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Hello Everyone:
Entering the New Moon with Hawthorn as the helpings essence of Consciousness brings us into the three cycles of thinking, communicating vocally, sharing stories, and writing messages. We interact in the realms of higher mind where inspirational thoughts emerge into our awareness. This is the power of the 3-fold qualities of the Hawthorn Moon and the foundations of our three-forms of consciousness.
The active field of all three levels this month is Mercrianna and s/he is a great role model for us to contemplate. S/he infuses Hawthorn, Ivy, and Rowan with the power of thinking, contemplating, and knowing the Greater Mystery of the Holy One. As we learn through this lunar cycle it is our choice to recognize the greater power of Air. It is not just the breath we take, it is the ongoing trail of thoughts and words that lead us on pathways of growth or the stifling pathway of negative thinking and speaking. May the blessings we learn and use through the contemplation of our Cognitive, Subconscious/Unconscious, and our Supernal Consciousness this lunar cycle aid us in positive thinking, speaking, and thus, positive activities with the air that provides us thoughtful wisdom.
Hawthorn – The foundation of Cognitive Consciousness and this lunar cycle:
Communication with those around us is part of Hawthorn’s gift. We talk to neighbors, friends, peers, and family members. We are at choice as to how we will speak about our self and our life events that delight us or stifle us. We are at choice to communicate the joys that make us happy and the sorrows that close our heart. We speak what we live and hopefully live openly about who we are, what we are doing, and how we are happy, sad, delightfully journeying through our life, or stifled in pain driven through our thoughts and emotions deciphering who and where we are in life.
The Sacred wisdom of Hawthorn is to remember that we are the Living Word of the Holy One. We have been manifested by the Great Desire of the Holy One and to learn and live this with cognitive awareness is a grand blessing; a Grace. Conscious knowing through this vibration of the Universe, Hawthorn, provides us the awareness that we are blessed with the Grace of Choice. We have many experiences to explore. Opportunities come to us every day. When we have many, we need to know ourselves well enough to know what choice, path, and focus is our best interest for the day. When we make the choice, it is important not to worry about the other choices not made. Simply focus and function in the choice made.
When viewing the symbols on the card of Hawthorn, we can see the many choices all around. What might we pick up and utilize? The Ankh? The full treasure box? Will we choose to enter the crystal temple where we can rest and rebalance? Will we look into the crystal ball to reflect on our past and dedicate a conscious intentions to activate our future with the power to live in the now? Will we ride on the back of Epona, the Celtic Horse Goddess that calls us to leave our chaotic mind and blend into our Divine Mind? Choices…many choices.
We also see a representation of the Divine in the Face of Hawthorn. It is a pearl color. It has flowers and bows gracing the forehead, and diamonds around the eyebrows. The pearl provides us the knowing that the universe understands how we work through agitation and irritations to gain the wisdom and purity of our thoughts. Then in the joyful ribbons of yellow and green, the Divine reveals how our mind is both logical (yellow) and intuitive (green) providing the best corridors of the mind to create the ideas and ideals that allow us to fully express in our world. The diamonds remind us that We are the Divine…we need only to “see” that reality and know it consciously. The stone over the third eye is Hornblende. It is a reminder that our thinking and feeling mind is unified. This allows us to understand duality and make choices that create a positive balance. Yes, we are evolving in our awareness of Oneness. Hawthorn’s lunar time will help us gain more clarity through our conscious awareness. She represents the Law of Union…reminding us that we are all in Union, truly we are the One.
Active Consciousness of Hawthorn – Mercrianna -Living Word
To aid us in remaining conscious of who we are, what we are doing, and how we are making choices, the vibration of Mercrianna is in action. In this depiction of the Divine, we see the head in motion, turning quickly. It is the reminder that we use the power of our mind to “change” and that it is our choice to use it wisely. When we do, the Living Words that come from us are the directors of positive action, positive transitions (even when they appear to be agitations), manifesting, and positive self awareness.
Oh, yes, I know many of us can see the challenge in our changing mind. We often use the Living Words that express, “I can’t make up my mind.” Or we question, “Why can’t I make up my mind?” The befuddled human mind has a tendency to separate itself from the Wholeness of our true being. When we are in the challenge, we must remember the power of Hawthorn asks us to make choices. To do that, we need to calm the mind, center it in silence for a few moments or turn our mind to a totally different focus from the needed choice. I often give an awareness I learned while in my early twenties. I was a wife, a mother, and the caretaker of all including dogs and cats. I most often awoke with happiness and a song to sing my children awake. I sang and danced along with the songs on the radio. However, there were times when a very negative thought process would take over and life looked dim, dark, and I could not find the way to create a change. I hated the funk I would drop into. I did not like my husband, felt the dredge of taking care of and making sure my children, the animals, and the household were surrounded in love and beauty. I cried inside for help to get out of the negative cycle. I would us the Living Word by saying affirmations to change it. The focus was always on how to make everything better and more loving while remaining in the focus of husband, children, animals, household, etc. One dreary day, I was deeply miserable. I thought the Living Word was not working. The inner living words were in charge. I was doing morning dishes, couldn’t feel the joy of singing with the radio and I shut it off. I sent the children out to play so I did not have to referee their battles. Of course, the animals had to be out in the yard as well. My husband was at work and could not hear my words cursing him for not caring, being selfish, and not really loving anyone but his self. I tried to return to the “affirmation” process and still felt miserable. I took a deep, yet sad breath and continued my “responsibilities.’
For no known reason, I picked up a handful of soapsuds from the dishwater. Consciously, I had not made the decision to do this. I lifted my hand toward the window where the sun was streaming through. I let my eyes and mind stare at the bubbles. I began to see the glory of colors in the orbs. I then began to count the bubbles. This process lasted for less than a minute. I then went back to my cleaning. In a short while I was aware that I felt better, all was good with my world. The darkness, depression, and negative thoughts and feelings left me. I pondered that and realized something: “taking my thoughts into a totally different direction changed my pattern of feeling and thinking.” I had “turned my head” as the Mercrianna Face of the Divine reveals. I wasn’t focused on what I wanted. I was simply focused on soap bubbles.
Thus, consider the power of turning one’s head/thoughts in another direction and be inspired to move toward a change and follow the inspiration that guides the joy of life. Our conscious mind can be our nemesis or our blessing. In psychological studies we still see that we remain in the awareness that our conscious mind is functioning at 10% while our inner conscious states are the influence of 90% of our thinking, decisions, and responding to life. Our inner consciousness directs the process of our thinking and our beliefs. Yet, in psychospiritual studies we realize we carry the ability to strengthen the conscious mind in directing the subconscious level through our mental intentions to dive into our sublevels, and transform old memories that guide us by realizing our worth, our oneness with the Divine and listening to our individuated (soul) desires. The moving head of Mercrianna reveals the power to do that. Turn our minds and dip in, listen to the inner voices, and recognize their truth or falsehood. Listen inside to know if we are acting and reacting from old beliefs, emotional events that led us into specific beliefs of empowerment or unworthiness, and define voices of those we saw as authorities and thus wiser than our self; and recognize that we still use that belief. With the power to move our mind, we can decipher what is truth and what is false. We can recognize we have the power to change our inner mind by consciously reminding it that there is a greater power, the Divine Mind Power that is our ultimate director and we can effectively change the sabotaging emotions that direct the mind to think we are incapable of making changes. We surely can! It is our Divine Nature…our true Self!
The SubConscious/Unconscious World of Hawthorn is revealed through Ivy
The core of this month is Hawthorn and the power to choose the direction of our mind (and inner emotions) is to flow. When we enter the inner levels and meet the first quality of our inner self, we meet the subconscious pool of memories. With the Ivy field we realize when we are using the challenge or the empowered state.
The challenging state will continue the field of flipping through stages of imbalanced thinking, triggering emotional imbalances, and offering up the challenging beliefs that others are greater than we are; and quite possibly ruling us. We enter a realm that defies our ability to contain our thoughts and direct them to a field of equalizing awareness. This state challenges our ability to communicate with comfort and confidence with other people; and truth be known, with our own self. We give the inner memories the power to be the World of Thinking. We try to force our way into the realm of others. We choose to believe that another is holding us back from the growth we desire. Our inner mind takes over and instructs our cognitive thinking with the “what if’s, the I cant’s, and why bother.”
When we enter the realm of self awareness, we learn something else of this Ivy level. We discover the power to choose to “sit back, observe, learn, and then take action.” In so doing we can evaluate the truth of self and the experiences we are having. We can make the choices we need to honor in order to maintain the truth and harmony of our self.
As we do this, we also enter the abysmal unconscious within ourselves. We enter our Soul-Mind and observe, learn and take action from the deeper truth and desires within us. In truth, we begin to realize the causes and effects that have been a part of our reality of beliefs and self limiting prophesies of our inner-most challenging thoughts and beliefs. We take charge of our inner thoughts and our cognitive thoughts become a partner with greater wisdom to direct creative and purposeful thinking that results in manifestations we truly want in our lives.
Active power of Mercrianna in our Subconscious/Unconscious levels with Ivy
With what has been said about Mercrianna and turning our heads, we can easily see that we must direct our thoughts inward, assess, and then present the thoughtful words that change the old beliefs and allows the Messenger of the Soul-Mind to take action.
If we remain in the subconscious level only, we may keep turning our minds toward the past memories and continue to use the past to create the future, not realizing that in the present we have grown, learned from experiences, and deliberately have chosen or are ready to choose to take command of our life. If we are in the old patterns of inner thinking from the past, we remain hidden, run from others, believe we are less than Divine and must always supplicate help from outside ourselves. We continue to churn our thoughts, over think and stew over our indecisions.
When we learn of the power of our inner mind, we are ready to free it from the past, from any old limiting beliefs, and from falsehoods that are now perceptions directing our thinking. We take command and realize our inner causal energies can be changed and become the cause of positive directions and creative actions that help us interact with others with the freedom of knowing our wisdom is to be shared.
As we take command, we also move deeper into our unconscious state of Soul-Mind. We are willing to sit back, observe our soul thoughts, listen to our soul voice, and then direct our cognitive thoughts toward the creative processes to develop our lives in harmony. In fact, we recognize true choices we are to make and we know we do this in tandem with others in our lives. In fact, all others become intimate partners in our life journey. In this power our world of thinking becomes joyful, filled with ideas to explore, and positive interaction with others so All wisdom can be discovered and used.
The Supernal Consciousness of Hawthorn is revealed through Rowan
This most efficient state of higher consciousness is an expression of innocence, and pure openness. It is from this realm of our being that Unexplained Inspiration occurs. The Divine directions are known. The Divine Mind that is continuously creating inspires the unit of Itself called the “me” of existence. It moves into the Unconscious/Subconscious and then to Cognitive consciousness. It moves most easily when we recognize that we are the Divine Unit expressing in a human existence with an intent to move through the world of matter, searching, researching, creating and manifesting. It can inspire when we make the choice to realize Its power is within us. In fact, when we realize we are the IT of Allness. We open the flow of this Supernal Consciousness through all levels of our self.
Oh yes, we, the individuated component, are the consciousness that needs to say “yes” to all parts of our self so we can and will use this higher nature to direct everything. We must allow the Light of this Divine Mind illuminate all states of our self. It is our individual choice…a gift and a grace of the Divine quality of all life.
When we do this, we will be directed to plan our day, our week, our year….our very moment. We will feel the inspiration that has occurred “for no known reason.” It just is and it is freeing. It sets us on the course of visioning, planning, and performing in the world of matter. We are comfortable with self and others. We are compassionate without attachment. We are able to move into the world of “others” because we ultimately know “they” are “we” and we are the Divine expressing in many manifestations. We are given the power to think in ways we may never have experienced before. We make choice a power of delightful decisions that guides us through the multi-realities of the Divine. We communicate what we are learning, experiencing and creating. We are willing to release knowing to others because we know we are revealing the Wholeness of All.
Active power of Mercrianna in our Supernal Consciousness with Rowan
The power of Mercrianna in our Supernal Consciousness activates the Living Word, the World of Thinking and the Unexplained Inspiration guiding us. It is the active process of letting our thoughts change without a critical dialogue. It, in fact, allows our mind to move quickly to discern and decipher the next moment of thoughtful communication from the Supernal Mind to the Unconscious/Subconscious mind, and ultimately to the Cognitive mind where clear choices are made, clear speaking is offered, and right decisions aid our personal self and the human world. With our three-fold states of consciousness in union, we become the Magician: transforming energy from the realm of Spirit to be used in the realm of matter.
The greatest gift of the active power of Mercrianna in our Supernal Consciousness is the reality that we are One Mind—all levels as one level. We actively think in positive ways. We discern change as the blessing of moving the evolution of consciousness. We recognize the power of the Living Word is the Divine expressing the existence of Its multi-reality. We recognize our thinking is creating new realities in each moment and that change is a positive growth of our individual and collective self. We live via the Unexplained Inspiration without doubt or concern of being wrong. We most definitely explore and experience from a state of innocence that induces playful excursions without fear of the shadows of existence. Duality and Polarity features of life simply become our creative fodder.
Ah, the power of Mind has a multi-focus and yet the single focus of Divine Mind. May you explore the many aspects of your Mind and enjoy what you discover. Make it easy with joyful curiosity that Hawthorn brings to each level.
Love, Light, and Joy,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

~Lunar Phases of Hawthorn~
New Moon – June 3, 2019

Crescent Moon – June 5
First Quarter Moon – June 10
Gibbous Moon – June 14
Full Moon – June 17
Disseminating Moon -June 21
Last Quarter – June 25
Balsamic Moon – June 30
New Moon of Oak – July 2

Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.

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