Full Moon July 12, 2014 – 4:24:53 a.m.

Ah, the Full Moon that inspires us—the Perigee Moon….  It is so close to the Earth we almost feel as though we can touch it.  Bright, Beautiful and Mysterious, it inspires us.  Tonight it calls to us, entices us.  Can’t wait to see it.

The Moon will be reflecting the Sun in Cancer while it dances through Capricorn.  The power of polarities is felt.  Often times we feel the stretch of conflict when we see these luminaries or other planets of the heaven in opposition.  This can most certainly occur.  Yet we can experience something more positive:  The Complimentary reality.

Cancer and Capricorn bring attention to our home environment (Cancer) and our career or worldly environment (Capricorn).  If we work in the “complimentary” reality, then support is occurring from each environment and for each environment.  Of course, if we work in the stretch of conflicts….well, I’m sure you can figure that out as agitation and irritation rears the faces of frustrations and anger.  Will you form a battle of emotions with home and work or will you recognize how each is a compliment to the other?

The Sabian messages of this opposition are: “A prima donna singing,” and “A relay race.”

Ah, just as we can honor polarities of challenge or a complimentary reality, a prima donna is known in the same way.  Sometimes we can get sarcastic and call someone a “prima donna” and mean they are showing off from their lower ego state.  However, the more positive state is the honoring of the principle lead singer in Opera.  Ah, so, perhaps this is a message to say, “Time to standout on the Stage of Your Life, and take the lead to honor your potentials that are realized by your actions each day.”

The relay race message can also be seen in opposition statements.  Perhaps we can see the negative when we are trying to run a relay race each day, feeling the challenge of competition that ‘might beat us” to the goal of our intentions and fears causes the race to exhaust us.  Or, we are racing a relay (a leg at a time) and able to keep the balance necessary to reach our goals and succeed in revealing our potentials to our self and to others.  When revealing to others, it is not about showing off, but of sharing.   Another person may be the one who experiences our potentials and with the grace of inspiration, enhance their awareness to open to the empowered state of their self.

Yes, the Sabian messages do ask us to keep a focal point of attention, keep connected to our purpose, be artistic with your creative ideas with everything we do.  It is important to only compete with our self….meaning increase our motivation to succeed as we know we want to and can and move beyond any laziness or excuses.

Beyond the blessings of the Full Moon, the cosmic show of lights and energy released has more to share.  There is a Grand Cardinal Square to contend with.  It is initiated by the Moon in Capricorn, the Sun in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries.  Authority, Leaders, Initiators, Husbands and Wives, Family and Careers…..watch out!  Awakening time is occurring.  Awakening times often include challenges in the midst of change.  Again, those agitations that ask us to reassess, choose what is for our Highest and Best, look into the complimentary process of supporting one another are occurring.  W willingness to know where we are called to initiate and lead changes and creative endeavors is happening.  What or who is calling to you?  With the aid of Mercury still riding in a retrograde field, we have the time to reflect on our thoughts, redirect them to positive and constructive thinking, and choose the words we use to bring understanding and communication cooperation to the forefront.

Of course, Uranus in Aires and Pluto in Capricorn are still creating agitation.  It may be a bit more subtle, but it is felt.  The unexpected realities for governments and other leaders are being poked.  Each time Uranus is hit by the energy of another planet (as it is in the Grand Square), right now it is also arcing a vibration to Mars (warrior) in Libra (relationships/partnerships).  Egotistical flares can occur and the competition of who is right and wrong bursts forth (as we see in governments and leaders throughout the world as they argue or negotiate with each other) .  Of course this is or may happen in all personal relationships as well.   Choice belongs to each of us as to how to move in the complimentary mode and choose to take on the agitations as messages for change and do something about the empowered living in the vast movement of transitions.  Each of us making the necessary conversions, without playing a victim role, continue to enhance the Humanitarian lifestyle that can bring our self, our relationships, and our national and international relationships into a newly refreshed and reconditioned reality.

Can the arcing lights and the brilliance of the mystical moon call us to the greater wisdom?  I say yes!  Let’s do it.  Let’s become the humans willing to live in the “complimentary” states of sharing, caring, assisting and supporting!  Let’s honor the talents of those in our life as well as letting our talents be center stage as well.

Enjoy the brilliance of this charismatic Full Moon!

Love and Blessings of Joy,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.