to use your human eye as the Divine Eye it truly is. As she initiates this year of living the Graces, she will remind you to be responsible, use right reason and right knowing of your intuition. Be responsibly devout to the Holiness that is being given to you. She tells you, “Do care for the potential being handed to you. Remain humble and discard arrogance. Be responsible for your thoughts and actions. Be aware of your emotions. Be the conduit of your Spirit.”

Saturnea is the component of the Universe that teaches you that you are the essence and reflection of the Soul of Source living in matter. “Do not deceive yourself,” she cautions. “Remain alert to your whole being. Care must be taken to temper the unconscious levels that create destruction. Care must be taken to see your Divine being, your Divine strength, and your Divine capability to be the Living Source.”

Of course, Saturnea, gifts to us the power to use Determination, Dedication, Discipline and Devotion. Here is how she can help you activate the Seven Graces during the New Beginning time of Birch:

* Discernment Through Intelligence

Be dedicated to determine how you use your intelligence. Maintain a discipline to keep your mental qualities in check. Use a mind of clarity, not a mind drifting through the spin of challenges. Be devoted to know your mental qualities and how you function day in and day out. Discipline your mind to maintain the Sacred awareness of Divine Intelligence guiding your personal intelligence.

* Healing Through Compassion

Saturnea aids your power of compassion by reminding you to be determined to live a humble life. She calls on you to be dedicated to healing your own wounds with compassion to yourself. Most certainly, be dedicated to honor compassion for others. The discipline of compassion is to be strong in the will to care and know when caring means to move beyond co-dependent actions that limit the power of another. Maintain the devotion to see the Christ within another for that level of compassion releases another to their Higher Quality.
* Faith through Knowing

This Grace remains in our emotional knowing that we are loved by the Divine at all times. Our faith is the act of reflecting this to WomanSpirit. Saturnea reminds us that our Determination to live in faith allows the Grace to provide the outcome our soul requires at any moment. Our dedication to our faith is the act of prayer and living affirmatively. Our Discipline is to always Know all that is experienced in our life carries a higher purpose and we are to be Devoted to honoring this knowing by every thought, word and action.

* Creative Potential

Saturnea calls on us to be determined to feel the creative impulses within. We are, thus, to be dedicated to bring them forward by our willingness to discipline ourselves to live the creative qualities we feel. By being devoted to live the potential of every moment as a creative opportunity, we allow this grace to flow easily. We use this creative potential in our relationships, careers, and most certainly our day dreaming and night dreaming. This power certainly releases the Dream Master.
* Mastery

Saturnea is a great field of Mastery for she releases the vitality of out universality. She presents the Oneness within the Many. She teaches that we must hold ourselves responsible to feel, know and be determined to let our Inner Master be the Living Master in our human existence. Yes, through the dedication to know our Christed-Buddhistic self, we know we are the One living beyond suffering and desire by Being the Holy Essence we are. Our Discipline is to be the Master Consciousness that is Devoted to expressing the Holy Spirit in every endeavor of living.

* Prophesy

Saturnea helps us gain the power of prophesy (the ability to speak with the Divine) by reminding us, again, how to use the 4D’s. By maintaining the discipline to turn our mind and personal eye away from outer conflict and into the inner mind, we can form the pattern of consciousness to connect with the voice of the Divine. We must dedicate time to tun inward. We must be disciplined in this act. We must be devoted to listen rather than start moving on a small bit of wisdom being given in a few moments.

* Miracle Working

Saturnea is a perfect reflection of the Working Miracle. She is the representative of Spirit expressing itself in Matter. Her power of revealing the 4D’s is the secret of Miracles. These states of mind and emotion are quite needed as the conduit of extraordinary manifestations that heal, reveal spirit in matter, and bring into harmony all intended soul manifestations. There is Nothing that is kept from a manifest in this world. Miraculous healing, Miraculous awakenings, Miraculous Living. It is a Grace given to all. Our living the power of Saturnea gives way to the path of Miracles.

We will not have a Celtic Festival through the lunar coarse of Birch. However, do read the Cosmic Flow that helps you initiate the power of this lunar month and the year ahead.

Again, may you all have a blessed holiday season and a wonderful start to your new year. May WomanSpirit guide your to know your heart, examine your intelligence, and live your potential.
Love and peace,


Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
CEO/Founder – SPICA – Way of Light


~ Lunar Phases of Birch ~
New Moon – December 28-29
Crescent Moon – Jan 1 2017
First Quarter – Jan 5
Gibbous Moon – Jan 9
Full Moon – Jan 12
Disseminating Moon -Jan 16
Last Quarter – Jan 19
Balsamic – Jan 23
Rowan New Mon – Jan 27