Hello Everyone:

My goodness, I must admit it does not feel like the end of May. It feels so much later in the year, and yet, not. Feeling time, flowing in time, knowing time, has changed. I am frequently asking myself what day it is. How about you? As I’ve shared before, my routine is really not changed as drastically and most people, but the changing reality of this year does have unexpected effects.

Within the power of effects, we all sit in the power of exploring choices. From very major choices to minor, every day choices, we are facing them. As I prepare to write this months lunar message, I ponder the reality of the Moon Mother’s and the experience of the Divine as Her timing in this Earthly event shows through every Face we see at New Moon. Yes, we are at a crossing point in our human lives to make choices, a quality of the lunar cycle of Hawthorn. Do we make a choice based on fear, rebellion, and self preservation? Do we make a choice based on knowing, honoring, and the preservation for all?

Where are each of you? Your life is moving on each day. Your desires remain in your mind and heart, and hopefully you are manifesting some of them. If you are in moments, days, or months of pausing, I do hope encouragement from the field of creation is moving you beyond the field of concerns, or perhaps minor to deep fear. If you have had to make drastic choices for your health, the health of a family member or friend, and the darkness of life and death, please know you have a compassionate group of people praying for a better reality for you. If you have had to make drastic changes in your career, businesses, and all forms of your income-stream; again, please know you have the group praying all changes move you into a positive, prolific and prosperous reality.

As we enter our new lunar stage, the power of choice is increased by the power of everyone to review, discern, and express what is of the higher order to be manifested. Secrets of the Inner World can and will rise to increase more healing, joy, and revealing the treasures we have to manifest a new world reality. We must make the choice to listen to the Inner World of our Highest Nature.

Of course, I encourage you to read the Cosmic notes, listen to the prayer/meditation for the month, which again, is one of the Cryptograms from the 72 Names of God, and view the video for the Hawthorn New Moon. Just before the next new moon (Oak) we celebrate the Celtic Ritual of Summer Solstice, Alban Heruin – Light of the Shore, at 4:00 pm MDT, June 20th. As usual, all are available on the website by New Moon.

May the beauty of summer bring us the warmth of our hearts, filled with compassion, desire, and purpose to make choices that aid the flow of Universal Consciousness that guides our highest good for changes needed. May the joy of Light, bring us peace of mind, and opportunities to continue to reveal what Oneness really means in the plane of many.

Hawthorn: Active Conscious – Power of Choices through the Law of Union

There is a symbol nearly hidden in the card of Hawthorn. It is just to the left. It is a crystal healing pyramid. Residing within it are angels of healing. Four of them, actually. When I put my mind into the realm of correspondences I realize who they are and who leads them. They are an order of angels, the Beni Elohim, and they are lead by Archangel Raphael. They are noted in the Sphere of Hod/Splendor on the Tree of Life (brilliant orange). This sphere is a very important point of the Soul Triad.

The Sphere of Splendor provides the wisdom of the Glory of the Divine as S/he rejoices in what is unseen, yet known to be existing, and is to be recognized in the realm of matter. It is the joy of the Divine realizing the Souls of all existence are manifest and will journey through an incarnation. Written in every soul is a covenant of a never-ending existence; a contract, if you will, of intentions to be explored, experienced, and lived.

Archangel Raphael is a teacher, a guide, and a healer of the souls on their journey. The Beni Elohim are caretakers, and similar to the Heyoka, or sacred contrarian, they jostle consciousness in order to make each soul wonder and consider, who am I? This aids all in deciphering choices, guides us to fulfill our contract for a given lifetime, and jostles our awareness of how to be sacred in our existence. We are called to remember we are the One and exist as many. Thus, what effects an individual expression, of course, effects all.

The Heyoka within us finds our lie or truth, our fear or our faith, our insecurities or our talents. As we discover the “either or” of our self, the Heyoka can assist us in finding our masculine and feminine union that empowers our whole being. We then live the true contract of our soul by the choice of honoring our True Self.

This leads us to the power of Hawthorn! She reveals the Face of the Divine and the inner quality of our self that gives honor to choices. Yes, we can be two-faced with our self and say, “I intend to live my purpose,” and turn our head and reply, “I can’t, for I am unworthy.” We can step forward and then choose to step back or even run from our intended soul contract.

Hawthorn reveals a very sacred position within the Tree of Life on the Pathway of Zayin. It is the orange pathway emerging from the realm of Binah/Understanding extending into the Heart of the Tree, Tiphareth/Beauty (from the black circle to the yellow circle). This is the point of consciousness in which the Holy Spirit presents to each soul the power of Free Will. But what does that truly mean?

We know that we are filled with choices and make them because of how we think, feel, and deliver the outcome of the choice by gut action. But is this really a Free Will and Choice? Is a choice filled with our personal and very humanly conditioned thoughts and feelings providing us with the greatest choice? This type of free will, according to the Hebrew wisdom, would be based on the breath of the human soul that is considered a lower will and carries a built-in memory of karmic realities of previous lives. What is needed for the True and Greater Use of Choice, is derived by aligning with the higher order of Hawthorn/Zayin. This is the part of the soul that is united with the Holy Spirit and is not hindered or dependent on living matter; yet is the creator of human living. It is the Will Power to make choices that assist the Living Soul to explore, experience, and manifest within a given Earthly existence without being tethered to false beliefs, limited realities, or separation from Oneness.

Law of Union. This law provides the wisdom that everything (matter or nonmatter) is made of the one atom–the Atom of Source. Therefore, everything is in Union by nature. We are all One Cell expressing individual qualities of The Cell: Source. We are God/Goddess in Matter and Self in the NonMatter of God/Goddess. We are the Living Source and, individually, we effect each other. We effect Source and Source effects us. We are never separate from Source, we are in constant and ever-lasting Union.

When we practice the use of our higher awareness, we use the higher order of Hawthorn/Zayin. We release ourselves from the need of the contrarian, and join in the field of the more advanced consciousness of our soul. We then become sensitive to all, intuitively guiding our reality, and able to use a sophisticated quality of our mind. Of course, the active partner of Hawthorn activates our Higher Mind/Intelligence and can aid our focus for Divine Right Order to occur.

Activator of Hawthorn, The Outer Partner -Mercrianna – Law of Expression

The Law of Expression. From the onset of the Logos (Word of God/Goddess) Expression exists. The Divine is in constant expression through all living things. Expression is the power of Source creating, manifesting and delivering the meaning of all life. It is an encoded empowerment within all living creatures to Express and identify itself through its expression. Whether through thought, word or deed, an expression is always occurring.

Many expressions occur from an unconscious reality. Some occur with a conscious intent. See if you can recognize your own unconscious and conscious expressions.

Surely with Mercrianna we know we have an activator of our mind as well as our speech. It is a need for us to learn how to use these qualities with care and intentfulness. These powers manifest. As with the Divine, so with our self; especially if we are using the Higher Order of our Soul.

As we are noting, we are in the phase of the year where choices need to be recognized. It is clearly in our awareness as we face the pandemic of the century. What we think and what we speak becomes a powerhouse of energy transmitting intention and manifesting the good or the challenges. In recent conversations I have (and Malachi has) been speaking of our human languages of fear- based expressions. They are thick with passion. They are filled with determination. They are thoughts and emotions, and are creating outcomes.

As you read above, “From the onset of the Logos, Expression exists.” Expression is not just a thought or words. It is a deep feeling that weaves the thoughts and words into a manifest. We give honor that the Divine said, “Let there be Light,” and there was. We delight (or at least I do) in sharing how the Divine Expression went on to bring to bear the existence of all souls, the earth, and all that lives upon it and within it; as well as all other existence. We know Divine Expression is filled with nothing but the emotion of love and unconditional delight in manifesting.

As we humans are moving through a time of the pandemic, lives are lost, health is greatly compromised, jobs are at home or non existent, food supplies are deemed failing, cleansing wipes remain lost in some chain of command, milk is being poured into a sewer, and people feel very threatened by a rogue government. Hmm; how did we create this? How do we make the choice to change it? We are the creators creating.

We have to stop the inner anger, fear and frustration…that is our first choice. Next, we have to change the paradigm of separation…a gift of Mercrianna. We are called to know our inner power of Choice at the highest level. Condemnation of anyone, anything, any organization, corporation,

government, country, expert, person that does hold to our beliefs (religious, political, free living, etc.) or self, needs to shift. Condemnation only keeps us from doing what this dynamic volume of change is asking of us: Be the Master of Change. Be the Creator of the New World Paradigm. As long as we are condemning, we are maintaining fear-based realities. We are not changing the world for the better because we keep creating separation.

Mercrianna invites us to use our higher mind, our words of divine intelligence, and true creative power. When we do, we find ourselves as magicians, transformers of energy, healers of imbalance, and creators of new realities. We are the One Creating the New World by releasing the old in a catabolic manner…a natural form of clearing, cleansing and refining. We can bring it to its true healing (balance) by focusing on our true intention for a world of union, honor of each other, aligning in harmony, true justice, and evolving in a new way to cultivate a healthy, vibrant earth that can withstand and feed a great populace of talented souls. If we choose to stand in the frequency of love, the honor of receptivity of Divine Insight, and creating from our inner environment with the expression of peace, we will prevail to create the harmony for all.

If we remain in fear, stubborn in beliefs of being overcome by others, especially of an old paradigm of systems, angered, frustrated, and lost in the tunnel vision of someone else having the power, we loose the gift of our Higher Soul presence. We are, do, and will make choices that keep the pandemic growing, and it may metastasize in a giant control of our lives. If we relax into the Center Point of our Divine Essence and truly adhere to the idea of being Light Workers, we live in center point, are not rocked by anyone, any thing, any government, or any ideal. We are the Creator Creating because our mind meets our Divine Mind-Heart and the part of our soul that is united with the Holy Spirit is not hindered or dependent on living matter, it is the creator of human living.

Elder the Opposer of Hawthorn – the Inside Builder – The Law of Silence and Adaptation

The opposer carries a message of challenge. Yet, as the inside builder it carries a message of positive reward. The voice of Elder is quiet, and thus takes inner concentration to hear the direction. When we honor this position, we can adapt to a higher order of awareness, harmony, and creation. If we don’t honor it, we become fearful that the Divine is not listening or giving us direction.

We exacerbate the challenge, of course, with a rambling mind disturbing emotions and distractions that keep us us from right decisions. We dream of lofty successes, but appear to be unable to ground and manifest them. We need assistance as well as direction to adapt the higher wisdom into our every day reality.

As a reflection of Samekh, Elder is seen as a pathway on the Tree of Life that joins the individuated soul with its Higher self. Elder provides the energy to adapt to the higher order of consciousness. As we live in a state of separation and fear, the angels on this pathway step in (Gabriel, the Malachim, and Archangel Michael) to support us and help us adapt and remember that we are Masters and can recall the intention of our higher nature to do its great work. (The path is seen in blue joining the Purple (Foundation/Soul sphere) and Yellow (Beauty/Higher Self sphere). The angels remind us we are miracle workers. Of course, we have to know our higher self in order to live this mastery.

Elder trains us to recall this nature of our higher selves through the essence of Sacred Silence. Within the state of silence, we are receptive to the ideals and ideas of the Divine Mind. We receive the images, insights, and direction to guide us on the wisdom trail to make changes and adapt to the realities of our yet to be created new world. We learn to honor the inner realm of higher wisdom, conform to its energy, focus, and create from this realm.

Law of Silence – This law is found in three states of consciousness. The Cognitive conscious, which gives us our thinking power and worldly expression, is a place where we are called to silence our negative thinking, our voice of self judgement and judgment of others. It calls us to silence speaking of others in negatives ways and spreading a violation to another’s life and life style. The second level of Silence is our Subconscious. It is here we are called to silence the negative emotions driven by negative attitudes of self. We are to silence the voice of “I can’t.” We are to silence the beliefs that keep us separate from our higher wisdom. And Finally, our Higher Mind level. It is a call to silence mental, emotional, ego and physical qualities. We are called to be in total silence so we may hear the Vive Voce–the Voice of Source. For in this silence the 2nd Law can be used at its highest quality…this is the Law of Adaptation.

Law of Adaptation. The Law of adaptation provides the wisdom and awareness of the energy allowing changes to occur in which an organism becomes better suited to the environment of its existence. From the Law of Transformation, we thus see that what has been transformed now must function in a new reality and does so by adapting to the environment of existence.

A heart-desire, a sacred dream, adapts to the energy of influence that will determine the final structure and material-pattern as matter or experience through this law. This law teaches that every level of consciousness must adapt to its cause, form and function. Due to the power of evolution, this cause, form and function changes as each level of consciousness expands awareness, and therefore, creates the natural need to adapt and form itself into the new environment in which it can be most effective.

Passive and Active realities exist in adaptation. One must be passive to acquire information for the change (i.e., listening from within–Law of Silence) and then become active to achieve form and function. It is the responsibility of each person to place the knowledge into the form of usefulness. In fact, recognize that you are the Earthly Executive in charge of seeing that the energy of Spirit adapts to the form and final function of the desired outcome. Don’t just sit and wait for Source to make it happen. Source has already made it happen. Your will and choice has created the desire to see that what you want manifested is now vibrating into the matrix of matter. However, as it vibrates into the matrix of matter, you become the one in charge to see to the completion of the manifestation.

Know also, Spiritual cells become human cells from the inner reality. When the power of adaptation is occurring (passive and active union) an alchemical event takes place. The Alchemical moment destroys the old information of your prior existence (an hour ago, a week ago, years ago, lifetimes ago) and new experiences supersede the old. At the spiritual, emotional and personal level of awareness, we experience our “Ah, Ha” moment or have an epiphany (a moment of sudden and great revelation). We release the power to adapt to the new way of Be-ing. We are comfortable in knowing that all is in perfect order. We know our desires and dreams will materialize. No doubt exists.

Mercrianna the inside activator for Elder

The face of the Divine revealed in this card is in movement. A key symbol to recall. It is a reminder of the power of changing our minds to change our paradigm. Of course, in a challenging reality, it is the constant changing of our mind which creates confusion, lack of insight, and loss of intelligence.

As an activator for Elder, the movement of Mercrianna is the guidance to take our focus off of our rambling thinking, disjointed emotions, lack of concentration while trying to work on a project, and inability to remain in prayer, contemplation, or mediation. In fact, Mercrianna creates the turning of our thoughts inward, creating the power of silencing the mental machinations, emotional clamoring, and physical fidgeting. A focus toward the higher mind creates a sense of reverence, an inner quiet, and the observing state that allows us to listen for and focus on the Vive Voce.

The purest point of Mercrianna on the Tree of Life is known as Beth. This pathway is seen as a ray of soft yellow light merging from Crown/Kether (the White sphere) and traveling into the sphere of Understanding/Binah. It is translated as the Temple and the Law of Expression reminds us that the Voice of the Divine is first expressed, “Let there Be Light,” and there was. Continued speaking from the Divine expanded ITs creation of the souls of all individuated qualities of ITself.

When we allow ourselves to turn our human consciousness within, focus on the higher essence of our being and allow nothing but silence to occur at all levels, we can hear the Vive Voce. Thus, we receive instruction for creating, directions for developing what we are to create, and the words to speak and write to activate the manifest of the creations. However, we are called to create a first level of choice: Be Still. Be Silent. Be Receptive.

As we remain in this Elder/Mercrianna position, we will receive insight, support, and an ability to adapt to the wisdom of the Divine Essence of our Being into the framework of our human realm. We will be able to express this greater quality and through our power to choose, bring it into fruition for the better good for all. Why? Because we have no doubt that everyone and everything is our self, because we are/all are the Divine Being.

May this month of choices be guided by the essence of the Divine Mind within you.

New Moon Love and Blessings,


Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

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