Hello to All:

Of course, I want to wish you all a wonderful entrance into 2012. It is a time today to finish clearing the old and being in a New Causal State of Being. Therefore, we can create the health, prosperity, wonder of compassion, beauty of love, and power of peace…..I wish that for you, your family and our world family.

Cosmic power of the 2012 entrance: At Midnight Pacific Time, cosmic energy exudes a power of Intention that is gifted to each of us. We find the Earth (at 10 degree Cancer) is most certainly involved in a Cardinal Grand Trine. The Power of a Cardinal energy is “The Pioneer, The Instigator, The Leader.” The Cardinal Grand Cross is arching light at the 4 Cardinal Points in the Astrological Circle. The Easter Horizon (where we see what is surfacing), Libra holds the door open and reminds us the Peace, Interpersonal Harmony, and Justice can occur if we give honor to others as well as the Individual Self. The Sun is at the doorway of the Forth House entering the realm of the foundation of the family, the power of our ability to create a functioning structure of what we want to achieve, and the ability to do it with open communication (that is because the Sun is just leaving the third house of communication). Next we find the Moon in Aries as part of this Cardinal Grand Trine and it is leaving the 5th house entering the Cardinal doorway of the 7th house. The moon calls us to be sensitive to our self (Aries–self) and our I AM center (Aries, I AM), comfortable with our personal goals and personal drives so we can easily relate to others (not feeling as though they will take our individuality away). And then to the Earth, right at the Doorway of the 10th house of Achievement, Ruling the World, and Honoring our Talents being expressed in the realm of our careers or other means of sharing who we are.

A Grand Cross is a challenge….filled with the tension needed to stir us into action. Each of the Zodiac Signs in this configuration are moving in Opposition of their own houses within the Cosmic Wheel…a bit more of a challenge. However, Challenge calls us to be awake, pay attention, and be mindful. In the Opposition quality, there is an asking of Synthesizing the powers of self and others (1st and 7th houses), our personal world/home and our outer world and laws of our land (4th and 10th houses). Our old patterns would have us being overtly concerned with our self and forge our personal way….our new patterns, more Yin, call us to remember the “others” because they are the “other” parts of our whole self. Our old patterns would have us charging into the family with the push to get what “we want” rather than for the greater good of the family. Our old patterns would have us charging into the world to say, “Look at me! Look at Me! Look at My Talents….forget others.”

Our New Patterns are inclusive, caring, compassionate, creative and honoring the birth of the New World through our Divine Feminine…our Great Mother. Let us take up the challenge and live the Empowered State of Oneness. Be the Creators that truly brings harmony to our world. Let us start from our Inner Plane of the Holly Temple and bring the Highest Vibrations of Love, Peace, Compassion, Harmony and Sanctity into our daily realities.

Yes, Happy New Year….may you take the power of living in the New Garden with your tools of Cultivating from the Heart of Sacred Intentions, the Mind of Clarity, the Truth of Knowing….WE ARE ONE!