Tonight, on the West Coast, we will have a gorgeous view of the Full Moon. Early morning for those of you East of us…West of us, ah you get to see it while still feeling wide awake *-).

The Moon will be at 18 Degree Cancer 25 minutes and in the heavens, it is conjunct the Earth while both are in opposition to the Sun, which is at 18 degrees Capricorn 25 minutes. They are arching lights and creating tension to call us to look at what it is we intend to bring to full fruition this year. Do we have the administrative talents (Capricorn) to fulfill the birth of our desires (Cancer)? Hurray for the tension of opposition…it keeps us awake. Calls us to stay alert to our attitudes, attention, structure and willingness to let that structure form through the right use of our intuition and reasoning power.

We align with the Sabian message of “A Priest performing a marriage ceremony,” (Cancer) and “A Child of About five with a huge shopping bag,” (Capricorn, What does this energy stir within us? Of course, we can first look at the Ceremony of Marriage, which is an act of forming a union. It is a call to set the energy of the sacred into the life quality. The Priest is an image of a spiritual authority. We are called in this alignment to set the sacred stage to unite our intentions of administrative power and manifesting power. Our ceremonies are necessary, but we must use our Inner Spiritual Authority to anchor the powers and ring them to their full birth.

In the “Child about five with a shopping bag,” we are called to maintain our innocence and expectation (that shopping bag is most certainly an expectation) to achieve our desires in the outcome of fully manifesting them in our life. The shopping bag also gives us the image of coming into a marketplace. Ah, choice is the power when in the marketplace, being the child, curious, expecting and desiring brings us the ability to come in without worry and fear. However, it reminds us to be aware for we may be using an immature consciousness, greed to “get what we want,” and an inability to know how to be prepared to take in all that we desire.

So, this will let us know we need to take our spiritual authority, use our ceremony to anchor the sacred intentions and then we must be in the power of discernment in order to chose with clarity, maturity, and the ability to handle what we are choosing to bring into our life.

This Full Moon calls us to this right discernment of our thought, emotions and actions (our T.E.A.). Cancer and Capricorn provides our tools of intuition, logic and structure our reality to meet the responsible level of our self to fulfill a manifestation that is successful, healthy, and whole.

Jupiter in Taurus is a player in this cosmic alignment. It is now moving in its forward motion with comfort, provides us an ease in our monies, creative cultivation of our resources, and a willingness to stick to our desires for manifesting throughout this year. It is in opposition to Saturn in Libra, which, again, reminds us to stay alert, be responsible (Saturn), keep our balance mentally and emotionally (Libra) and be willing to form the right relationships that will help us fulfill our desires. Yes, we need each other to make our desires form into realities that are fulfilling, supporting, and actualized.

Mars still sitting in Virgo, also helps us move forward, but with a practical nature, not a whimsical, “who cares just do it,” attitude. This helps us keep a healthy focus for manifesting. A secret is arising here and that is Mars is about to go into a retrograde mode by January 24th on a Tuesday (the day of Mars). This may slow us up even more with our maturity as Mars is weakened and the unconscious may want to rebel, believing in a hold up being something unfair. Not so, a retrograde calls us to reflect, review and renew….so what might that be for us as this planet slows down? It will create a time of patient attitudes, waiting, and lacking aggressive energy…not a bad thing…an opportunity to stop, look and listen so we truly know if we are making right choices.

What to do at this Full Moon? Be in the Light of Attention. Allow yourself to work with a blessings of the power within Mars, which is the Power to Change and allow a clearer focus to occur. In Fact, on, we do have a Ceremony to follow to keep this power of change in the focal awareness of yourself. The ceremony/ritual is on page:

Enjoy the power of looking at what you want to change in order to bring the power of true wisdom to Manifest the desires of 2012 that you have set as goals of your year.