12:26:03 pm Pacific Standard Time

Hello everyone:

Ah, we enter into the Powerful Energy Field of the Full Moon. We also are at the perfect moment of the Axis of Sacredness also known as the Axis of Healing and Service.

The Sun is in Pisces at 7 degrees 23 minutes while the Moon and the Earth are riding through the field of Virgo at 7 degrees Virgo. This wonderful polarity circuit can also be seen as an Infinite Vibration carrying energy to instil within our psyche the willingness to be in sacred attitudes, service to all, and healing vibrations that help us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Sun, Moon and Earth are also arching light to Jupiter in a squaring position. Jupiter is 7 degrees 28 minutes of Gemini. This T-Square calls us to sacrifice exaggeration in our communications, move out of illusion, and enter into the sacred communication with the Divine so higher guidance can occur.

The Sabian messages that we can uncover within us are: “A girl blowing a bugle,” (Sun) and “A girl takes her first dancing instruction (Moon and Earth). What does this elicit f rom within us? The Bugle calls us to attention. In fact, this is a call to attention to realize the most sacred part of you–your Source Self. It is a call to “rise” to the wisdom of Oneness and, of course, Live It in every manner of your Earthly Living. The beauty of the polarity of Virgo enhances the ability to bring Spirit Fully into the Realm of Matter–the intention of the Divine. The message aligned with the lunar/earth power calls for the reality that we are under “instruction” to learn the new dance of the new world consciousness. It also helps us realize that our Earthly Bodies are being healed of the old patterns while we take on new releases of sacred genetics. Our personalities can most certainly help all of this growth be healthy and vital by our constant practice of Oneness Living, Christed in our Awareness (we are not waiting for “someone” to save us…we are Source, what needs to be saved when you realize this?).

On this Full Moon Day we have Neptune, the Sun, Chiron, Mars and Mercury all flowing through the zodiac sign of Pisces. This energy continues to help us remember the encoded knowledge of our Source Self, to Live the Light of It, to offer Healing and teach new ways of living this Higher Order of Awareness, while brazenly using our higher mind to translate the wisdom of the New World and Sacred Scripture being released from within us. These patterns also release all that has been hidden and can be fully seen now. We see this every day in the awareness of religious changes, government changes, and all other changes in our life. We need only stay awake, alert and aware to all that is going on around to see that the changes are occurring, even if through the strife and struggle of systems trying hard to stay put. When the Divine is in Action, the smaller portions of our consciousness cannot keep the movement of Higher Wisdom and Change from being brought into the Earthly conditions.

I think we may find a blessing with the Uranus Pluto square that is going on at the Full Moon. From the Pacific side of the world these planets are crossing the field of Laws (10th house – Uranus-Aries) and Relationships (7th house – Pluto-Capricorn). Might we be surprised by the Law Makers of Government making unconventional changes? Keep your eyes and ears open. Let’s see what might develop throughout this week, at least.

Most of the aspects of the planets arching to each other are very strong right now. This may mean a tremendous amount of tension is felt by all. Remember, tension may result in greater agitation and reacting to life rather than realizing what truly needs attention and your diligent care. Let the tension simply call you to pause, review, create the direction you need to take in a manner that is easy and offers you flow rather than bumping around on the path of life.

Remind yourself that if you choose to enter each day with the sense of Sacredness, you will open to expansive communications with others that will lead to positive interactions and cooperation. If you take time to think before you speak, you will not set yourself up for risks you might regret later. You will communicate with an open heart, open mind, and with the faith that all that is shared is in the true act of sharing rather than one-sided communication.

As this is a Full Moon Day, take the time to feel your inner power and act with the intention to fulfill your aims set for the month.

May the brilliant Moon of Ash Moon Mother guide you to the fulfillment of your Sacred Heart!



Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light