Hello Everyone:
We are in the cycles of harvest, ending the time of the growing light, and entering the cycle of shadows and darkness. Even if we don’t want to, we are exploring and reviewing our experiences of 2019. Oh yes, we can wait until the end of the year, but as we come into the cycles of harvesting, reviews happen rather automatically.
Amazingly, I sit in wonder as this year is entering its 9th month. It is passing by so quickly I have to catch my breath as I think of what I still want to accomplish and what I need to complete. Twenty-nineteen has been a creative year, a critical year, and a crisis year. It has been filled with darkness, and yes, light, for our entire world. Its promise of Plutonia and Suil can surely be seen and reviewed. If you have followed the Moon Mother Letters and videos all year long, you know what I am talking about. And, our year is not over yet. What will my, your, and our world’s 2019 harvest reap?

One pertinent awareness this year that I have contemplated is how nearly all wisdom teachers now speak of Oneness in a more intense manner. They are fully noting that Oneness is Us and we are not reaching for it, we are IT. It is no longer the statement without deep conviction, as though it is a thousand years away and we are not truly the Holy Spirit. It is the knowing of It. I have sat back in awe of that this message was brought to me by Malachi-Mohad in 1983. Their words about Oneness and the realization that I was, we are the Divine, were so incredible I could not wait to share them. I felt and knew the Oneness. At that time I realized we humans were so worried about heaven and hell (and all our spiritual doctrines seemed to tell us to be), however, I realized we truly need not be. I learned, deep within me, that we are “experiencing and exploring” the Oneness as individuated expressions of IT (not really separate). IT is seeing ITself through ITself as me, through you, as us, yet as IT. I realized we are cells, or organs, or muscles, or bones, in the essence of the Oneness. Remarkable knowledge, I thought then and still do now. Mystics have known it for thousands of years, and yet continued to teach of our separation. I keep contemplating why they and we do that and how can it be changed?
I recently spoke to a friend about how I tried to bring the words of Oneness to my classes and in writing materials back in the 80’s and 90’s (and now) and realized by the look on student’s faces the words were confusing and going over their heads, even though it was obvious there were trying to understand. I spoke about how we are the Divine, we are the Angels we are praying to, we are the Masters, etc. Even when I tried the process of alliteration I recognized they did not absorb message I was sharing. I turned meditations into Oneness meditations. Their mind and hearts were not connecting. So, I went back to step one and tried to speak and write as though I was setting stepping stones on the path to Oneness Awareness. Oops, the continued teaching of separation occurred. Some captured the wisdom, some didn’t. It placed me in kindergarten and I had to regrow with it, as well. I understood why the Mystics did the same.
Amazingly, the flower of wisdom grew in me and others. It has bloomed in such a way I tremble in knowing that no matter how our world gathers the wisdom, it blossoms. In Truth, it has bloomed even greater, and with deeper roots within me. I no longer get frustrated that people “didn’t get it” when I wrote about it long ago, or even now. For I know everything evolves into the right blossom of knowledge; and the flower is broader, more colorful, and has deeper roots for the collective essence to “remember” its Oneness. The automatic response of every cell, organ, muscles, tissue, bones, are beginning to realize they are the vibrant One Body.
No matter how much we have to grow and develop, chop down our fields of the unconscious harvests, and start again, we grow new and healthier crops. I also know that no matter how deep we place ourselves into states of critical crises, we heal. We are a soul-world evolving and we need not doubt that no matter what it looks like it is the Oneness and IT is (we are) creating through ITs ever- changing fields. The fertilizer of ITs “prescribed burn” is doing exactly as IT scripted in the flow of ITs playground of evolution. We (IT) are transforming what we have been thinking, doing and manifesting by looking at IT and realizing what is not to move into the future evolution of our awareness. That which irritates, agitates, and screams to “stop” repeating, is the preparation of the prescribed burn.
We are learning what cannot truly bloom in the Evolution of Oneness with any mind-set that will separate us from the pure awareness of the meaning, “We are All One.” Thus, we look, we try to hold on, but it is time to let go. It is time to open our hand and release what now is in the cycle of decaying and decomposing. Let go of the fight to keep it. Let Go and Let the Divine Cycles within us lead us to the next level of Being in the awareness of who we truly are. This is the cycle of Oneness that we know in our soul-heart. In the human sequence of our genome, we may not fully see through our human eyes, but we can realize we are evolving in awareness of the soul truth: The Essence we call God/Goddess or Oneness is “experiencing and exploring” ITself as individuated parts we have named “soul.” IT is seeing ITself through ITself “me”, through “you”, as “us,” but yet, is undifferentiated.
Ah, but back to our individuated living. Yes, I will speak as though we are individuated, but I ask you all to realize that we are the Divine, we are the Angels, we are the Faces of the Divine I speak of, we are the everything. LOL. How do we enjoy the journey of me/IT?
Well, during this lunar cycle we enter the Autumnal Equinox that our self as Celts name Alban Elfed, which occurs this year on September 23rd at 1:55 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time, when the Sun is 0 degrees 0 minutes of Libra (just 5 days before the New Moon of Ivy). We honor that the Light and Dark are equal. The teeter-toter is perfectly balanced. In this perfect moment of stillness, we can recognize Oneness.

Of course, you can review and use the ritual for Alban Elfed and read about the Cosmic Influence of the New Moon on the website: www.katherinebell.org. Shannon will have my input to complete the video of the Moon Mothers influence as well as the Prayer-Meditation for the month on the website as well. Carrie will have it all noted in the monthly New Moon Newsletter. We Got This! (Shannon, Carrie, Me: that is the One individuated as three.)

For now, peruse the information within this letter as I reflect on the states of consciousness we can focus on this month. We are working within the Earth vibration and can see this as so, when we first look at the reality that Hazel/Grapevine reflect Virgo (Earth signs); and also when we use the philosophy of the Tree of Life as the Fourth World of Malkuth– the Manifest World of the Divine Consciousness which is Earth. (Below is a view of the four worlds.) Yet, how are we, the individuated consciousness playing this out? As always, I review our continual personal reality, our storage house of our personal reality, our soul field, and our supernal consciousness. They are all the players of Oneness.

Hazel and Grapevine – Sisters as The Foundation of Consciousness for this Lunar Cycle

So, again I explain why these two are honored together. A lunar year honors 13- moon cycles. We live in a cognitive world that honors a solar year, thus 12 Sun cycles and calendars that readout as 12 months. The first year that I began my journeys with WomanSpirit (The Goddess/Holy One), I began with Grapevine and the 13 lunar months ended with Hazel. Grapevine’s new month began in September and the Sun and Moon was in Virgo, but the cycle ended in Libra. When the cycle of Hazel came about (13 lunar months later), the Sun and Moon were in Virgo and completed in Virgo. Over time and honoring directions that were given each year, the inevitable guidance came to honor and adjust each year with each New Moon and for years, the Lunar Cycle of Hazel and Grapevine have joined forces with the Solar Calendar.
Here they are again…hands together. Sisters as One Light reflecting wisdom of the Divine Intention within all of us. Of course, as reflectors of Virgo (and, at New Moon, the Moon and Sun are at 6 degrees 46 minutes traveling within the zodiac sign of Virgo), they are considered Earth Signs, and thus the Manifest Malkuth of the Four Worlds of the Universe (also noted above as the element of Earth). They represent everything the Universe Originates and Manifests. In the realm of Manifestation, the Universal Manifestation looks individuated yet it is nothing but the Universe.
In our human world, we simply reveal it in what looks like separation (worlds, the Tree Of Life as symbolic spheres of light and more: paths with rays of colorful lights, symbols, and echos of wisdom to follow; and in the material world, people, animals, plants, minerals and more).
Now what do these two sisters offer us in our Conscious State? Hazel reminds us we are coming to the end of a journey yes, it is now that we recognize the path we are about to complete as the year wanes. What have we been learning? What have we captured along the way? In the Hazel symbology the first area to consider is the elderly man (he represents cognitive consciousness having journeyed and gathered wisdom), books in hand (wisdom gathered and written down), staff in hand (used help along the way–knew this was not a journey taken alone–always connected to all parts of Self), and a stag and bear with him on the path (stag – used intuition as well as logic to journey the path life experiences; bear – strength used in the world of apparent separation and healed many levels of mental, physical, and emotional levels so self awareness and self actualization occurred). The cognitive state is ready to reach a doorway (complete one state of awareness and enter a new level). The door is carved on the Hazel Tree. The Hazel Tree provides wisdom, inspiration, and a doorway of magick (ability to use the energetic frequencies of the universe to manifest spirit into matter: Origination-to-Manifestation). In the essence of the Divine, it does not matter what or how ITs individuated state has learned. It does not matter if we learned through excruciating emotions, explored physical diseases and discomforts, mental machinations that thwarted our plans; or if we delighted in emotional expressions, delivered mental clarity, explored physical strength and harmony, and enjoyed every bit of our life. What matters is that we did explore, experience and reflected it all to our self, our Oneness. It does matter if we took command and changed our reality from separation to union. For in doing so, we release the patterns of harm to one another and even to self, let go devastation, loss, and poverty. What does matter is the awareness that we are the healers, the masters, and the magicians that change the frequencies that bring about harmony and the delightful use of creative potency that intends to develop ideas from the realm of Spirit and express it in the realm of Matter.
In the purity of Hazel, we live in the vibration of the Universal Law of Wholeness and we live in the wisdom that we are whole, complete and our souls are always the virgins of pure wisdom. We carry the power of faith and release the grueling belief of doubt from our fertilizer of experiences. We enter the doorway and find the dog that represents our friend (soul) that walks and waits for our cognitive self to become aware. We meet the young self of our soul consciousness, the never aging essence of the Divine Being we are. This essence of our self takes the elements of what we perceive is the dross lead of our experience and reveals it is truly the Gold of our Being. This state encourages us to know we are a powerful essence of wisdom, strong, contained, and protected from our own fear. In fact, we are that Earth Dragon, constantly capturing the Salmon (Fish of all Wisdom and the All History of the Existence of the Holy One–our self). We always have the wisdom in our hand, as we see the Dragon of our self holding the nut of wisdom, the Hazel nut and the fish about to capture the nut at the tail of the Dragon. LOL we have the Head (where we are going) and the Tail (where we have been) of the Dragon within our self, always.
With the essence of Grapevine, the conscious state of our lunar cycle provides us with the wisdom that we are aware of how we cultivate from our garden and recognize what we are reaping. Wasting nothing, our good and what be believe is not so good, is part of our reaping. Our gnome self, working at the root of the Grapevine is using the fodder of this wisdom to set the seeds of our human future moments into the deep soil where they will be fed more wisdom to nurture the exploration yet to unfold. The playful elves will constantly be the reminders to stop, play, and enjoy the process…life on earth is created as too much of a serious journey when we believe in separation and believing we only have a “short amount of time.” We are infinite beings with infinite time to explore and experience. The Fey are singing us into the action of soul awareness and provide the wisdom songs of the constant abundance and ever-present harvest. The stag once again reminds us to use our intuitive qualities to feel, listen, and utilize the ever present wisdom we have that is the One Mind-Heart.
If we remain in our human consciousness, these elements keep us searching for what we have seen and are not yet not seeing. We consciously think, feel, and act as though it is all to come in the future….and of course. we keep creating a future yet to be, rather than experiencing the moment that is. When we are humans in our Universal Oneness consciousness, the future is now. Our humanness and our holiness is now. In the spiral dance of this unit, we are in a constant flow of originating, creating, formulating, and manifesting and we can be in awareness of that process now, especially when we recognize we are One.
Grapevine reminds us of two Universal Laws. The Law of Wholeness and the Law of Cause and Effect…The gift is always to know that each moment we are whole, meaning we are everything and nothing all at once. Yet, we are able to redirect our thoughts and feelings and create from a causal intention and bring about the an effect that our highest nature desires to express in a manifest express in a manifest form. From Origination to Manifestation: Cause to Effect; we are always creators creating!

Conscious Action of Hazel and Grapevine – Mercrianna and Venus

Although we see these as the feminine faces of universal planets in this deck of cards, I pause for a moment as give honor that Mercrianna is also Mercury and recognized as a masculine energy in our astrological and planetary language. Venus, of course, is always recognized as a feminine energy. Thus, today, I honor this pairing of male and female. This is a great balance within our essence during this lunar cycle. This is quite purposeful for our cognitive state.
Mercrianna fully activates the power of Hazel and arcs into the Grapevine energy to join forces with Venus. Mercrianna calls for mental clarity to be at such a level that cognitively we do not let our thoughts slip away when we need to pay attention to what we are doing at the moment, listening to another speak, read a book, or talk to an individual or a group. We all know how difficult that is. Yet, at moments when we have been fully attentive, we have had the best experiences. We truly have learned. We truly have heard the most important message delivered. We have read the greatest passage. We have learned an intimate truth from an individual we had not ever realized before(often because our ego wanted to guide, answer from our need to prove a point, or teach what we know), and we have felt the inclusiveness within a group that has reminded us how much we are one. Mercrianna offers us the active power of focus and knowledge and the greater awareness of what harvests we are reaping.
Venus offers us her power of creative imagination, the ability to attract the wisdom we need, and the abundance we can reap on all levels. When we activate this energy within us, we all know we live empowered in our own sense of merit and realize why we are important to the whole. We can dance with one person or we can be a light in the midst of a million others and delight in the glow of the greater brilliance. It doesn’t matter because we know the preciousness of Oneness.
Together these activators provides us conscious awareness of the individuated Oneness and the Glory of ITs Victory to Be One and Many manifested in the Realm of Earth (Malkuth).

The Subconscious/Unconscious World of Hazel-Grapevine – Birch

Still clearing our subconscious? Yes we are and will continue as long as we remain in an awareness of separation. We are still looking at what lurks within our memory bank of our life, past lives that we have allowed to be used as excuses rather than see as the parts of Oneness that have been on the exploring mission. What is it that Birch helps us use and what can it do to help us release into awareness of Oneness?
Well, first let’s look at what it may hold in the fearful subconscious. Since we see the Earth is covered with snow, we recognize something is hidden from us. In the
first level of our memory bank…our own power is hidden from us. Fear arises when we do not know our own power. Thus, without knowing our power, we “buy into” fear,” and authority figures can impress us with the “what we can do and cannot do” stories that remind us we have no influence over our existence. Perceptions of our limitations are quite obviously noticeable when we see endeavors through our human eyes, what else are we to do? We surely don’t believe we can see through the Eye of the Divine. We certainly turn our faith to what we see, hear, and recognize as what we know through our human existence (especially since the spiritual world appears to be invisible). We imprint that in our memory bank and leave our life to the authorities we believe must lead the way; and that might be the authority of our own fears. The authorities may also be our parents, church leaders, teachers, spiritual gurus, community leaders, community governments, regional governments, national governments, etc.
In my work, I find individuals give authority to those who say there are beings on earth and in other dimensions, planets, gateways, and universes that are sending waves of energy to confuse us, make us sick; or, on a positive note, beings who are activating the light of Divinity within us, activating a higher energy or code within us and they will make us perfect. Our Subconscious holds onto this and continues to believe that something or someone is greater than our self and this keeps us from recognizing we are the Holy One. This, in fact, keeps us entrapped in our lack and limitation. It keeps us living in the small amounts of abundance, perhaps illnesses (mental, emotional, or physical), self flagellation, separation from our wholeness, or, our blessing to recognize we are creators creating. We wait to see the results…we wait, we wait…we wait. All the time the waiting puts pressure on our saboteur nature and keeps the snow from melting to reveal what is truly within the whole nature of our being Our Divine Self.
When I have bought into such beliefs, or tried to use them to see if they will enhance my journey of awareness, I seem to falter. I go backwards instead of forwards and sit and wonder why. Then I ponder and say to my self, “How’s this working for you?” It’s my wake up message and calls me to go deeper into the truth I do know. If I fall into the belief that a Being from some far out there place is making my life greater, I’m in trouble. In fact, I do speak to angels and have been greatly guided. However, the guidance is a constant message of personal empowerment and to learn the lesson to take personal authority over my own self and my ability to Master my reality. In fact, at age two, the first messages I received was to, “Treat your baby brother nicer.” LOL it wasn’t to tell me how I was to do that or when I did I was going to be the greatest person on earth. It was a directive to live better. Oh I can ask for help, but I’m taught how to help myself when I do. I’m taught how to clean the clutter of my mind and emotions or whatever is in my way. I’m taught to listen to my intuition. I’m taught to realize that Jesus, Mary, Sekhmet, Buddha, Malachi-Mohad, angels and other masters are vibrations of the Divine, and thus vibrations within me, you, and others. I realize I can help others. but it is to teach them to help their self and to know their inner Source.
Slowly I learn, slowly we learn. but the evolution is exciting!
The Oneness Awareness is most definitely empowering and I truly understand the affirmation: “No Person, Circumstance, or Situation Stands in the way of my Good, including Me!” That affirmation confirms the Divine is within and when we pray, affirm, or meditate on these words, we are calling this energy to the world of manifest form from within ourself. (I first read that affirmation by Catherine Ponder in the late 1960’s. The “including me” I added. because I knew I got in my own way.)

Unconscious World – Birch – Soul/UnConsciousness

The beauty of the white symbology in this card at the soul conscious level is the wisdom of “That which is above is that which is below.” Another way of saying: “The Divine is Spirit and The Divine is Matter. The Divine is Oneness and the Divine is Individuated.” The Soul is a conscious state that knows this and is married to the Divine Consciousness (the Wedding Veil seen in the picture). But, I realize our personal self does not always recall this.
When our cognitive consciousness helps move into awareness that the subconsciousness needs to shape shift the memory bank from false perceptions and beliefs in separation, the soul consciousness can melt the snow and release the mystery hidden beneath it (then all levels can marry). What is hidden? Everything we need, want and desire is ready to be recognized as already Is in the realm of Origination and ready to be created in the realm of Manifestation. Each one of us is the creator creating through our thoughts, feelings, and actions and can bring the hidden, but now seen expression into the realm of matter.
The realm of Birch is a frequency of the Law of Living…which is more than living in the 3rd dimension of the manifest world of our human existence. It is awareness of living in all dimensions all the time. Thus, everything already exists. Perhaps we are not “seeing” the existence because we are trying to use our human eyes to only see the 3rd dimensional reality. When we melt the snow we will be able to see the All Expression(s) of the Oneness and in seeing we manifest. How might we do this:
With the active power of:

Mercrianna and Venus in the Subconscious/Unconscious of Birch

Easy to recognize that Mercrianna brings about the focus so the Light of Awareness can aid the darkness of memories to recognize the wisdom of the soul (unconsciousness). With conscious clarity we see everything. And with the power of Mercrianna providing the Vive Voce, we name and manifest into existence what we “see.”
Venus aids the blessings of opening the doorway of the soul where the true mysteries can reveal the creative powers the Holy One imprinted, impressed, and encoded in ITs individuation, the soul. The power to create and magnetically attract the field of matter to the field of spirit, thus manifesting instantly the pure vision of the Mind of Oneness to ITs individuation.
In fact, in the deeper and greater secret of the Holy One, through the essence of Mercrianna and Venus, The Divine Essence can reveal and aid each individual being to understand they are the Holy One. The Holy One as the Individuated One is the Glory and the Victory of the Manifest World–which, again, is The Holy One.
Once the power of the subconscious has cleared the path of limitations and opened to the soul awareness, one activates their own wisdom, their own magickal powers to bring about the love, light, and greater qualities that are promised to be expressed in matter (and the snow melts). Above all, no one else, whether a person on earth with great magickal powers, or a being of other planes, planets, galaxies, or universes can be the magickal powers. Why not? Because we are. you are
the Divine! The Divine is the True Giver, True Activator, True Essence of Power. Only you can do this. Others of wisdom may give you insight. but the insight is only the Divine voice triggering your inner truth…you are the power, you are the love….you are the light. your are the magician, the shaman, the activator. Abundance to be manifested is through your very own power. When your light is activated by your knowing, you melt the snow of false perception of less than. If you are listening to others and letting them be the Activator of your power, then BE Them. for they are you…but don’t feel separated and believe another is giving you the activation, the power, the blessing, the abundance. because you will not see it in your life.
We, as the human form of the Divine, surely reveal we are a W. I. P. (Work In Process). However, the more we reveal the transformation of our old patterns and belief in separation, I know we are discovering that we are The Divine. In that knowing, we are preparing to reveal to our self that everything we see, everything that is happening around us, and everything we wish to have occur in our life, already is. we have the right to recognize it and melt the illusionary snow, or covering, that we use to deny the empowered state of our self. As we do this, we truly are Activating all frequencies, energy waves that are needed to bring about our abundant levels, and manifest the realities we are seeking. Why? Because we are releasing what is within us that has just been waiting for us to Wake Up and Be.

The Supernal Consciousness of Hazel/Grapevine – Willow

In the realm of Manifestation, this Earthly representation Willow, carries the Law of Life Mastery. In the Supernal Consciousness, our Divine self knows everything is to be manifest, no matter what IT is creating or at what expression in the spiral of evolution IT is playing within as an individuated creation. All is to be manifest and all aspects are a Master of its existence. Thus, each individuated state has this very quality imprinted in its knowing.
Everything is in bloom. Even though the realm of the subconscious/unconscious reveals the snow covered land of mystery, the Supernal Consciousness already has everything manifested. Even though the Cognitive consciousness of Hazel and Grapevine reveal the finality of the bloom, the Supernal Consciousness reveals everything is constantly blooming, growing, and providing. The seeds of Grapevine are the colorful eggs ready to be cracked open and utilized in Willow. Youth, growth, and wisdom are recognized by the maiden, mother and crone. Everything needed and ready to be used is recognized by the cows. Flowers are the reflection of constant growth and delight in living and evolving. The labyrinth represents the coming and going of consciousness from non-matter to matter. The crane provides the message that medicine is available for whatever need arises as stumbling blocks are explored in the manifest world. It also provides the wisdom to script the journey for the travel in an out of eons of evolution of matter and non matter. Source consciousness assures mastery in the very essence of Its material form and the wisdom of how to obtain it is always within the essence of the individuated mind. Yes, the labyrinth is a reminder to seek the knowledge.

Active power of Mercrianna and Venus in the Supernal Consciousness of Hazel/Grapevine

The Logos of the Divine (Mercrianna) sets forth the power of all that is to be (Venus), and It is So. There is nothing that is not. These faces of the universe remind us that as we Think so we Express (Mercrianna). As we Feel so we Manifest (Venus). In our Supernal Consciousness Mastery of pure Faith and Wholeness is the Causal energy that focuses and creates and draws upon Itself the manifest world. Thus, the Source manifests in Matter and as Matter IT manifests ITs Source Self.
Take time to truly allow yourself to use the power of Mercrianna and clearly focus on the reality that you are Source, nothing less than Source. Speak this out loud, for you then speak it into existence just as the Divine message of “Let there be Light, and there was Light!”
Let this knowing melt the false perceptions of your subconscious and free your subconscious creative powers. Let your conscious faith free the knowing of your wholeness, your purity, and your free will to be the authority of your abundance. Truly create and harvest with the power of Venus.
Use the wisdom you have gleaned from many wisdom teachers, but by all means, use it because you know it is your power, not theirs (not mine). Use it because you are the activator of your light, your Source-Self is the activator. In a teacher or Master, see yourself. Hear yourself. Be yourself. Use the wisdom that is yours because you know that if you continue to give the power to others, you will never manifest what you truly want…you may manifest a little bit, but you must feel you are the power, you are the Light, your are the Source. Reap what You Sow! That is the lesson of Hazel and Grapevine!

May you find the power to be whole, refined as a true master of your reality, and the wise activator of your knowing of Oneness.
New Moon Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Hazel – Grapevine~

New Moon – Aug 30, 2019
Crescent Moon -Sep 3
First Quarter Moon – Sept 6
Gibbous Moon – Sept 9
Full Moon – Sept 13 2019 (11:33 PM MDT)
Disseminating Moon – Sept 17
Last Quarter – Sept 21
Balsamic Moon – Sept 25
Ivy – Sept 28

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.

Download the PDF version of this Hazel/Grapevine 2019 New Moon Letter