A Full Moon always creates a birthing process: What are you birthing? A whole new you and a whole new intention for Earthly Living in the Power of Love, the Expression of Peace, the Beauty of Harmony and the honorable expression of Compassion for All? That is what the 5thworld is about.

At New Moon you had the auspicious opportunity to complete the clearing of the old imprints of your unconscious and, thus, to do the same for the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. You brought a blessing forward. The cobwebs have been cleaned out and the New Birth arose at Christmas…now we enter the Full Moon…a phase of Birthing as well.


Before I honor the cosmic alignment of the Full Moon, may I say I hope you are following the 12-days of Christmas. Here is the letter I wrote that includes the 12-days of Christmas for you to focus on (Page 6 – 8):



Cosmic Alignment – Full Moon – 2:21:10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time


During this Full Moon the Sun and Pluto are hip-to-hip in Capricorn, while the Moon and Earth are opposite them in Cancer. For the next two days the power of the Sun and Pluto will give rise to a greater awareness of what our Governments are truly doing as they are impacted by Divine Star Guidance.

In fact, we not only have a configuration of opposition with the Earth and Moon in Cancer (the sign of the United States) opposing the Sun and Pluto, but we have a full blown Grand Trine and Kite, giving rise to a positive outcome as our Congress, Senate and the President all come together. This is a positive reality (after a bit of the tug of war that they so like to present, which coincides with the opposition in place in the star patterns). However, taking a look at the configuration we find the following:

The Grand Trine (Grace of the Divine–positive opportunities flowing with good intentions) is initiated by the Moon and Earth sending rays of light and igniting the Planet Saturn (rule maker, structure set, law giver, career builder, reputation developer) while it sits in Pluto’s domain of Scorpio (Transformer). Along with the Moon and Earth, Saturn turns its Rays of Light toward Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (Collective Consciousness of Pisces turning to a Higher Intention [Neptune] to Heal and Do Good [Chiron] ). Then, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron send their rays of light to the Sun and Pluto forming the Kite (Freedom to release the soul and let it soar). From the global reality I recognize we have the opportunity to have our Government make right decisions for the U.S. and the Global community. There is a very strong alignment for a positive resolve of the issues and turn the tide toward a more positive outcome for everyone.

This Grand Trine/Kite configuration can influence you as well…calling you to a higher intention to fulfill your intended structures, build your careers, nurture your families, and reach out with compassion and a higher purpose to live in the Oneness Consciousness with a reverence for All that is Good.

Further, the Yod remains intact, so may I simply repeat what I noted at New Moon: The Yod is called the Finger of Fate/Open Hand of the Divine. Saturn in Scorpio and the Sun/Pluto in Capricorn send opportunistic frequencies to each other while sending the subtle vibrations of the tip of the finger to Jupiter Retrograde in Gemini. Before we can take the lead to communicate, broadcast and publish the Divine Message of Benevolence, we must come within ( Jupiter Retrograde) and reflect on the Power of Mercifulness, the Grandeur of Love, and the ability to reach higher levels of awareness. We must take the time to communicate with Source Consciousness and let the wisdom flow in our subjective conscious state. However, when we listen, receive the wisdom and take up the Love ourselves, then we are directed by the pointed finger to present the gift to all of humanity by our Right Thinking, Right Intentions, and Right Actions. But surely, we must come within and listen.

Mars is now riding in the light of Aquarius, thus calling for the power to live at Transpersonal Levels of Awareness and movement into the Active Creation of the New World’s Development. It is in a Trine alignment with Jupiter, who is at the point of the Finger of Fate. This gives a boost to the intention to listen to the Higher Inner Wisdom, communicate the wisdom and then live it to the fullest with care, compassionate detachment, and humanitarian resolve.

Mercury, Ruler of Gemini is in Sagittarius creating an easy energetic exchange with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) sitting in Gemini. They complement each other and Mercury will give rise to a higher mind releasing the sacred philosophies that inspire the greater change and open communication throughout the world and Jupiter will help expand that higher wisdom by opening the doors of consciousness through the dimensions of sacredness that will induce the release of new philosophies that support a healthier humanity in mind, body and spirit.

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light