While supporting a wonderful teleconference program of Cynthia Silva’s programs on Metaphysical Wisdom, http://www.metaphysicalwisdom.com/main/home, I was ask to create a meditation for a 13 dimension alignment. Having done so, Cyndi was good enough to copy it and send it on. Here it is for you to use. It is a guided meditation to help you journey through 13 dimensions and create an intention that you would like to manifest. May you be blessed by this journey.

Also, please note that I will be teaching the flow of the Lunar Cycles on Cyndi’s program venue. This is to aquaint you with the Divine Feminine Principle of Life. It guides you into the Hut of WomanSpirit (The Divine Feminine). You are invited to take the journey with us! More will come to help you connect to this class. For now, enjoy the meditation and create from your heart!

15-min meditation of 13 dimensions

Warm blessings,

Rev. Katherine