Full Moon Energy:

 As your read about the Full Moon Energy, do get to the end of this article to honor the time of Good Friday and Easter.

Remember the book, Men are From Mars Women are From Venus? Taught us how we might look at relationships and communication. Well, we are under the stressor of these arching planets as Venus is squaring Mars and they are part of a Grand Cross (Also known as a Grand Square). Personally, this may create a difficult time in relationships as you and your significant other may not be on the same page, may not be feeling the same reality, may not be focused on the same desire…..so what does that mean? One of you may burst out (Mars) while the other tries to make peace (Venus)….but neither approach will seem to work.

Venus is side-by-side the South Moon Node in Gemini. The power within a relationship with this conjunction is that the Venus quality is remembering how to use her voice to express feelings. Unfortunately, sidling with the South Moon Node, the expression is from what is already known, what will be from the past, and what may be centered on ideals, but might be wishful thinking as Venus and the South Moon Node connect in a challenging square with the Wounded Healer Chiron and Neptune (who are in slippery Pisces). Mars, retrograde in Virgo is trying to dig out of the shadows it has been visiting as it is about to finish the retrograde and head direct on April 14th. However, if the clearing out has erupted old emotions (Mars is opposing the Chiron/Neptune partnership), then the agitation from within may cause Mars to feel like he hasn’t done a “good enough” job (Virgo) to achieve the higher ideals. And, Mars is squaring the North Moon Node in Sagittarius and may be worrying that reaching for lofty goals has no foundation to be expressed. Now, along side all of that, we are in a Full Moon Energy field……

 Full Moon occurs on Apr 6th at 12:18:39 pm PDT. The Sun will be nearly directly overhead blazing its light in Fiery Aries. The Moon will be in Libra under the horizon sidling with Earth Energy and getting hooked with Saturn in Libra as well. OMGosh…..This relationship energy may strengthen the challenges and truly call for a higher order of attention to get beyond the agitations. Aries always likes to be independent, go for what they want, strike out on their own, pioneer a new way; shall I go on? …. Libra on the other hand, wants to be with a partner, give in to choice (often the other’s choice–not happy making) and with the Moon vibrating in Libra, wants to feel the love of the partner, know the deep feelings are being shared, and wants to makes sure (with the conjoining energy of Earth) that the sensual purpose of the union is being met.

 Opposition, Squaring-off, struggling with “old stuff,” and moving past illusionary realities

will be hitting home to many people. However, as you all know, I always share that oppositions and squares do not have to be played out as overt negativity. On the contrary, it is a time that allows you to truly look at what is happening. Are you communicating well with another? Are you lost in your own “stuff?” Are you blaming another? Are you still a “walking wounded?” Are you still lost in the dream and not the reality of life? Your partner is a soul-partner helping reflect what you need to listen to within yourself to move toward your higher goals (and trust me, you are doing the same for your partner). There is no blame, no shame, no argument to be had. Use the vibrations available to call you to check your own self, move beyond the old and outdated ways of relating, and facing life experiences (you may only be relating to your world, career process, creative drives and desires you feel are not being rightfully utilized…and it has nothing to do with a personal relationship). Find the way to your Sacred Shape-Shifter (Chiron) so you may reverse (Neptune) any process that limits your Higher Will to be fully activated in your personal reality.


Here are other “Lights of the Cosmos” that are effecting this Full Moon Energy; they are fixed stars that the moving planets are arching energy to and releasing vibrations within consciousness. The Moon, Earth, Sun, Mercury (who is most certainly out of retrograde but also trying to get back to the alignment it was in before its dip), and Venus, are all hitting the vibration of Mirfak…which is a Fixed star that is Challenge Oriented (can you really talk with clarity or are you talking with a tone that challenges others?).


Oh, as if Mirfak was not enough, Menkar, which activates the Victim of the Unconscious, is being agitated by Mars and Jupiter. So, if you feel “affronted,” and releasing old wound memories, you will take on the “poor me” attitude and believe your partner, boss, or someone or something is standing in the way of your happiness.


There is a way out of the challenge, and that will come from the arching vibration that Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have to the one of the more positive and brilliant lights, SPICA, who releases the “Potential for Brilliance.” In fact, it will release the Holy Mother’s Light encouraging you to let go of old structures in relationships with love and peace (Saturn Rx in Libra), while calling you to look for new ways to be independent and yet inclusive with others (Uranus in Aries), and find the Sacred Union with your Higher Power (Neptune in Pisces).


Well, I do know that we are experiencing the Full Moon during our Christian sacred time of Good Friday, and will feel its effects through Easter. I’m guided to speak of this in a way that I heard as a message was given to a client of mine this week. As a Mother she struggled with care- taking or enabling her son. Of course, we are all aware that enabling a person can mean that we don’t allow them the passage of their life as they need for their soul journey….we try to make things happen for them to make sure they are “alright, healthy, happy and successful.” Our perceptions (or illusions) are that it is our job as Mothers or Fathers, Siblings, or Friends. But out of the ethers came a message that jolted my psyche to remember that we must trust the Higher Power within our children (or others in our life):


Mary, Mother of Jesus, did not stop the journey of Her Son. She did not stop his persecution and being nailed to a cross. She knew his journey was to be a challenge and a reward and an opening to higher consciousness, a call to humanity to seek to live with compassion and love for each other and ultimately hear the words of Her son, “I and the Father are One. Who I Am, You Are [We are One]. If Mary would have stopped her son from his soul intention, we would not have the story of love and the wisdom of a Great Healer to learn from.


Pisces has been given the title as the “Age of Christ,” and as you have read this post you have read about Chiron and Neptune in Pisces and are part of the GRAND CROSS. Now if you take the message of the “cross,” then you know the Grand Feature is to let go of the old wounds (Chiron) and the challenging illusions (Neptune) that keep you nailed to Self Inflicted Negativity (S.I.N.). In fact, in this New Age, New World, the Cross simply calls you to Balance Reality. Christ has said, “Wear the Cross as a symbol of Balance. Wear it as the Symbol of your Inner Qualities aligned with your Outer Qualities and Nothing blocks your Sacred Living.”


Chiron is no longer pointing the finger to the Wounds, but to the humbleness of the Great Healer and Shape-Shifter. Neptune no longer has to fight rigid rules (particularly of religions) as it moves fluidly through its own sign, Pisces. Neptune stirs the Inner Sanctuary with the knowing of the Greater Truth–Oneness, Bringing Sacredness into daily consciousness with the compassion of Divine Love radiating through you and to everything you do and everyone you encounter. Be a Walking Prayer, a Living Meditation, the Sacred Being you Truly are. This is the Light of Easter–the Revealing of the Higher Self, the Birthing of your New Relationship with your Sacred Beingness.


May you find many blessings over this Holy Weekend.




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