Full Moon November 10, 2011

The Reed Moon Mother lights the way.  Oct 28, 2011 has passed.  The Mayan Calendar has finished its Underworlds.  What can we see in this Full Moon Light that guides us to the Next Level?

First of All, the Time of Reed (Scorpio) is the gift of letting the soil of the Earth and the Soil of the Soul enter its Fallow Stage and allow the Spirit Energy of Source release the seeds of the New Life.  It is a time to let the New Garden(s) be fertilized by the Grace of Divine Consciousness.  This Full Moon Time will present the messages of your own ability to support that Garden.

At 12:16:06 Pacific Standard Time today, the Moon will be at its fullest point.  The energy will be strong.  The Sun will be at 18 degrees Scorpio and the Moon Will be at 18 Degrees Taurus.  Their opposition will call on the Power of the Soul as we recognize Scorpio as a Soul Protector and Taurus as a Soul Retriever.  The protection stems from the gift of your soul making sure you will follow Soul Purpose in this life time.  The Soul Retrieval provides the means to listen within and retrieve the direction of your soul and empower the garden with your ability to cull anything that stands in your way of a healthy, vibrant, creative garden. 

The Sabian message of the Sun and the Moon reveal, “A Newly Formed Continent,” and “A parrot listening and then talking.”  The vibration is within a challenge…the opportunity to utilize opposite energy and choose to learn, evolve and transform and create something new. 

Obviously, when you contemplate an newly formed continent you can see the gift of Life Renewal and the powerful force that creates such an existence.  After Oct 28th, we can most certainly say the essence of this powerful force has given us the gift to create this new garden in ways that support the Higher Power of Love, Compassion and Peace in the Sanctity of Union.    A new Story can be told.  Are you the story teller that will leave the “news” on the path for others to follow, learn from, and embellish in ways that help those following the path?

The Parrot listening and talking is most certainly the gift of realizing that when you hear the new story you can “parrot” it, expand it by what you hear within, and then share it in your talking time.   Honor the new words or change of syntax and those who teach it to you.  For then you will allow the Light to Expand in the consciousness of others.

The Cosmic Vibrations of the Full Moon also reveal the Grace of the Divine with a Grand Trine.  It is an off-sign Earth Grand Trine (simply meaning that one of the planets is nearly in the Earth Sign, but not just yet).  The Signs that arc light to each other and reveal the Grand Trine are Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Leo (29 degrees 49 minutes…just getting ready to head into Virgo).  This is most certainly a powerful Grand Trine in that the Players (Jupiter, Pluto and Mars) all kick up the power.  Jupiter is retrograde and is entering the depth of Taurus – where the retrieval of the Soul occurs.  Lovingly, Jupiter calls the soul forward with the reminder that all that is needed is provided and all one needs to do is grasp the Hand of Source and come out of the underworld. 

Pluto takes on the power of Transmutation and in the Capricorn arena it is bringing the Golden and Corral Lights of a higher power of governing yourself, community, corporations and governments with the wisdom of the Sacred Mind cultivating Its Truth into the mind and hearts of all.  Finally, Mars in Leo/Virgo is actively creating the power of Self Dominion to flow and grow with the passion to share the truth, live the truth, and be the truth of Source.

Mars is actively opposing Neptune in Aquarius and Chiron in Pisces.  This, in the midst of the Grand Trine, looks like the Arrow ready to be shoot via the bow pulled by the powerful hand of Source.  It calls Again the Power of Neptune to bring out of the Sea (Like the Great Poseidon) the natural energy of the advancing consciousness of humanity as it reaches Galactic Awareness of its True Self.  Chiron, taking on the Sacred Piscean wisdom, stands in the strength of the renewed self and the Christed-Consciousness to be known, felt and lived by all who inhabit the Earth.  As Mars moves into Virgo, the Hand of the Divine is easily seen as Virgo holds a sacred seal with the Hebrew Letter Yod, which means the Open Hand of God.

Let us all take up the New Flow.  Let us help build the Garden of the New Life like the Eden of ancient stories…perfectly and pristinely set in such a way that Creative Powers can be used, dynamic fields of new information can be plucked and formulate all that is needed to live in Love, Light, Laughter, Peace, Power and Prosperity, Beauty, Balance, and Benefits, Dedication, Devotion, and Deliverance.

Enjoy the Blessings of the Full Moon!

Grace be with you,