Tilt. See-Saw. Stay home or go to work? This Full Moon charges that reality as the Sun explors home-body Cancer and the Moon travels through career charging Capricorn. Many may feel much more like staying at home, digging around the garden, grilling on the bar-b-que, resting at the lake.

Yep full moon energy is influencing us all. At 11:39:36 pm PDT, tonight (while some of you East of the Pacific Coast sleep), the moon is at Her Fullest and charging your administrative edge. At the same time, the solar vibration gives you rise to find comfort, know you are secure in every way. It calls you to see that you are loved and that being with those you love is very important.

The Sabian message of this opposition tells us a bit more of the inner feelings and outer expression we may have. The Sun (outer expression) Carries the message of “A prima dona singing.” The Moon (inner feelings) speaks to “A relay Race.” Oh, I bet many of you can relate to the inner feelings of being in a Race (race of time, energy, fluid insights that just about be grasped to use, etc.).

These messages call for a union, bringing about a focal point to release the artistic inner nature and put it in full manifested reality. Sometimes we need an urging from others (the relay race) to call us to our competitive edge. It isn’t the “I’m better than you,” it is the “I succeed through my efforts.”

The prima dona most certainly brings about your confidence, the realization that who you are is center stage and you are bringing the light of your talents to the world. You are playing the focal role of your life right now and your productivity comes from your inner security and right knowing. You have practiced long enough to display your well practiced aria.

This Full Moon encourages your extraordinary focus to be on your performance, commanding attention, and delivering your joy.