When the Moon enters Scorpio, the inner experience is intense and dreams are macabre for some people.  For others, the deep inner secrets for developing creative projects may come forward in the dreamtime.  Often, I find individuals with major traumas in life revisiting the traumas in their dreams during this cycle.

On May 14th, the Moon is nearing its cycle through Scorpio, but is directly opposite the Sun, putting light to the inner wisdom that may be stirring in the depths of our emotional selves and our soul-selves.  Though the moon travels through the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, it reflects the Sunlight as the Sun crosses the field of the Zodiac sign of Taurus.  This is the time of great intensity of our willingness to Master Life by cultivating our worthiness, creative powers, and using qualities that we carry that knows when to cull away the old and fertilize the new!

The Sabian message of this polarity reveals some of the inner secrets of this Full Moon.  It stirs the challenge that agitates us enough to know we need to do something.  The messages quoted are, “A mounted Indian with scalps locks,” and “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.”    The two messages are positive and yet challenging.  Can we stand up to our inner and outer critics?  To see the Indian reveals an achievement successfully accomplished.  However, the crowds are descending to challenge his conquer.  They come to question him.  They come to challenge his abilities.   It is the voices of the daemons within that are creating the condescending messages of unworthiness; questioning voices of personal value, knowledge and abilities.  It is one’s fear of public opinion.  It is the call to recognize yourself as a master of your craft and a tool of the Great Creator for mastering the art-form of the life of yourself as an individual expression of the Whole.

Can you measure up with a positive attitude of yourself?  Will you succumb to inner voices of fear and destruction?  Will you allow yourself to move beyond the family challenges, career challenges, and partner challenges?  Will you rise up to the glory of the Light and realize the power within you is being called to expression.  It is not for you to simply stand in front of a mirror, but to willingly stand before the crowds and let them know of your vital light, release of creative qualities, and the power and willingness to reveal yourself to the world.

Though you will feel the struggle of public opinion, family opinion, peer opinion, and more, this is the call to master your reality and know the true you.  The Moon in Scorpio will lead you through the reflective power of your inner self so you will let the Sun-glow express your creative self, personal command of yourself, and the glow and willingness to meet the challenges you can take care of and hand over to the Higher Mind the challenges you have no control over and can do nothing about. (Don’t even try during the Full Moon Cycle…that which is none of your business is best left alone.)

I hope you come through the intensity of this Full Moon with the Glory of Light, the Creative Power of Expressing your uniqueness, and the willingness to live the reality of your highest intentions.

Oh, by the way, on May 22nd we enter the shadow period of Mercury as it prepares to retrograde, once again, from June 7th through July 1st.  Mental slowdowns, focus lost, temperamental computers and communications with others, and of course, reviewing, reflecting, re-learning and renewing are all a part of this sequence of 3 weeks in Mercury’s retrograde.  You are cautioned not to start new things, but complete the old things.  Don’t sign contracts unless you are truly focused.

Enjoy the brilliance of the Full Moon,


rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.