Good Afternoon everyone:
This is a special prayer request.  It has come during a session a couple was having with Malachi and Kuan Yin spoke to them.  She has for a world-wide prayer as she indicated that today held strong possibilities for disaster around our world.  When a Master Consciousness such as Kuan Yin asks us to participate in prayer-healing, it is because we are called to take charge within our world to help make the vibrational change for the good.  Here is the message from Kuan Yin:
    Blend your mind with your heart and then contemplate the power of healing energy.  Release this energy to your world to thwart disaster that is setting its foundation this day.  Let Love, Peace and Harmony rise within you to create the Harmonic balance.  This power of compassion from within all of you creates the strength and increase in harmony throughout the world.  Know the highest purpose is in Order and you are blending with it.  At the hours 12, 3, 6 and 9 say this prayer with heart-felt contemplation:
    :”Great Spirit, Oh Great Spirit, Divine One of All Essence.  Let there be peace and harmony across the Earth, to the people of the Earth, to the Land of the Earth.  May there be peace and Harmony.  It is So!”
I’m sorry I missed the 12 noon time for you all, but as you will hold to the other times to pause and offer this prayer with the knowing in your heart that all will balance, know that your prayers will be in perfect harmony with this intent.
May you all feel the blessings.