Full Moon – Aug 1 2012

Hello everyone:

Sorry you have not heard from me for a while. I took a vacation with a friend to Alaska. What a wondrous experience. Now it is time to be back at work and sharing wisdom when I can.

Today at 8:27:27 pm PDT the Sun and Moon will be in opposition, thus we see the Full Moon. I do hope all of you will see it. Last night its light was glorious and the energy wonderful. What imprint of energy will it give and the cosmic alignments at this new moon to solidify within and use?

First of all, the Moon will be at 10 degrees 15 minutes of Aquarius while the Sun will be at 10 degrees 15 Minutes of Leo. This is the Axis of Love. So, “love is in the air.” The moon is in the humanitarian side of this love light and thus calling us to feel the love-connection with everyone. The Sun in Leo will remind us to “make love while the sun shines.” Aquarius carries the Law of Illumination and Luminosity, calling us to let our inner lights shine and reveal our higher self to the world. Leo carries the Law of Self Dominion reminding us that as long as we have taken dominion of our self, we love are self and are easily ready to share love with others.

The Sabian Message of the Sun and Moon reveal: “Children on a swing in a huge oak tree,” and “Man tête-à-tête with his inspiration.” This vibrations forms a focus and connection of the free inner creative self being supported by the sturdy strength of the Oak. The Oak creates the power of endurance, the power of inspiration, and the power of great nurturing and maturity. The Celts knew this as the Highest Power and called for all children to soak ups its wisdom. The “swing” provides the symbol of swaying with the rhythm of life that allows the release of inner wisdom. The Man tête-à-tête with his inspiration provides the expression of knowing that the higher wisdom is releasing the creative inspiration and one is in full accord with the divine heart-to-head knowledge allowing for right use of the sudden brilliant flashes of ideas.

To help with this inspirational pose of consciousness, Mercury in Leo (in retrograde) has the focus to call us within to reach the creative fire. Together with the Sun, they activate a Grand Trine/Kite configuration, thus allowing the Grace of the Divine to inspire and the personal soul to soar with the response. The Sun and Mercury reach out to Uranus in Aries (also retrograde) which drives the power of Aries to explore the regions of Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius) and release the bounds of compassion that urges the development of a new world. These three activate the MidHeaven point which is centered through Sagittarius and thus, calls for open awareness of the higher goals, urges to take off with them and the power to use the leap of faith to trust the path one is following. The Kite configuration ignites from the Sun, Mercury and Uranus flaring their light frequency to Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so it helps release the MidHeaven power to Reveal and take the lead. Within Gemini, the blessing provides the ability to communicate with the higher mind/higher will and feel the generous and loving urges of The Divine coaxing everyone to live in the power of joy, love, generosity, care and sharing of the love.

We have five planets in retrograde: Neptune, Chiron, Uranus, Mercury and Pluto. Mercury is the only one working at the “personal level.” All others are moving us along the global level of Review, Release and Rebirth. All are asking for us to focus (Mercury) and the loving power so we may make positive changes that allow the scope of the Universal Plane to unfold as the World of Peace promised by our fore-fathers and fore-mothers of the Maya, Cherokee, Hopi, Celts, and Ancient ones of Hinduism.

We all play a huge part in this. We must give way the old fashioned beliefs that we don’t have the power to change to the Light of Positive Expression. We must give way the old fashioned beliefs that we are victims of others or we must victimize them by rescuing them from their traumas and dramas. We must see the Light in All and this wonderful full moon can help us through the agency of Unconditional Love.

Imprint this in your being….the energy is here for you to use.

Love and blessings,