June 4, 2012 – 4:11:33 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time – Full Moon 

The first half of this year has been power-packed with cosmic energy supporting our radical changes. POWER – PACKED! And, it is not done yet.

As we enter the Full Moon, we are going to experience a Partial Lunar Eclipse. It is also called a SUPER MOON, because the Moon is at Perigee (closest to the Earth). It Looms Larger than usual in our vision. At a Lunar Eclipse the moon passes just behind the Earth at Full Moon, and She is eclipsed from the Light of the Sun. Most certainly, as the term “partial” indicates, there is not a complete loss of Light Connections. It is at this time that your emotions may be partially eclipsed. You will have to pay more attention to what you truly feel and what you are creating at deeper recesses of your unconscious. For the Lunar vibrations stir your inner qualities.

It is also a wonderful time to dip deeper inside yourself to see your Lunar Light! When you are connected to your Lunar Light, you are able to see what your sub-level thoughts and emotions are creating. You will be able to go deeper into a more sacred conscious state and recognize what your soul-vibration is urging. Use the eclipse wisely and it will help you excavate the choices of your soul that are guiding you to a higher vibration and intention that can surface into your life in the next month to six months.

The Sabian message of the Moon states: “A Ground Hog searching for its Shadow.” What an appropriate message to contemplate on this lunar eclipse time. To search for one’s shadow creates three different effects: One: from an emotional/psychological standpoint, it means to continue to search for those “blinds spots” of the unconscious that continues moving you without you directing the process. It is the places of the unconscious that hold old beliefs, locked in messages from your karmic soul process and most certainly from your interpersonal relationships that began with your Mother and Father, then siblings and extended family, and all people and experiences who re-enforced messages of good or bad, holy or evil, worthiness or unworthiness. Two: The deeper search provides a connection to the creative power you carry, the inner wisdom that turns you toward your highest intentions, sacred attitudes, inclusive alignment with others, and following your dreams to fruition. And, Three: the secret of seeing the Shadow is that Light is right here, right now! You cannot see your shadow without Light. It is a great message for the inner and deeper search. Know that the more you are willing to search for your Higher Self, the more you will find that Light and your shadow will be illuminated. When illuminated, you can carry on the power of transformation, transmute those areas that use the Saboteur state of the unconsciousness, and releases the transfiguration of your personal self to recognize the One Great Spirit that you are.

Mars in Virgo remains a power-house in our transmutation time. Mars heads another grand square at Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (fortunately, that will last only a day…ending about 9:00 pm PDT). The healing processes continue in body, mind and spirit as Mars uses its purification power. Its Sabian Symbol message is: “A Volcano Erupting.” Perfect! Let that “stuff” from underneath Erupt! Let the purification of the volcanic fire keep you clearing out any messages that are part of the Saboteur Consciousness. Let what does erupt be the Power of Your Higher Self and the Great Healer from within. Mars Squares the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius and the two of them Square Chiron in Pisces. Mars is still in an opposition with Chiron, loosening up the reigns, but nonetheless still working magick. The power of the Sun (Higher Self) in this greater agitation is the gift of Mars calling out the I AM quality and creating a conduit of discussion (Gemini gift of communication). However, Mars, in square with the Moon in Sagittarius, will give the wisdom of when to go quiet, retreat inside to hear the Higher Voice, and then move that to full cognitive awareness . Communication, thus, is both via inner quiet and then higher mind messages directing your personal self. The Earth is at the very same degrees as the Moon (14 Degrees Sagittarius 13 minutes), thus calling out the Ground Hog and asking you to make sure your are completing the power of changes that provide you a clearer channel for manifesting. I’ve spoken of this type of Grand Trine before, so I know you know the power of Chiron creating the sacred shape-shifting. With this alignment in the Grand Square, the power to communicate with those deep secret places is highly effective. It is within this state of your being where the Saboteur has held life secrets that were dramatically dysfunctional. With Chiron bringing out the healer, heal from all dysfunctions, and take up the power to be a leader, a healer of humanity, and a communicator of the Higher Power within All.

Okay, before this gets way too long and heady, I want to honor the Venus Eclipse coming forward. If you recall, I acknowledge the power of this eclipse changing our DNA. Quite a statement if I do say so myself. This is what I said at New Moon:

Venus is going to be completing a Transit started in 2008 and finishing in 2012 that only occurs every 200 years. Venus (though very small in our sight) crosses between the Earth and the Sun and we see a tiny dot eclipsing some of the Sun’s light. Those in the Northern Hemisphere can see it on June 5th. (Again, don’t look directly at the Sun). The transit will occur more at sunset for the Northern Hemisphere and then on June 6th the transit will occur at sunrise for the Southern Hemisphere.

Transits like Venus effect our DNA….what a gift. Like the Pearlized Soft Green rays of light, Venus will perpetuate the shape-shifting of our DNA. Venus will be in retrograde motion, thus calling us within to gain the wisdom of this changing time…..But there is more…..

We can see the transit of Venus in Gemini providing even more technologically creative processes advancing (what more will we see beyond iPads, smart phones, etc.?) our world of communication. In the retrograde, this may call for more techy people trying to “reverse engineer” the products that keep us in the field of bits-streams looking for the binary formulas for new products.

Also, on a more personable vein with the Transit of Venus, look for writers to bring more of a gentle nudging toward nurturing and natural awareness to keep the body and mind in harmony. Look for ways and means to communicate about relating with others on a more heart-to-heart level rather than simple mind games. And, most certainly, this Venus power brings about more wisdom of the Feminine Side of the Divine..the Goddess…WomanSpirit. The Call to stay Awake in the Stream of the Feminine Consciousness will occur. It calls for women and men alike to honor, and cultivate more deeply, the powers of nurturing, caring, loving, creating and streaming with the gifts of harmony so the new world can carry the Light Stream of Peace.


Here is more to contemplate about Venus. Venus serves the Divine Feminine in many ways. From the Tree of Life we find the first quality of Venus is bringing together the Divine Father (Chokmah – Wisdom) and the Divine Mother (Binah – Understanding). This intersection is called the “Doorway of the Soul.” The Power of Creation is active in bringing forth the right combination of energy that will create the individuation of Source and the expression of the ability to live in matter (that would be your soul birthed into a human body and living the qualities of Source).

We see the second, and very powerful place of Venus on the Tree of Life, at the Sphere known as Netzach (Victory). The Great Birther is recognizing Its Victory in placing its Individuated Self (Soul-Self) into creative action, passionate purpose, and balance of the thinking and feeling nature that is so needed to be a Manifestor of one’s reality.

What could this mean to you, the Individuated Soul of Source? Look back to 2008. What were you doing in that year? What were you cultivating? What were you desirous of creating? What stirrings were happening within you to create a change that would open the door of a greater purpose and bring you to Victory? Have you “stayed the course?” Have you continued to bring the right mixtures forward? Have you cleared the way? (Most certainly, we have had plenty of Universal energy to help us clear the way). What ever you started to create in 2008, know that this Venus Eclipse is going to help you realize the birth, a new structure (DNA/RNA) from the very organic roots of your Soul. As with all Solar-type Eclipses, the Light of what is culminated may be seen in Six Months to a Year. Be sure you are keeping your hoe handy so you can keep weeding out the fields of energy that will sabotage your true desires and soul intention. Keep raking your garden and releasing the rich fertilizer from the soil of the Sacred. Water your garden with emotional, intuitive, and sacred intentions. Let the Sun (your higher self) keep nurturing the intentions you are urged to follow from the depth of your soul.


If you are following the messages of Malachi and the Divine, you can realize why he is telling us to be creative now and at the end of June and first of July we must be aware of our Causal energy moving quite directly into effect. He has reminded us that we have been working with the Creative aspect of Causal energy and by the end of June, first of July, we will need to remember the power of consciousness that can distort or abort by the vibration of effect. He is not stating that we stop our creative process, but that we nurture it with great attention. In our attentiveness we will take on our Source-Self reality: We are Creating Manifestations of a Great Magnitude. Notice what you are creating and is it in alignment with the Magnitude of Positive realities?

Love and blessings,
Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light