I know, I am early at getting the Full Moon Notice Posted. However, I am leaving the country and will be gone when the Full Moon Occurs on March 27th. Here is but a tidbit of what I can share…may your inner wisdom share more as you dip in, listen, learn and use the energy and information highway of the Great Mind–Divine Mind.

At 2:27:17 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), the moon will be at her fullest moment. She is in the full on Axis of Relationships, and revealing the infinite partnership of Aries and Libra. As I shared in the New Moon Letter , http://facesofwomanspirit.brownrice.com/pdf/Alder%20-%20website.pdf),  we are working with several layers of partnership:

Action and Standstill

Self and Others

Personality and Soul

At the time of the Full Moon all of these qualities can come to light. Mars, Uranus, Sun and Venus are all poised and journeying through the sign of Aries (Alder), while the Noon and the Earth in Libra (Ivy) partner up (and most succinctly with the Sun and Venus). The Sabian message of the Sun and Venus is “A Man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once.” The Sabian message of the Moon and Earth is, “A Woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks.” Who is the Man and who is the Woman? I most certainly can use the man as symbolic of our cognitive mind, logical thinking and action while find the symbolic reality of the woman as the emotional self, intuitive self, inner self, soul self, and the nurturing mother seen as she feeds the chicks and protects them. The blessing of the man expressing himself in two realms at once is the power of the Partnership of allowing the personal self (Alder/Aries) to connect with the cognitive state as well as the inner state. To successfully align with the two states of consciousness allows the partnership of Personality and Soul (inner self). The woman is feeding or revealing the nurturing of the inner self and protecting it from being a victim of experiences or memories, thus as the hawk (also a symbol of Alder) cannot simply enter with an aggressive need to pluck up what is there. This energy, move through our inner consciousness, thus is revealing that we have the active capability (man) to enter our unconscious realm (woman), know that we are protected as we make that entrance, can be fed (woman feeding chicks), and successfully understand what is going on in our inner psyche (mans success of the two realms). This can only mean that we will pluck out the wisdom of our self, allow then for soul purpose to emerge, and we can thus be healthier in our communication with and of our own self and, of course, with others.

This Action and Standstill energy at the full moon gives us the ability to move inward with care and resourcefulness (Sun/Venus). Once within, we can pause, find the balance or imbalance of our inner self, stabilize any imbalance, reflect on the inner wisdom and then know how to use the wisdom for our self and with others. (StandStill – Libra, Earth and Moon)

Yes, this particular Full Moon will have a strong focus on relationships and it is very important that we remember to communicate by speaking, listening, hearing and responding. We have sacred geometry formed by the arcing lights of the planets. The Sun and Moon as initiators of a T-Square arcs light to Pluto in Capricorn. The stirring of challenge occurs, the gift of keeping everyone awake is the power of the T-square, and calls for the open communication of self – others – and the nations. Yes, we are in a relationship with the whole world. I have mentioned several times that Pluto in Capricorn is challenging World-Government Changes (not just personal changes), and this alignment of the T-Square is a constant reminder that we are not the only ones on this Earth and we must have a realization that we are in a World-Partnership now that requires changes, adjustments, and an opening to more harmonious realities. During this Full Moon Cycle, that will be tested. Will we use this energy to support the change or use it to create more arguments? That wisdom will be hidden until the moment of action.

In the heavens we have the sacred geometrical shape of the Yod (Finger of fate/Open hand of the Divine). It is activated Mars in Aries, opening doors of opportunity to communicate with Jupiter in Gemini, and they both send their lights to Saturn in Scorpio, but the energy is almost inaudible. Saturn, of course, ruler of Capricorn is in the Sign that Pluto Rules, while Pluto remains in the Sign that Saturn rules. The structure (Saturn) to make the change (Scorpio) is having a hard time listening to the Action that needs to be taken (Mars/Aries) or the open communication that can occur (Jupiter in Gemini) if the benevolent spirit is present (Jupiter). We might pray that our worldly governments feel the gentle and loving hand of Source encouraging the change. The Source mind is flowing through the winds of the Mental Frequency of the Earth, so may we pray that we all receive the thoughts, and encourage by the inspiration do something with it. For, if we do, so will our governments.

Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune continue their movement through Pisces (with Mercury no longer retrograde). Though the slippery mind (Mercury in Pisces) might still be occurring, nonetheless, the sacred wisdom (Neptune) can be placed in personal awareness (Mercury) in order for true healing, courage to make the changes, and the strength to do so (Chiron) can occur on a global level (Pisces). Now, of course, if we all want to stay in states of illusion (Neptune) that everything is the responsibility of others, then we may only keep the energy of separation, selfishness, victimization, and wounding alive in the ocean of the collective consciousness.

Let not this happen, for each of us is in charge of our own reality. Let is reach for the hand of the Divine and grasp a hold of our personal responsibility to know our self, find our self sacred, and realize that by doing so, we a helping the healing vibrations move through the collective field and help all.

One more aspect of looking at the Polarity of Action or Standing Still, I would like to address the power of knowing how to do both. We are in a world of Action….nonstop Action. We want things “now.” We don’t want to take time to delve deeper into our selves, deeper into wisdom, deeper into instructions of education, life, and life processes. “Give it to me now” is an energy field we have jumped into with the age of technology expanding so quickly. However, these “quick” experiences are void of the depth of true inner knowing, true balance, and true wisdom. We are “surfing” the waves, but not dipping into the ocean. I suggest we use the power of this aspect of the infinite partnership of Action and Standstill and Actively choose to enter into all realms of our life, and Standstill to observe, feel, contemplate, understand in our learning process and then move forward. I can assure you, there are far more rewards, more depth of the self, more confidence, more strength in one’s abilities, and more heart in all levels of communication, relating to others, and most particularly, relating to the inner wisdom that guides us on our life path.

May this Full Moon bring you a depth of greater knowledge that is on the surface of the words written here. May this Full Moon bring you a greater awareness of your inner self. May this Full Moon be a blessings of guidance in your partnerships of life.

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity