We all know how intense the energy is at Full Moon.   Studies have shown more babies born, more accidents occur, more psychotic breakdowns, etc.  So, what more can we possibly expect at this Full Moon?  For one, we have a Total Lunar Eclipse.  The Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and hides the moon.  The view of this Eclipse can be seen in North America, South America and other places, but here in the U.S. we will be able to see the event if we are in these cities: Salt Lake City, UT, San Francisco, CA, Honolulu, HI, and Los Angeles, CA.

This is the ominous Blood Moon (as the moon looks like blood is filling up and draining out of the moon as the eclipse occurs).  It will take about three and one half hours, with the Total Eclipse occurring for about 5 minutes.  Hopefully, you will be able to experience the sight of this occurrence.  Below is my interpretation of this event.

A lunar eclipse will place us deeper into emotional states.  At a Total Lunar Eclipse, with the Earth coming between the Sun and Moon, the True Light of the Sun (or the power of awareness through our highest nature) is blocked and the emotions may go astray without the Light to direct the way through effusive challenges.  Not only is the Moon effecting the Sun in opposition, but it opposes Mercury and Uranus and Squares Pluto (dancing through the Uranus/Pluto square and forming the agitation of a T-Square).  The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all in Aries, while the Moon and the Earth journey through Libra.  Of course, this opposition is directly dealing with relationships.  From a Spiritual view point, the Moon, our inner self, emotional qualities, intuitive qualities and spiritual qualities, will be shadowed as the Earth rotates in front of it (Earth- place of activities, manifestations and in Libra, with the moon,  dancing in relationships with our most intimate partner, business partners and our partnering with our own soul).  Our lunar qualities will not be able to feel and experience the Higher Self (Sun) direction in which we can balance our True Self with our Emotional Self and interact with others from a state of complete harmony.  With Uranus in the mix, we may take unexpected risks (good or not so good) in relationships.  With Mercury in the Mix, we may not think as clearly as we need to in order to make right decisions in our relationships and communicate our true needs. Whatever situation we make a highly emotional connection with on Full Moon, we can most assuredly realize the effects will stay with us for about 6 months.


As though we have not seen many unexpected events in our world thus far, we most certainly can be aware that more will happen.  Lunar Eclipses can affect us for 6 months.  The field of the world may experience more airplane challenges (Uranus = air).  Of course, the square of agitation that Pluto and Uranus have continues, keeps calling all of our governmental systems to revamp, clear out and renew (this is not just our worldly governments, it is our own internal governing process that we carry in our emotional memory bank).  The Uranus/Pluto separation on the 4th of April is only at 0 degrees 49 minutes.  And both are playing out in a T-square with the Moon/Sun opposition. So,  the intensity, added with an eclipse that effects many systems on the earth from Solar Systems to Computer Systems, as well as our world-wide emotional system will be noticeable.

We do  have favorable energy occurring.  The Moon (in Libra), Sun (in Aries) have some positive qualities occurring with other planets.  The Moon Sextiles both Jupiter in Leo and Saturn (Retrograde) in Sagittarius.    Doors of opportunities may arise that call out action (fire signs), restructuring with ease (Saturn/Sag) and careful thought (retrograde).  The Jupiter activation may call for taking risks to play and expand on what is important to you, especially as Jupiter Trines Uranus, Mercury and the Sun, creating more graceful opportunities to be seized when clarity is used (Mercury), thinking at higher levels of intentions (Uranus) and reaching the lofty goals of your higher self (Sun).  Saturn is also in the very favorable alignment with Mercury and the Sun.  This may give you the guidance to “fear not” and move forward in those risks without feeling guilty or irresponsible (Saturn).

Yes risk taking is strongly activated.  Don’t leap without at least thinking about the consequences.  But use the courage available from the foundation of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  Make things grand (Jupiter in Leo) and fun, but keep two feet on the ground headed in the direction you truly want to go.  Don’t quite before you truly use your intention to quest for greater wisdom and opportunities.  Don’t let “things, time, others, and circumstances” get in your way.  Listen to your inner self give true guidance as the Moon and Neptune will challenge you to do.  Otherwise, you may find that illusion steps in, avoidance takes over, and others will guide you because you don’t seem to be able to influence yourself.

Mars is in a position to slow down and create the ability to listen to the inner guidance as it is traveling in Taurus.  It will help you dig into the deeper quality of soul resources, worthiness and an ability to look at all relationships with a different view than before.  Venus is also in Taurus (the Zodiac sign it rules), and though getting close to ending the journey in this sign, it is instigating the memory of your soul voice directing you to the place of awareness that provides you the right-wisdom to keep moving and cultivating your life as you hear the call to do so.

As all events of the cosmos provides energy to be used, remember: You are at choice.  You can let energy automatically strike your psyche and take you on any journey (wanted or not); or you can be focused and intentful and guide the use of energy available by your own choice.  Take charge…the energy will create influences and you can be the Master of the Reality of the Spirit of the Total Lunar Eclipse.

May this Full Moon be a Blessing and may all of our intentions to live with love, laughter and contentment help influence the Collective Field of Humanity.


Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.