Full Moon June 5, 2020
1:12:14 pm Mountain Daylight Time

Notes of the Timing of the Full Moon

1 = Mercury – the Vive Voce (Divine Voice)
12 = Neptune – Reverse the Trends and Reveal the Divine
14 = Sagittarius – Enter Sacred Silence so the Higher Wisdom will prevail.

Hello everyone:

I have not been writing about the Full Moon for some time. The one that occurs tomorrow is also a Lunar Eclipse (eclipsing our inner feelings, perhaps). The Full Moon happens at 1:12 pm Mountain Daylight Time. The Sun is in Gemini at 15 degrees 34 minutes and the Moon is in Sagittarius at 15 degrees 34 minutes. Of course, they are in opposition. We either continue to oppose each other, or we learn to move in an interplay with each other, learning from each other, listening to both sides. 

Gemini, as we all know, calls us into communication, and we have to be careful that it is not immature communication, as Gemini rules our child’s mind as well. The Moon, is in the sign of higher education, Sagittarius, and will lead us to the orator of a higher reasoning mind. It can bring us to seek a higher order of personal and spiritual ethics. In the chart of Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon rests in the House of Gemini while the Sun (in Gemini) rests in the house of Sagittarius! I note, the third house is about the way we learned to communicate as a child, want to communicate now, and with Sagittarius visiting this realm it is how we, the people, are speaking out: Let it be with the maturity of the Sagittarius wisdom. As the Sun is in the 9th house, the light of our communication can be seen, and not only by each other, but this house (besides being a gregarious field of energy and home of benevolence), is also known as the field of philosophy, is a house where the science of the law is affected, and the Courts (particularly Supreme Courts) are ruled. 

Right next to the Sun is Venus in Gemini, retrograde. This is a call to be aware of how we are speaking, especially with other. Venus, the Sun and the Moon are all squaring Mars in Pisces (recall Pisces rules the world at large and represents Oneness as we advance in our awareness of our Divine Self). The Sun and Moon also square the Ruler of Pisces, Neptune, and thus I see that these challenging factors may put even more of a strain on our United States as we struggle with Law and Order, Right honor to humanity, and attempt to find a peaceful resolve of human conflicts. 

The field of the South and North Moon Nodes are also calling us to attention. The South Moon Node is in Sagittarius, asking us to not fall on the old use of wisdom, review laws of our highest courts, and discover ways to talk about the philosophy of All Life in new ways as the North Moon Node in Gemini is calling us into a discussion of understanding we are all brothers and sisters (Gemini rules siblings). We also claim, “We are One Nation Under God.”

Pluto and Jupiter are still riding in Capricorn (the sign that rules the Government, and the highest ruler of a nation or church for that matter) and they are joined with Saturn in Aquarius (the greater humanity). Pluto and Jupiter are jostling the review of our laws, our transitioning, and our willingness to change or remain hooked into separation and blind faith. Through the Chart in Mountain Standard Time, Pluto, the great transmuter, is forming an arc of grace to the Ascendent (place of awakening) which is aligned in Virgo….the healer and mediator, if we reach for the hand of the Divine rather than the hand the holds to human beliefs of, “perfection must look like such-and-such to bring the perfect healing to bear.” Let us be guided by the Divine Mind and Higher Order of Wisdom.

Love and Fight exist as Venus and Mars square off. We talk of love (Venus in Gemini) but fight our wholeness (Mars in Pisces). Yet, Mars is trying to open our consciousness to the greater whole while Venus is trying to aid our voices to speak with concern, truth, and wisdom. 

The chart of the Full Moon reveals most of the planets are to the West, which means, “in Service to others”…thus, may we all reach out and serve at a higher capacity that aids us in compassion, concern enough to make valid and legal changes, and yes, Gemini is a mover and changer, a walker and runner, so March if you are called to do so. Talk if it is the order of your soul. Vote (for the two houses of legal systems are activated) and let your True Voice be heard. 

An eclipse is a gift of endings and a preparation for beginnings. Let this dark night of humanity end and the Light of the Goodness for humanity begin.