As we enter the last phases of the year, the Full Moon opens the door to Samhain, the Celtic New Year celebrated on October 31st/Nov 1st. This is a Fallow Time, a final time to Let Go, Clear Out, Release and set the soil of your soul into total receptivity. How might this Full Moon Help?

The Full Moon Phase is a Power Time. A fully awakened time. This Full Moon the Sun is 6 degrees 47 Minutes of Scorpio at 12:49:26 pm Pacific Daylight Time. The Power of Reed is encouraging the change. The Moon and Earth are at 6 degrees 47 minutes of Taurus, the Power of Willow and the gift of hearing the voice of your Soul direct what needs to be let go and what needs to be retrieved. On this Full Moon the Sun arch a light to Chiron and Neptune in Pisces and releases the Grace of the Sacred Mysteries into the Power within you to make the changes and transform your deep unconscious, releasing this last year. The Moon and Earth exchange lights with Chiron and Neptune as well with vibrations that open to opportunity to hear the sacred voice of your soul and encouragement for healing, renewing and revitalizing your sacred wisdom, deep inner knowing and the power of a greater truth. Can you hear the voice of your soul? Are you willing to take up Its Light and transform any part of yourself that lives in concerns and doubts? Use the power of the Earth, the Moon, The Sun, Chiron and Neptune to help you.

The Sabian Message of this Full Moon is: Deep Sea Divers (Sun) and a Woman of Samaria (Moon). The Deep Sea Diver gives you the energy to go deeper within your unconscious, swim through your shadow and remember that you have the Breath of the Divine to Guide you (like the air tube of a deep sea diver) through the murkiness of emotions so you may reach the power of your Soul and the Higher Qualities of yourself. Be aware of plunging to regions that leave you so deep the emotions are “over your head.” Meaning you may not be able to decipher your emotions and may react with a vehemence that is too intense for you to deal with or others to deal with your reactions that are inappropriate for the circumstances.

The Woman of Samaria helps you in the wells and swells of the water to reflect on the Master within and learn from that Inner Christ Consciousness what is True and what is False. This vibration is seen in the biblical story of the Woman who meets Jesus at the well and when he talks to her of a husband, she denies she has one. Jesus reminds her she has five and the man she is with at the present is not one of them. Her dishonesty is brought to the forefront. For all of us, this powerful energy field, then, will help us find our deep inner truth, reflect upon it, and bring it forward. It calls us to be honest with ourselves and not lie to ourselves just to get through illusionary realities in the hope that they can become real.


We must plunge into the depth of the inner consciousness to know the Truth! This full moon give us the gift of being able to do that without being overcome with fear, emotional overwhelm, doubt and anger. Anger may thwart our reality-based thinking. Yet, if we allow ourselves to hear the inner message of doubt, fear and anger, we can get to the Truth of what we really want to change in our life and be the Commander of the Change.

Mercury has just moved int Sagittarius. It helps us use a higher mind, a more philosophical mind that can assist the power of Contemplation. Contemplation helps us think about, assess, be open for higher inspiration and direct our thoughts toward healing our emotional realities. Mercury is sending challenging vibrations to Neptune and Chiron, thus not allow us to go to sleep, become complacent and choose to do nothing. The inner activation that Mercury presents to Neptune and Chiron through the foundation of Sagittarius and Pisces presents a power within that opens to the Higher Promise of the Universe to Guide All Souls to their Empowered State of Awareness. Use this power at this Full Moon and let it send you into the guidance you desire to empower yourself with Sacred Strength, Personal Resolve, and Blissful living.

Mercury is moving into its shadow period as it prepares to turn Retrograde (Nov 7th). It will re-enter Scorpio and move you into the deeper reflective powers within yourself. Use the moment of the Sagittarius influence to guided your higher intentions so your internal review will provide ease and grace for discovering the true power of your higher self.

Venus has moved into Libra. Her guidance will influence a need for more peaceful communication and heart-sharing in your relationship. You may find yourself doing creative things to keep the relationship fresh and renewed. Venus has made a connection to Pluto and Uranus (the famous two that are squaring each other until 2015). In fact, the three form the Sacred Geometry of a T-Square in Cardinal Signs. Your Inner Authority will be calling on the greater transformation that encourages you to listen to the guidance of your soul and higher mind as it stirs the powerful and loving changes within your most intimate relationships.

May the dynamics of Mars in Sagittarius, with Jupiter in Gemini helps you take the action necessary to communicate at higher levels of yourself. May Mars direct open statements, not lost in hear of what another might think. May Jupiter remind you how to speak with a benevolence that can create healing qualities. If you need a neutral place to communicate with another, then find it in your travels, for both Sagittarius and Gemini like to encourage travel (long distance or short distances, respectfully). Perhaps the long distance communication will only reflect its self in a longer period of talking and sharing, versus quick statements left in a dangling mode of “perhaps we can talk later.” Speak now. Share thoughts and feelings that can bring harmony into any relationship. Take the action with Mars and Jupiter and know that you can create the power of clearing the air (Mars) and adapting (Sagittarius), while moving within and sharing (Jupiter) as you form a union (Gemini). The power of the Universal Laws will work to help the dynamics of communication continue as you honor ow open communication always allows for clarity, change and harmony in relationships.

Saturn is sitting very close to the Moon on this day. It will help you as you break down any structure (mental, emotional, physical) and rebuild with an intention of new and innovative qualities that will serve your Highest Nature.

Be empowered by this Full Moon…use it for all of its Glory and energy waves. As you join in the field of the Full Moon, Halloween (Samhain) celebrations can occur. Remember the Ritual for Samhain is on page: