Hazel -the Light On The Bridge

Hello everyone:
I would bet you are wondering about the Inner Builder aligned with Hazel this month. Yet, this is the year The Divine Feminine Stands Alone and reveals wholeness in Hazel.

Hazel is both the Outer and Inner Builder. She is the Light on the Bridge. There is more to be shared as you read through this New Moon letter. As usual, let me offer the time and other information as we enter the New Moon.

August 18, 2020 at 8:41:31 pm, Mountain Daylight Time, the Sun and Moon come together. We see they meet in the last degrees of Holly/Leo (26 degrees, 35 Minutes). The Moon will move into the realm of Hazel/Virgo in the very early a.m of August 19, 2020 (2:21 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time, to be exact). Sacred Presence is stimulating the great Rays of the Holy Virgin within us as the Moon blends with the Hazel/Virgo field of energy. This is the Pure Essence of our Being. It is the Virgin Wisdom of our Being. As the Moon touches this field of Hazel, we can feel it, have inner realizations, and recognize we are whole. We are guided by Divine consciousness to move forward across the Light Bridge as the Inner Builder, Hazel is developing, and as the year of great conversions continues. Cosmic Influence Notes are on the website. There is no Celtic Ceremony this lunar month.

Before I write further about Hazel and Her Bridging processes, I would like to give honor to the Laws of Hazel and Mercrianna, and their positions on the Tree of Life.

Hazel – Law of Wholeness
The Law of Wholeness. This law reveals the constant truth that every soul is contained in the existence of All that Is; All that Is, is contained in every soul. Every person, animal, plant, mineral and galactic essence is complete in and of itself, and therefore Whole. Of course, this then provides us with the wisdom that:
Existence of holism is within us and within our manifest world
There is nothing we cannot manifest, for it already IS
The Universe, in its holism, moves in and out, spirals and evolves and nothing is ever lost or
gained as It is simply exploring Itself
We are that exploration
The exploration offers constant manifestation of ideas and desires
We can learn of this holism and live it by practicing awareness of our S.E.M.P.E.S.
Practice feeling, knowing and Be-ing Whole. For in this reality, you will recognize your sacred wisdom of Being One with Source. In this Whole Beingness, you will discontinue worries, frets and fears.

Mercrianna – Law of Expression
The Law of Expression. From the onset of the Logos (Word of God/Goddess) Expression exists. The Divine is in constant expression through all living things. Expression is the power of Source creating, manifesting and delivering the meaning of all life. It is an encoded empowerment within all living creatures to Express and identify itself through its expression. Whether through thought, word or deed, an expression is always occurring.
Many expressions occur from an unconscious reality. Some occur with a conscious intent. See if you can recognize your own unconscious and conscious expressions.

Hazel and Mercrianna Correspondences on the Tree of Life: (Picture below)
Mercrianna is one of the first Emanations of Light as Source Moves from a Single Unit into Multiple expressions. Its Hebrew Letter is noted as, “Beth,” and it means: The Temple. It is also known as the Logos–the Word of the Divine and the Vive Voce (the Sacred Voice of the Divine). Its ray of light extends from Kether/Crown, the Sephirah that is the White Sphere at the Top of the Tree, also noted as I AM, THAT I AM. Mercrianna’s soft yellow ray releases the Sound of the Divine creating: “I AM Light, I AM Dark, I AM Firmament, I AM Matter….” The sounds of creation enter the Sephirah of Deep Dark Blue/Black, which is named Binah/Understanding, on the left side. This is the Pillar of Form and known as the Universal Womb. It is the Womb of the Divine Mother wherein all souls develop.

Mercrianna has a second important point of expression (although, through other subtle means, we would find Mercrianna influencing many pathways). Its secondary point is via the Orange Sephirah called, Hod/Splendor. It is here the frequency is noted as representing the Fourth World/World of Manifest (something complete). It is also here that the Words of the Covenant are noted as written and finalized. The Agreement is sealed between the Divine and the Soul revealing that life will continue forever. On another level, one can also enter this field and discover the soul agreement for each incarnation: the intentions for growth, development of all levels of being, and the advancement of True Awareness of what Wholeness absolutely means as one learns to declare: I AM, I AM THAT THAT I AM.

Hazel is noted as the yellow-green pathway of light that extends from the Blue Sephirah of Mercy/Chesed, to the Bright Yellow Sephirah of Beauty/Tiphareth (The Heart of the Tree). The Hebrew Letter is noted as “Yod,” the Open Hand of God…the always giving hand of the Divine, eternallypresenting each soul all that it needs, the wisdom to use what it receives, and the knowledge to unfold its Divine Awareness through autonomous Mastery. The Virgin Spirit of each Soul (an individual ray of Source) is presented to the realm of the Court of Individual Expression, crowned as a Queen or King (Supreme ruler of individual existence), and given Sovereignty as the individual soul prepares to evolve into the realm of matter.

Within this field of Hazel is Faith. This is the absolute realization that all is in perfect order, constantly unfolding and evolving in flawless cycles of development, growing, maturing, utilizing, deteriorating, decomposing, fertilizing, and developing anew. In Faith there is never doubt, no fear, nor concern. In faith, there is the honoring of the Divine Virgin Essence Within (Pure State of Being) that is everlasting, ever changing, ever birthing new realities for soul excursions to be created, manifested, explored, experienced, refined, ….

Moon Mother Hazel -Coll Moon: Active Consciousness and Inner Builder with Active Partner Mercrianna
It has been many years since I’ve written of Hazel in a singular manner. Though the New Moon is in the field of Holly as it aligns with the Sun, I’m instructed to give honor to Hazel and note it is her cycle to bring to our attention. WomanSpirit is calling this time of the year as a consciousness of a “Bridge.” She is also calling Hazel the Light of the Bridge. It is time to reveal this essence outwardly and inwardly. Thus, let me take you through a journey of words that I pray stirs thoughtful contemplation, inner awareness, and your continued work in self realization (being aware of your God-Goddess Self).
Honoring the term, “Bridge,” we can consider several realities of Hazel’s time. She is the revealer of coming to the end of Summer and bridging into the realm of Fall. She is a reminder of a journey taken for “A Year and a Day,” indicating knowledge gained as Wisdom unfolded bridging our awareness with knowledge of Great Mysteries. (The symbols in the card reveal the elder man [cognitive consciousness] ending his year-long journey and ready to come through the door…enter a new phase of his self, meeting his inner self, which is feminine, youthful [refreshed], and revealing the knowledge is turning lead of ignorance into the gold of wisdom.)

Bridging is our personal time to begin turning down the fuse of overt action, head toward the inner self, explore the power of harmony. Though we continue gathering harvests from our year of growth, creativity, and manifesting, as we cross the bridge, we are preparing to balance, slow down, and enter the realm of inner listening. We hear the soul’s intention for finishing the work of the year, preparing the soil of the soul for another realm of growth, and, entering the domain of calm and silence. How will you work with your bridge this year through the agency of Wisdom – Hazel?

Why is Hazel given so much attention to the power of Wisdom? In Celtic Legend it is noted that the Hazel Nut is the gift of All Wisdom. However, not just one. Nine Nuts! It is believed that Nine Hazel Trees were planted around a Well or Lake (always Wells are important to the Celts). But when given to the lake, the story continues with nine hazel nuts dropped into the lake and carried all wisdom. As the water flowed through streams, the Salmon drank of the water and ate of the nuts, thus, they now had all wisdom. Of course, the great plan is to catch the salmon, cook it just right, and eat it to gather its wisdom. (This story has many versions and is similar to the Cerridwen story of boiling water dropping on the wrong persons thumb; thumb in mouth and wisdom is given to the unintended). The Salmon is the carrier of the All-Wisdom in the Celtic tradition, and highly revered. Key to this story is the number 9, which represents Wholeness, a cycle completed, spiritual awareness, humanitarian attitudes, healing, well-being, and so on. It is the number associated with Hazel and the Law of Wholeness noted.

As you review Hazel’s gift of wisdom and being a bridge, do review what you are bridging through the five statements below. Not nine statements, five. Why five? First, that is what WomanSpirit gave me. Secondly, as I finally surmised in my contemplation, five is the number associated with the Law of Life Mastery…we must master life to reveal the wisdom we truly have contained within us. So Be It. Move through the five bridges, gain the wisdom, use its knowledge and you will realize your wholeness (9). Enjoy your contemplation:

Bridge of Hiding and Retrieving
Recall, nothing is right and nothing is wrong. Our language, conditioning, and beliefs, create the “good and bad” judgment. We are in an existence of learning. Sometimes it is very challenging, other times quite rewarding. All of the sojourns we explore are the uncovering of wisdom and the knowledge to use the wisdom gathered.

In this first message of the bridge of hiding and retrieving, we are asked to explore the essence of hiding or storing, first. Thus, the picture of the squirrel. As she is gathering her hazel nuts of wisdom, some she will eat to sustain her health, while others she will hide for later use. Thus it is when we are gathering wisdom; some we will use now, others will remain hidden only to be retrieved just as we need it. In this time of bridging, reflect on wisdom you are gathering, but don’t quite comprehend how to fully use it just yet. You have a knowing of its validity, you have a deep feeling of its treasures to be excavated, but you may not, as yet, have the knowledge of how to bridge the inner wisdom to an outer use in your present worldly conditions. Hazel reminds you to remain on the journey of learning, and put some of your hazel nuts (wisdom gathered) into your inner temple (Mercrianna) to be retrieved at moments more appropriate.

Use your Mercrianna action to focus on the wisdom you have realized as knowledge that allows you to unfold and activate it through writing out a plan, devise an action to take, set your goal and fulfill it. Does your wisdom guide you to more studies? Use your Mercrianna to guide that and your Hazel quality to maintain that focus with a pure intention to achieve the outcome you want with a clear and intentful will to complete and reap the rewards.

As the inner wisdom (Inner Builder) Mercrianna also guides you into the depth of your unconscious to retrieve useful information that you stored away, even before you were born. Your soul may be calling you to use it now. The gift of Mercrianna and Hazel is the Mind (Mercrianna) and Body (Hazel) being interlocked. Also known as Spirit and Matter blended. When you retrieve the valuable quality of this union, your consciousness coordinates the function of these components and the Inner Builder of both qualities is brought into action. Thus, you have caught your Salmon!

Bridge of Shadow and Light
Traversing the bridge of shadow and light is a tricky one. We slip and slide in the fears of right and wrong. We enter the shadow of disrespect for self, all that we have learned on our cognitive journey, subconscious gathering of judgment, and we search more of our darkness rather than for our Light (Wisdom). As we enter this bridge time of losing the light of day (Summer-to-Fall), and the call to once again seek to know our True Self by entering the inner sanctuary, we have a tendencyto start the cycle of judgment that creates an avenue of discernment that concludes we were not good enough, did not perfect ourselves, forgot to use our intellect well enough, and so on. The worrier steps out on the bridge of shadows. Compulsive attitudes of righteousness may occur as an agent of creating reasons why we cannot be deemed as less than anyone else. We fuss with criticism of self and others…making wrong to make right. However, this container is the shadow of reviewing the true self (a Hazel challenge).

If we take the road of the negative voice and sit within the chambers of the shadow, we have an opportunity to listen to the voice of self condemnation, examine the belittling, evaluate the falsehood, and recover the wisdom of these voices calling us to the attention to heal the wounds of self neglect. Listening, we can realize we are hearing the call to turn to the gift of our kind, refined, and dignified nature. We can use our analytical qualities to meticulously clear the voice of the shadow, and move to the light of truth. We can set the frequency of our Temple (Mercrianna) to reverberate the Sound of Wisdom (Hazel). In wholeness, we will respect self, and therefore others. We will end the fussy critical voice, because we know we are on the journey of exploring spirit in matter and matter in spirit. We will deem nothing less than the greatness of the Divine and will be efficient in helping others discover this by revealing the knowledge we glean through the waters of wisdom. We will willingly share our Salmon, caught in the stream of One Consciousness.

Bridge of Ignorance and Wisdom
This is a blessing bridge. Ignorance, the essence of being unaware, and thus, lacking knowledge, is discovered. We gained insight on the bridge of the Shadow and Light which allows us to face ignorance. We no longer can ignore doubts and fears. We no longer can remain unaware of our conscious and unconscious levels fighting against our wisdom. It is on this bridge we take command and put in our ladle the molten energy of of our inner chemicals of lead, transform it by our willingness to be disciplined, determined, and dedicated to know our self through the clarity of our mind and the hidden resources of our inner self. Self Talk emerges with positive insights from knowledge gained on the pathways of existence we have followed. Our lead begins to turn to gold and we allow this precious medal of wisdom be the light that guides us across the bridge of yet another level of our true Beingness.

Bridge of Inner Self and Higher Self
Each bridge, as you might be recognizing by now, reveals a connection to sacred waters (The Well of Wisdom). By honoring the power of contemplation with each bridge, you have been “fishing” in the waters of wisdom. Having gathered wisdom at the end of the previous bridge you are ready to use its knowledge to strengthen your Inner Self and weave your Higher Self into a unit. Your inner self reveals components of your being. Use the power of Hazel to gather the knowledge and write it in your journal. The symbology of that in the Hazel card is the man carrying a book. It is the story of his journey of hiding and retrieving, lurking in the shadows and uncovering the light, revealing his ignorance and discovering inner wisdom. As he comes through the doorway, he expels the final chemical of lead that has created thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that have kept him from his true self. Now, in true union with his inner self, his intuition rises, wisdom abounds, recognition of his higher self occurs. S/He is discovering its soul level of consciousness has all that it needs, the wisdom to use what has been revealed, and the knowledge to unfold its Divine Awareness through autonomous Mastery. The Inner Self is ready to accept the presentation of the Crown of sovereignty, because consciousness has arrived in the Court of Individual Expression. Consciously and unconsciously s/he knows the blessing of being the Supreme ruler of individual existence. Sovereignty is accepted as the individual, as human and soul awareness prepares to evolve in a more vibrant higher intelligence in the realm of matter and master the field of Soul-Human-Divine Reality. The Human Temple is alive with Light, the Voice is heard creating new experiences without fear of right or wrong, recalling: nothing is right and nothing is wrong. The master emerges with the intention to continue in the existence of learning, creating, exploring, being challenged and discovering rewards all the while knowing that the land of Earth is the Great Work for uncovering wisdom and the knowledge to use the wisdom gathered as new expressions of Creation unfold.

Bridge of Other World and Inspiration
Ah, the Nine Nuts of Wisdom provide yet another bridge to be experienced. When one truly aligns with the Bridge of Inner Self and Higher Self, the Hazel essence of Wholeness reveals even more. Our individual Spirit has spoken to us and we recall who we truly are. Wisdom prevails and it is not just of the plane of human experiences. Yes, we call it the “Other World” or even, “Other Worlds.” Why? Because wisdom leads us to realms untapped by our logical mind and present states of evolution unfolding. The wisdom appears to be revealing something new, but is simply making known the Nature of the Holy Spirit that is us. It is the wisdom of mystery and magick, creation and formulation, art and science. All are unfolding in our awareness. Prophetic genius occurs. We are the Magick Well and Magick Wand. In truth, we are now attuned to the conduit of energy that is ever flowing and we know how to use it. Each moment we are inspired by a flow of energy we know is not of this world (thus, other worldly), and yet is of this world. We become the conduit of inspiration and the developer of the channel of knowledge that is developing an outcome to be used in the realm of matter.

In Celtic traditions, a strong branch of the Hazel Tree is used to create Wands and Staffs (the symbol of the conduit). Also of interest is to know that Mercrianna reveals the symbol of wands (in the picture you see a woman wielding a wand) being used to transform the energy of spirit into the realm of matter. However, we also see that the Path of Beth (Mercrianna) places its energy into a Well of Great Water (Binah), a reminder that we must dip into the Sacred Well to gain the insight (vision/intuition) of knowledge so we may birth an outcome.

I hope you will take your time and contemplate the power of the Outer and Inner Builder this month as One and the Same with the Activator bridging all to a higher level of consciousness so we may speak and manifest (the Logos) what is truly in the Heart of our Soul and the intentions of our Mastery. May you pause and “fish” for the Salmon on each journey across the five bridges.

May your journey of the bridges bring you a deep sense of mastery and the strength of being empowered by knowing your inner self. As we turn to the path of the last months of 2020, may you use the bridges to honor the gift of Transmutation that Pluto (20) offers, and 2020 (4) the blessings of Eye of the Divine continue to reveal how we actually are developing our world in new ways.

New Moon Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Hazel~
New Moon – Aug 18 Crescent Moon – Aug 21 First Quarter Moon – Aug 25 Gibbous Moon – Aug 29 Full Moon – Sept 2 (Sun Virgo, Moon Pisces) Disseminating Moon – Sep 6 Last Quarter – Sep 9 Balsamic Moon – Sept 13
New Moon of Ivy – Sept 16
Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.