Feel the strength? Feel Purpose? Feel like your are ready to burst? Full Moon Time!

Saturday, August 13th at 11:57:29 am Pacific Daylight Time…the alignment of the Full Moon occurs.

We are all talking about the Universal Waves of Light that are emerging from within, flowing around, and weaving through our world, our Galaxy, our Higher Expression. We can feel it, are transformed by it, and can decipher some of it through the cosmic vibrations of the stars and planets. If you look carefully, you will see the power of Transmutation taking shape.

I’ve spoken of the Mercury retrograde message (see below on this News Page). So I won’t repeat all of that again. The influence of this energy is felt and activated within us.

What I will speak of is the reality that Mercury has re-entered Leo and Neptune has re-entered Aquarius. Both are heading back into territory that is familiar in order to recheck—“did I learn anything in this pattern of energy?” Mercury wants to know if the heart (Leo) and the Mind (Mercury) really connected. Mercury (as is noted, is the Law of Expression), is checking on the personal review of Self Dominion (Leo = Universal Law of Self Dominion). With all of this review, when Mercury returns direct, we will take note of how we have been seeking to take dominion of our personal selves and are able to speak in a manner of one who has taken dominion of their SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EGO AND SOUL.

Neptune, moving back into the power of Aquarius, most certainly poses a world-wide question to the soul of humanity. Did you release the secrets, reverse the lies to truth, expand to the Transpersonal Levels, explore the multi dimensions and discover why you are realizing you are One? Neptune, Law of Reversal and Reflection and Aquarius, Law of Illumination and Luminosity, call all to reverse the human trend of feeling and believing by illuminating the Holy Lights within and radiating the power of the light to the world, the universe, the galaxies.

Sacred Geometry: Oh, yes, I cannot forget the arching lights are weaving sacred, geometrical shapes across the skies and the volume of energy being release is activating our Inner Holy Planets to respond to the waves of energy.

Mars is the activator of a Grand Trine/Kite and a Mystical Rectangle. The Grand Trine is a water Grand Trine, calling for Grace of the Psyche, ease in moving through our personal and world-wide emotions, and a willingness, to continue to heal the memory bank of traumas, dramas, old paradigms of wounds and unworthiness. As we do this, the Kite comes alive with Chiron meeting Pluto and Pluto meeting Scorpio on the Ascendent of the Full Moon Wheel (Pacific Daylight Time). The Kite activated leads to the flight of the soul, free to express the transmutation and enter into a new world order.

With the Moon Opposing the Sun, Mercury and Venus, it asks that we feel the deeper truth (Lunar vibration of the inner self), while exploring the outer regions of the higher dimensions (Moon in Aquarius)…but, She asks that we do that with an open heart, evaluating our own magick, resourcefulness, loving and nurturing intentions (Venus), and our willingness to set out the right focus, express the truth, and sign a new covenant to live in joy, love in harmony, share with all, and continue our evolution of a Higher Order.

Uranus in Aries, also in retrograde, squares Mars to help urge the activation of the Grand Trine/Kite and the Mystical Rectangle. Uranus Squares Pluto in order to truly help the Kite stir its waves of energy, calling all to feel the transmutation of soul evolution. This encourages the world to purify (Law of Mars) the emotional encoding of the old traditions (Cancer), and Live from Higher Intentions. This allows all to explore the Awakening and know they are governed by Source rather than by the human counselors of our Countries Governments, and release the power to be innovative and extremely responsive to the I Am Presence (Law of Aries). In so doing, the world does take on the Change of Light and a allow a Transfiguration to occur!

Let there Be Light! And There IS.