Hello everyone:

I am so sorry that you have not heard from me this lunar month. I was on travel teaching a wonderful Sacred Silence/Sacred Contemplation workshop. Our theme dealt with the Waves of Energy Rays that have been imprinting in the Realm of Matter, the Vibrations releasing a new Codex of Consciousness, New Chakra Openings on the Earth Plane (while other Earth Chakras close), and the Color vibrations of the Shimmering Pearl that have penetrated our cellular being. It was great and I will have an article for you all to read soon.


In the meantime, please check out the wisdom of this lunar cycle (again, I am sorry it is late):


On to the Full Moon. Remember, Full Moon is a Power Time and an awesome time for the Birthing Room of Desires ready to be manifest. This full moon is incredibly powerful and for many reasons…..


The pattern of energetic transformation with Pluto and Uranus squaring each other are also being effected by the arching vibrations of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun squares Pluto and Opposes Uranus. The Moon is conjunct (side-by-side) Uranus and Squares Pluto. Together all arch a light that forms a Cardinal T-Square. This Leads our consciousness into the Pioneering Stages of taking command of our Grand Changes that allow us to emerge in the Light of the True Source Consciousness of Oneness.


This full moon can be seen as quite a challenge or quite an awakening energy calling us all to take a true stance of personal authority and sacred authority. Pluto and Uranus continue to bring unexpected experiences that are the healing of our relationship to our Soul and the Transpersonal Realms that we believe we have to work so hard to get to rather than knowing they are within. Pluto (Law of Soul Evolution) and Uranus (Law of Universal Love), flow in the wonderful connection with the Moon (Law of Wisdom) and the Sun (Law of Regeneration). Nothing of humanity will get in the way of the Source Consciousness that is calling for the Christed Being to emerge, the holistic reality to be true existence in the plane of Matter, and the peace, compassion and love that can and will exist is popping through our veils of fear, limited sight, and unworthiness. Watch humanity make its change. See the Change, See the Christ in Everyone and Everything—-The Enlightened One.


The Sabian Message of the Sun and Moon reveal this: A Large Hat with streamers flying, facing East, and A blazing fireplace in a deserted home. What will these frequencies of conscious create in our personal awareness? Most certainly we can see the hat as a protective process, the streamers as consciousness and facing East as the place of New Beginnings, the Birth of New Life, the intention to go forward. The blazing fireplace reveals the hearth of a home, the centering place, the contained point in one’s consciousness. To be in a deserted home brings a signal or call to be “aware.” What have you possibly abandoned that could have you contained, warmed by the loving encircling home? Or, is this a call to come to your “new home?” The home of your true self and the environment within that is welcoming, loving and ready to inspire you? Then go back to the hat…it is large and the streamers, they are free. Are you in style in your new thoughts of higher wisdom? With the streamers, are you free enough to release the inner flare of creativity and intentions to move along the line of your soul purpose?


I would also note that Saturn is at 29 degrees of Libra (A Critical Point). Libra is just about to end its long journey through Libra and presents another “awakening” within you to double check your status in intimate relationships. Are you in balance? Do you interact with an egalitarian attitude? Are you sharing the true you? Are you maintaining your Adult Center of Knowing or are you trying to be the child or parent in the intimate relationships of your life? Saturn is Meeting Neptune and Chiron in opportunistic aching lights. Calling you to come to the sacred place within, let go of any illusions or hurts that you have experienced and claim your mastery as a partner in life with all whom you relate to, including yourself.


May you remain aware of the power of Oneness as the challenges of the T-Square show up. No matter where in the world we may meet with challenges, remember that the transformation intends to transmute and transfigure the consciousness of humanity. Nothing is wrong…everything is in Divine Right Order and Divine Right Timing. We need to hold our consciousness with a higher intent to maintain the change with the vision of the New World….a world of peace, love, compassion and a new order of creativity.