Full Moon – Full Lunar Eclipse

Well, the 2nd half of the eclipse is here this month. A Full Lunar Eclipse. Another Full Lunar eclipse will not occur again for about 3 years (partial eclipses will, of course).

The alignment for this full moon is the Sun is at 18 degrees 10′ of Sagittarius while the Moon is at 18 degrees 10′ of Gemini. At 6:36:22 a.m. PST, the Full Moon Occurs and those of us West of the Rockies will be able to see a beautiful sight as the eclipsed Moon will be revealing a red color, due to the atmospheric light scattering around the Earth. Because this will happen when the Moon is Setting and the Sun is rising, the color will be apparent and the moon will look larger than ever (an optical illusion). If you are up early on the West Coast (4:45 a.m.), the coloration of the moon will begin to be seen as the eclipse starts its process. (A Lunar Eclipse occurs because the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon and blocks the light of the Sun before it bounces of the moon.)

What is important cosmically about this eclipse is the placement of the Sun and Moon, at Cardinal Points in the astrological chart. The Sun is on the Ascendent (Eastern Horizon); while the Moon is on the Descendent. This creates a powerful opportunity to align with our self and another with benevolent care (Sagittarius) and a desire to communicate (Gemini). These opposite qualities also make a connection with Mars in Virgo (actually creating a T-Square in mutable signs…making it, at least, present opportunities for consideration before reactions). Nonetheless, challenges are afoot and with this type of Lunar Eclipse hitting the Cardinal points, things will show up in 2, 3, 4, or perhaps 5 months from the time of Full Moon/Eclipse.

If you are someone with Sagittarius or Gemini on the 1st or 7th house at 16 – 20 degrees, then know you will have a “cosmic surge” of energy providing you with opportunities to awaken to, chances to make a move in relationships and perhaps in the service you intend to develop to assist humanity. However, it will take effort on your part (T-Square alignment with Mars). You will need to be aware, see challenges as opportunities, and be willing to work a little bit to communicate from the higher wisdom of your inner self than just what you might think others will want to hear. You will have to forbid yourself to “react” and allow yourself to cooperate, listen and communicate from your heart rather than simply your mind or latent old emotions.

At the Full Moon, Uranus is in a Stationary position, getting ready to head forward from its retrograde position. This creates a tension in relationships as well as it is sitting at a the Cardinal point of the 4th house and opposes the highest point of the chart in the Cardinal 10th house. Uranus is in Aries in the 4th house, the 10th House Cardinal point is Libra… you can’t avoid the Me or We and do expect the unusual, unexpected and “out of the blue” experiences to occur. Be careful as Uranus is connecting with Mercury who is also ending its journey of retrograde appearance (Dec 13th it heads forward in our vision of the sky). Communication could be great, opportunistic, but yet, not fully clear and perhaps what is said falls into the ocean of consciousness and cannot be found for a very long time. Mercury is in a sign in which it feels detrimental in the realm of communication. Mars is also in a sign that makes it feel sluggish and without ambition. So, the challenges are calling you not to get frustrated, communicate with compassion, and be willing to dip into the Divine Mind to gain direction in any form of communication.

Truly, we can see these energy fields tapping into our psyche…but it is also true that it goes beyond the personal and into worldly events. Will we cooperate with each other across the nation, the world as a whole? Will we open to true communication or great exaggeration (Sagittarius). Will we share wisdom or will we be two faced (Gemini). Will we be One For All and All for One (Uranus in Aries), or will it be one seeking everyone to only follow him/her? Sound like the campaign trail? Sound like the cooperation or lack of it around the world? Well, what can we do about it?……..

Ah, of course, as a Spiritual group, we want to bring the Light of Wisdom, Truth and Ultimately Love to the field of our awareness, exude it in attitude, communication, and compassionately share it. It is up to us to visualize the world as harmonious and hold that vision with our heart in tact, our belief in knowing the Higher One Within does direct the greater Truth, Harmony and Peace.

You might also realize that any planets that are in the 16-20 degree arenas will be arched by the light of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. If you find this so for you, then hold on to your seat…you will find changes occurring over the next few months. Personally, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse hit right on my Ascendent and Descendent….it also activates the T-Square over my creative house…..hmmmm what shall happen? What shall I create? How will it effect relationships? What turn in my service will occur….keep watching…you all are privy to the changes in my life already, eh?