Full Moon – Partial Lunar Eclipse – April 25

At 12:57:06 p.m. Pacific Time this Thursday we will not only feel the effects of a Full Moon, but it is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse (that will only be seen in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australi…a). Eclipses have the tendency to increase emotional states, and often the reactive emotional states of our being. With a full moon, then this will be a very intense emotional ride. However, we can take the reigns and be in charge of the Bull (Sun in Taurus) that is bucking and ready to go! The Moon will be at 5 degrees 45 minutes of Taurus, while the Moon will be at 5 degrees 45 minutes of Scorpio.

The Earth’s shadow disrupts the Light of the Sun to the Moon. This is the beginning of a trio of eclipses this Spring. The next two are May 10th for a Solar Eclipse and May 25 for the next Lunar Eclipse.

Of course, eclipses do “hide” something. Instead of seeing the negative side of the word, “hide,” perhaps it would be good to understand that our New World and New Language might be that we are allowing energy to “seed” for future birthing of states of fresh new consciousness. The seed must hide (eclipse) in the soil of the collective soul to prepare for the proper new birth. In fact, let’s look for the new birth as the cosmos will be setting. ( Of course, you can intentionally seed energy yourself with a good focus and use of the cosmic energy field that is radiating, undulating, and mixing within our inner collective consciousness.)

During a Full Moon we do know that we are experiencing a lot of powerful energy and it can always be used to birth dreams and desires. If we are clear and concise in our thinking and feeling, we are the ones in charge of directing the energy. If we are in a swirl of consciousness, then we let our unconscious take charge…..and anything can happen. So, using the wisdom of the cosmic patterns forming, before it happens, we can set the stage for energy to be directed in this seeding time. With the Lunar cycle eclipse, it is good to know that the effect will last for about 6 months and we may see results within a month to 6 months. Intention, Intention, Intention; be sure to set your Intention.

At Full Moon we have the sacred geometry of a Kite and 2 minor T-Squares. Of course, we have the Sun and Moon in opposition, but also the Earth and Saturn are opposite the Sun. The T-Squares and Oppositions are providing the tension to keep everyone on the alert and aware so the “wake up and live” proverb can be adhered to. Then, the Kite can be used at its greatest level of Universal gifting—to allow our Collective Soul to Soar!

Let’s first look at the Sabian messages of the Sun and Moon to realize an unconscious vibration that is encouraging Intention. From the Sun we learn, “A bridge being built across a gorge,” and the Moon and Earth in conjunction reveals, “A Gold Rush”. Okay then. We see the Sun is forming an angle of light we call “opposition” directly to the Earth, Moon and Saturn. The Earth will eclipse the Sun from fully radiating that light to the Moon. That opposition light is the Bridge across the Gorge. It is like a tension wire of the acrobat and each person must walk it to get to the gold.

While we are dancing with the opposition, let me remind you of this Lunar Cycle of the Infinite Partnership of Willow (Taurus) and Reed (Scorpio). Truly, this is where we make our headway on the bridge to the Gold. (Read this page: http://facesofwomanspirit.com/pdf/Willow%20-%202013%20Moon%20for%20website.pdf). For walking the Bridge from the Light of Sun crossing Taurus to the reflective power of the Moon and the anchoring power of Earth, we will have the stubborn stamina to intentionally seek the voice of our soul directing the wisdom of Worthiness or Woundedness, Soul Retrieval or Soul Loss, Creative Expression and Creative Power. With Saturn in Scorpio (Retrograde), we will be able to use our disciplined aspects to determinedly come into our inner states of being and discover our Soul Power, uncover our worthiness and express it as Saturn joins forces with Venus in an opposition as well. Venus, moving through her homeland of Taurus, will be the siren that lures our consciousness to search for the Golden Quality of our empowered state to emerge from the depth of our inner being.

The Next t-square that is presenting the tension to wake up and take charge has the connecting energy of Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Ceres in Cancer. Not a very strong T-square, but nonetheless, calling for the greater will to make a drastic change (Pluto and Uranus) so we may enliven the Earth Family as we walk with the Divine Feminine in our Heart and the Wisdom to bring forth the capacity to heal rather than be at war with each other.

Finally, the Kite configuration which is a Grand-Trine with a Kite Head. Grace of the Divine providing the blessings to Fly. The Moon and Earth, as well as Saturn, form two Kites as they instigate energy toward Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in one direction and Ceres in the other. Ceres then Connects to Neptune and Chiron and they all form the head of the kite to the Sun and Mars in Taurus. Most certainly the Sun and Mars will put that kite into a flight of intention to deliver the Gold that has been tapped into and turn the old dross energy into the Light of Peace, Love, Balance and activate the I Am Presence with a Great deal of passion, purpose and a universal promise to shed light with the Collective Soul of Humanity.

How can we respond to the Divine Mother? How can we participate in calling forth the Essential Qualities of Love, Peace, Harmony and Compassion from the Collective Soul of Humanity? By living with an intention to allow the Guidance of the I Am that only resides within us–the Divine and Mystical Christ-Self. Let the Light of this Graceful part of us soar. Let this part of consciousness live with courage, laugh with grace, love with an open heart, express truth, create from the depth of Soul Empowerment, and dance the dance of life that is well done when we live from the Love of Earth and the Love of our Earthly Existence. This Grace-filled Home of the Divine is a Power House of Creative Expression and much more is ready to be manifest through the Divine Right Action of every soul.

Be blessed by the power of this Full Moon. Don’t eclipse your Inner Power, Inner Light and Grace-filled Soul.

Love and Peace,

Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
SPICA – Way of Light