Full Moon – Sunday March 16, 2014 10:08:18 am Pacific Daylight Time
 Why do we love the Full Moon so?  Is it the mystery of Light in the Dark?  Is it the lunacy that occurs through all species of the Earth?  Is it the “strange” events we all hear about? What is the draw of the Full Moon to you?  How many people realize the Full Moon is a time of balance as we tip-toe through the fields of opposition?  Below is an Esoteric explanation of the flow of energy this Full Moon is providing.
 On Sunday, March 16th,  the Full  Moon is gliding through the zodiac sign of Virgo at 26 degrees 01 minutes.  At the same moment, the Sun is shining through the zodiac sign of Pisces (polarity of Virgo) at 26 degrees 01 minutes.  The Moon is also directly beside the Earth, who is stepping through the Field of Virgo at, yep, 26 degrees 01 minutes.  At this degree, the Earth and Moon are also spurred on by Venus as the ruler of 26 degrees of Virgo (and below you can see the part that Pluto is playing as it rules the degrees of the Sun):  Stirring sweet energy of Earth, cultivation, working creatively and finding ways to be of service to others is contained within the deep feelings of ourselves.
 Ah, the Sun in Pisces, at this 26 degree level has a planetary ruler of Pluto and calls for deeper psyche work.  In the values of Pisces, we must look inside and discover what we have been using to keep ourselves from living our potential.  This happens by looking more deeply into our illusionary trends and actions of delusion.  But we must have Mercy on ourselves, heal and release the deeper recesses of our Mystical Self and not only will the Sun in Pisces help, but so will the pull of the Moon and the draw of the Earth create for us the breeding ground of self-healing which will lead us into the deeper awareness of releasing the beliefs that keep us in the trend of Self Inflicted Negativity (S.I.N.).  The Planet Pluto will helps us go deeper, and deeper and deeper.  With Pluto corresponding to the Universal Law of Soul Evolution, we can see it calls us to the depth of our soul and encourages us to respond to the voice of our soul (a communique of Venus as well).
 This cosmic arcs of light from planet-to-planet, cardinal point-to-cardinal point, and other celestial points,  are offering a few Sacred Geometrical Lines of Light.  The Moon/Earth are focal points of the Cosmic Yod…a finger of fate (open hand of God/Goddess) inspiring awareness.  The Moon and Earth send out the messages: “Come deeper into your feelings, understand your harmonics of health and vitality and your ability to work in tandem with all Earth Creatures,” Moon Mother says.
 “Come and cultivate the power of wisdom and sacred attunements in Matter.  Cultivate your highest levels of service as you use the Resources of Source.  From these resources, foster the growth of the gifts of the land and your own inner gifts to bring light to the world,” Earth Mother encourages.
 These two cosmic vibrations send their messages to Mercury and the South Moon Node (Collective Field of Memory and Rhythm) to stir the energy necessary to follow the inspiration of the Yod.  However, the subtle vibrations need a great attention in order to be heard and felt.  Mercury in Aquarius will help.  The focus to rise above the clatter and chatter of the misnomers of human existence is possible.  Mercury will ask that the communication within the transpersonal realm of consciousness be a part of what we use to gain understanding.  How does one do this?  Meditation, of course.  Yet,  have the focused Intention to live with a higher attitude of realization that the Human Field is a sacred aspect of soul living and the Finger of the Divine is most certainly directing this knowing.  “We are Perfect (Virgo) in all that we are in Matter (Earth).”  The field of our inner consciousness (Moon) is stirring our awareness of this reality.  The field of the Higher Mind is reminding everyone to live the humanitarian attitudes (Aquarius), that lead to honoring of all life and releasing the field of worry by knowing that everyone is in their right place as the greater timing of Now is encouraged for true awareness.  Mercury is radiating opportunities to realize this as its waveform bounces to the South Moon Node.  This energy of Cosmic Rhythm is urging the Collective Consciousness of ourselves to respond to worthiness, cultivate our resources of higher wisdom, and live with the possibilities of mastering our Earthly existence (South Node Crossing Taurus).
 The Moon and Earth are also initiators of a Mystical Rectangle.   The Mystical Rectangle  is like a Treasure Box within us and we can see the plan to open it by following the configuration of planets forming the rectangle. It will release further knowing of the Divine Mystery of life.  The Moon and Earth generate their arch of light to Saturn, retrograde,  in Scorpio and the Ascendent hosting Gemini.  Saturn arcs its light, in this rectangle, to the Sun in Pisces.  The Sun also arcs light to the Gemini Ascendent….thus, completing the circuit of the Mystical Rectangle.  What mysteries might we release with this energy encouraging vibrations to be noticed within us?    Saturn retrograde in Scorpio is calling on a greater healing as it continues to call forth  the explosion of old structures (mental, emotional, physical, and old memories), so they may break apart and open up to the Higher Intentions within every being.  The Sun calls for a regeneration after the explosion.  In Pisces, it is calling for the Regeneration of a sacred memory keyed within everyone: The Regeneration of Oneness; the Memory that Source and We are One and the same.  The Sun and Moon activating the Gemini course of consciousness is calling out for “sound healing,” through communications of all levels.  But to swing open the treasure chest, we must give way to listening to the higher power, rather, than the cacophony of human words and beliefs that hold the limitations of speaking and communication.  This challenge occurs as Mercury squares the Gemini ascendent and calls for more attention to what we are saying (to our self and to others).
 One more call from the Celestial field that is keeping everyone at attention is the sacred geometry of the T-Square configured by the arcing lights of Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries.  The square between Pluto and Uranus is getting tighter and more tense again.  What is the configuration suggesting, aggravating, and calling us all to be aware of as we continue to feel this tight energy?  The focal point of the Cardinal T-Square is Uranus in Aries.  Ultimately, it is the continuance of Universal Mind creating such an agitation that we can only break free into the Greater Truth of the I AM.  To know that all of Humanity is, I AM.  This energy reminds us to hold to the Power of Love (Universal Law corresponding to Uranus) will the world is being developed (Universal Law of Aries) in a new way.  Pluto, constant companion in the arcing light with Uranus, rides the field of Capricorn and keeps that niggling energy to make the transmutation (Pluto)  of our worldly governments (Capricorn) occur that will support the change of the individuals.  Pluto (Universal Law of Soul Evolution) and Capricorn (Universal Law of Living) continue to push our collective field of evolutionary  consciousness into the realm of great change and the dynamics of knowing the power of utilizing all dimensions of consciousness, not just living in the 3rd dimensional awareness.  Finally, Jupiter in Cancer responds to Uranus and Pluto.  Jupiter will cause a great expansion of the irritations of this T-Square.  At some times, the feelings within us will be a readiness to explode from the challenges.  However.  In the Power of Cancer we can see that we need to change the foundations we were raised in (for many generations) and allow the true containment of the Holy Spirit be recognized as the higher vibrations of consciousness from which to honor our foundation of life and let that expand and contract and balance within us.
May this small view of the cosmos on Full Moon help you contemplate your part in this great cosmic scheme of continuos change.  Enjoy embellishing the Light of the Full Moon and feel the pull from this lunar cycle draw you to the mass awareness of Oneness.
Love and Blessings, Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light
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