We are under the influence of the Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse.  The cosmic radiance provided this energy as we entered the exact moment of the Full Moon at 6:45:55 PST this morning.

Of course, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs right now.  The Sun as moved into Sagittarius at 6 degrees 46 minutes at Full Moon phase.  The Moon (and Earth) were directly opposite at 6 degrees 46 minutes in Gemini.  The Earth, at Full Moon, blocked the Moon from the Rays of the Sun, thus creating the Lunar Eclipse.  This is an indication that the vibrations we are receiving at this time are hidden within our unconscious, developing and stirring wisdom, as well as positive and negative realities–power of polarities.  The influence of a Lunar Eclipse will come to light in about one month and continue its effect for about 6 months. 

Full Moon is a time when contractions are occurring for the release of manifestations.  In a Lunar Eclipse, the contractions are felt, but perhaps it is a premature birth–time must pass in order to release the depth of the inner wisdom and manifestations that are whole and complete! 

While the Sun, Moon and Earth dance a sacred dance, Mercury has returned direct and it holds court with Saturn, Venus and the North Moon Node in Scorpio.  Mercury is bringing out of the depths of the psyche the wisdom of transformation of the old structures, rules and regulations (Saturn), and calling us all to nurture, create and return to loving compatibility with others (Venus), while flowing in the Cosmic Rhythm of global soul intention (North Moon Node).   The power of transformation continues to unfold as we till the garden of our soul and the Soul Garden of the New World.

Venus has an opportunistic flow of energy with Mars in Capricorn and the two of them send vibrational light to the Moon and the Earth….all forming the Finger of Fate and reminding us that the Hand of the Divine is focusing on our ability to live in the power of One Unit, Feminine and Masculine joined together to form the Power of Open Communication, Service to others while using the wisdom of our Inner Self and manifesting the wisdom in the world.

Pluto and Mars are hip to hip today at 8 degrees Capricorn.  They call for great action in the transformative power of our selves, our governments and our personal intentions to bring to light our goals that we wish to achieve.  It is highly important that we understand who we are in the Greater Whole so we may participate with accurate Free Will and Choice…..but we must be able to listen to our inner self direct the power of choice.  To help, Pluto and Mars arch a challenge of light to the Moon and Earth, just enough agitation to call our attention to the will power to choose to change and focus on communications that are cooperative with the Higher Will.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces continue to flow together calling for the Master Healer to perform the Sacred Alchemy of Wholeness.  They arch in the light of Saturn and Venus in Scorpio to continue clearing any area of consciousness that is struggling to budge from old paradigms.  They square off with the energy field of the Sun, Moon and Earth, thus forming the sacred geometry of a Mutable T-Square causing a rumble of energy charging us to be flexible in the realm of greater change.  This arch of lights help as the Pluto, Uranus Square continues to charge everyone with the power to open to Soul Evolution through the Heart of Conditional Love and the power to live in awareness of All Dimensions as we recognize the I AM Presence within.

May the influence of the Full Moon over the next few days be used by you with conscious intent to take up the energy and produce the Peace, Compassion, Love and Transformation that brings you to your Highest Intentions.

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light

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