The Moon is passing through the field of Leo (Holly Moon Mother) while reflecting the Light of the Sun in Aquarius (Rowan).  The Power of this polarity is the Axis of Love and the Illumination of one’s inner ability to be approachable by all energy fields.  Please see the monthly lunar letter that will tell more of the Rowan-Holly Infinite Partnership:
The Cosmic alignment reveals a Signature of the Heavens at Full moon which is: Aquarius.  The signature is an imprint of the Universe being placed in the field of matter for everyone to follow and use.  The Aquarian signature calls for the illumination of the chakras creating a luminous light of sacred states of consciousness (again do check out this webpage:
Further the Aquarian signature is quite important as we express this New World for it calls for the High Mind Conscious states to be recognized and used. It quickens one’s awareness of the Transpersonal states of awareness.  It creates the vibrations of humanitarian living without attachment to outcomes:  Live, Love and move beyond any expectations.  Further, it is the stirring of unusual and unique qualities of inspiration and a call to follow-through and develop the insights into forms that humans can use and grow from.  Do listen from within and recognize what you are receiving and how you can develop ways and means to enhance life.
A Yod (Finger of Fate) is one of the sacred geometrical shapes formed by the arching of light between planets.  The point of the Finger is the Moon in Leo which connects with Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces.  This configuration calls everyone to continue to be aware of the masterful changes occurring (Pluto) and carry on the sacred intent to form healing modalities that will change the world (Chiron), and then, by feeling (Moon) the creative intention and passion (Leo) do something about it.
If you find yourself unable to use your higher intentions because you are not allowing yourself to be approachable to the universal inspiration, then the T-Square will challenge you and help you.  This sacred geometrical shape is being configured by Saturn in Scorpio (Discipline to transform) angled at the Moon in Leo as well as the Sun in Aquarius (who, of course, is feeling the opposing vibration of the Moon).  The deep inner movement that calls you to remember how to be responsible by following the 4-Ds (Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Devotion: Saturn in Scorpio) will challenge your resourcefulness to recall how to use your higher, transpersonal mind (Aquarius) while following your Sacred Heart (Sun), as well as remember (Moon) the joy of living in creative patterns of playfulness, generosity, and love (Leo).  If you wish to go unconscious, then know the 4-Ds may become a challenge of Detraction, Discouragement, Delay and Decay).
Keep yourself in the positive alignment of Deliberate Focus (Aquarius) and approachable to creative ideas (Leo) and willing to love all aspects of your processes of life so you may willingly create new outcomes.  The Full Moon presents you with the power to do so!
Love and blessings, Katherine
Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light 619-588-6483
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