What can you do at this Full Moon, that is also called the Blue Moon? Seek the sacred inner spaces of self. The inner space flows like your emotions, but at a higher knowing and living power. This point of awareness is necessary because the 2nd full moon of the month (Blue Moon) creates a greater emotional process for all to use. It does not call one to use the negative emotions that cause overwhelm, arguments, disappointments, manipulations and ultimately frustrations that block conscious expansion. When everyone allows the vibrations to move them into the sacred inner spaces, the emotions turn to the soul voice and the soul voice provides inspiration through intuitive channels. This Blue Moon can help you use your intuitive powers effectively as it promotes your ability to refine and define who you are and what your Service to the Whole truly is.

At 6:58:06 PDT, the Moon will be Full and its brilliant light will be flowing in the sign of Pisces–Sacred Vibrations of the Mystical Self can be revealed at this time. In fact, these sacred vibrations will be stirring the Healer from within (Chiron), and the Flow of All Knowing (Neptune) as these energy fields are stirred by their conjunction to the Moon. The Earth is also conjunct the moon, thus allowing the rays of energy to infiltrate Matter and be used to bring forth the greater power of the soul intention to be in Oneness and be in Service to heal any imbalances of this realm of Matter.

The Sun, in opposition to the Moon, is in Virgo…the sign of great service and the sign of the Virgin presenting the power of wholeness and abundance (the zodiac pattern of Virgo as well as the energy of the Great Goddess revealing Her Grace to humanity). We all need only reach out to this gift and be willing to let abundance at all levels flow within our realm and be willing to manifest and use this energy in our daily reality.

These patterns are all forming the sacred geometry of a T-Square to the MidHeaven in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini. Our challenge through this geometric vibration is to be connected with the Power of the Voice of the Divine Benevolent One and hear the guidance of Healing and Oneness. We must maintain the connection and know It is a call for all to live in the power of cooperation and harmony, compassion and intention to know there is an abundant flow in all areas of life for all to experience. We must want to see this for everyone, not just our personal self.

The Moon and the group of Earth, Chiron and Neptune, form energies of opportunity with Pluto in Capricorn, who in turn is aligning with Mars in Scorpio, and Mars is also being activated by the stellium of planets in Pisces (Moon, Chiron, Neptune and Earth). Pluto also receives the energy of Divine Grace as it radiates from the Sun in Virgo to Pluto. Uranus sends challenging energy to Pluto from it standpoint in Aires, challenging the Pluto energy to continue it clearing while at the same time, allowing the Rays of Higher Light, Higher Intention, and Higher Grace to be the true growth in the Inner Consciousness of everyone. We, must see this Grace, feel this Grace and live this Grace by the power of our own Transmutation. I see the gift of Pluto as transmuting our global reality of personal and world-wide consciousness to the transfiguration of light in every individual, group, and country (Uranus is the transfiguration power), as we take up the greater message of living in the unconditional love qualities of compassionate detachment from the lower fear-based realities created in the collective consciousness of humanity. We have the power to make these changes if we will live from the sacred inner power.

Mars in Scorpio provides a great intensity to make the changes, come into the light from the darkness, transform the darkness to the light, and encourage each soul to live the LIGHT–not wait for another lifetime or the escape from the Earth. There is no escaping. What is required is Oneness and the knowing of the Sacred Relationship that occurs when everyone realizes Spirit is Matter and Matter is Spirit.

Chiron, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are still in retrograde. These are all the Global planets. It calls us to globally relax into inner dimensions of the Most High Dweller. As we do this, we hear the Voice of the Most High direct us in the Power of the Light Rays that are penetrating our world.

These light rays are similar to the photons that come from our Sun that help the world develop and grow.

As we have been entering the Full Moon cycle, the Shimmering Pearl Rays of Light that are and will continue to effect us for the next six weeks are the Shimmering Pearl of Ruby and Pastel Green. Stimulating the our physical realm, our physical bodies, the power of the Pastel Green continues to help us cultivate the environment within our cells that will assist in growing the consciousness of physical changes that accommodate the High Holy essence of Life. The shimmering Ruby will create the outpouring of wisdom as it provides a channel for each body to talk to consciousness. We want this…for as it talks, we hear the messages that allow the Great World Change to be release within ourselves as well as the Earth and our Galaxy. In fact, the Galactic Energy from the field of the Pleiades is providing a gateway for the Divine action of transforming and transfiguring the Earth, our own selves, and our plant, animal and mineral world. The Ruby vibration is coming from the Galactic Energy Field of the Orion Belt-way and providing the energy of higher communication. This communication will be noted through our bodies. Listen, your body is talking. What is it telling you. Get beyond its pain and crankiness (that is only your blocking the higher truth) and listen for the direction you are to take to achieve the transfiguration of your consciousness.

Be blessed by this full moon, be cooperative with the Great One that calls all of its parts to realize Oneness.

Much love,