Full Moon/Blood Moon – April 15, 2014 – 12:42:18 a.m. PDT
So, Tax Day, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Cardinal Grand Square and what more????    To say there will be much tension mounting before this day and after is like saying snow is cold. … For sure!
As a field of collective consciousness we can easily see the tension throughout the world. Stories are being told from world leader-to-world leader, newspaper-to-TV, friend-to-friend, counselor-to-client, doctor-to-patient, neighbor-to-neighbor, etc.  These stories are filled with challenges.  A deluge of mishaps are included in the narratives.  It is the constant cry to “change” humanity.  But what can we change?  Only our self; and compassion is the rule of guidance.
I fully align with the message of change by brining back your spiritual self and living the Oneness we all talk about, no matter what our religion or spiritual practice.  I think if we don’t, then we will continue to cry out, “The sky is falling; The Sky is Falling!”  We will try very hard to make illusionary stories as to why it is all happening so we can avoid our great change of leaving separation behind and entering the True Oneness Reality. We seem to like to “blame” God, other Countries and People, and even the blessed Space Brothers and Sisters.  Does this Full Moon continue the message of change?   And will we realize we are at the helm of this change?  It is an auspicious time for all of us, that is for sure.
This Full Moon is called the Blood Moon because it is a Total Lunar Eclipse and the light of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets create the blood-color glow.  This Lunar Eclipse will be fully seen in North America.  Well, if you are up early enough to see it.    Very close to the moon is a bright light, the planet Mars.   Lending its red glow perhaps?  Red, the power of change and purification….are we listening?  Are we responding or hiding out in old beliefs?
I look through the lens of Astrology with the eye of the Spiritual Content in the Stars and Planets.  Just a little askew of everyday astrology.  So again, here is what is see through the Spiritual lens as I peer at the skyway at Full Moon.
The Grand Cardinal Square is initiated by Mars in Libra opposing Uranus and Mercury in Aries.  This Initiates the challenges to Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.  All Cardinal Signs in a great tension.  All calling us to the opportunity to take charge and create change.  All reminding us to get beyond our “Rip Van Winkle” syndrom and “Wake up!”    Who will be Leader?  Who will take charge?  Who has  Initiated new ways to accept guidance for the Newly forming states of consciousness for this Earth to Grow and Adapt into a holistic environment with Peace and Love as the Leader of all minds and hearts?  Who is providing the means for harmony, the practice of a higher awareness, the willingness to expand our love for all and our ability to make world-wide changes?  I know plenty who are speaking in tones of the Universe through spiritual practices.  Yet, we need everyone on the trail to honor these changes and enter the heart-mind of love and compassion rather than holding on to disasters and locked doors of new dimensions.
We have been experiencing Earth challenges with heavy storms, mudd slides, Earth quakes, etc.  In a T-square in the arching lights of planets, we can see how the energy has been aiding the vibrations of these catastrophes.  Jupiter expands and contracts and is in Cancer (water sign);   Jupiter opposes Pluto in Capricorn, an Earth Sign.  Pluto erupts things.  We can see the potential of water, earth and eruptions in this alignment.  We also have in the T-square the arcing light of Jupiter and Pluto to Uranus in Aries (Fire) and in California our Fire Season never left us this last year.  Uranus offers unexpected realities that occur so quickly one is taken off guard.  Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have now joined the field of Mars in Libra as they arc their light vibrations  forming a Grand Square (also called a Grand Cross).  Since Mars is so close to the Moon, it activates the Moon and Sun into this vibration as well.  What might we see from this strong-hold of lights and energy being emitted?  CHANGE1 These are Earth Changes.  But more is going on.
Countries, families, lovers, and individuals cannot escape the call of change.  These frequencies are butted up against the long discussed squaring of Pluto and Uranus who are once again tightening the reigns of their square-off challenges to everyone (My calculations show this very strong moment will likely be April 21 at 6:00 a.m. PDT).
For those of you who have followed my teaching and the wisdom of SPICA – Way of Light, you know I see a different picture in the Astrological alignments.  I see the wisdom of the Universe as S/he emanates secrets within the wisdom of Universal Laws.  Secrets within these laws tell us much more than just the active and passive realities of planets and stars, moving energy of the Universe.  Secret messages are wafting through our collective field.  What can you make of them?
Mars/Libra = Law of Purification/Law of Cause and Effect Mercury/Uranus and Aries = Law of Expression/Law of Love and Law of Worldly Development Jupiter/Cancer = Law of Contraction and Expansion/Law of Containment Pluto/Capricorn = Law of Soul Evolution/Law of Living
If we are telling stories to each other, then what story can you create with this Grand Square?
Here are other Laws to add to your story:
At New Moon I spoke of relationship challenges.  They continue at this Full Moon. So I won’t repeat it as I did.  The Sun is in Aries, the Individual, while the Moon is in Libra, the Others.  The Sun carries the Law of Regeneration, the Moon carries the Law of Wisdom.
And to round out this Full Moon message found below, you might want to add the following Laws:
Saturn/Scorpio – Law of Universality/Law of Transformation Neptune/Venus/Chiron in Pisces = Law of Reversal and Reflection/Law of Creative Imagination/Law of Changes and Law of Destiny; Pisces is the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth.
At the time of Full Moon, Pluto is seen in the heavens as though it is at a stand-still.  More tension.  It prepares to release into retrograde motion.  Saturn in Scorpio  and Mars in Libra are in retrograde as well.   “Go within; get deeper.”  They all are saying.  Review who you are, how you relate to yourself, to others, to the world.  Clear out the wounds, the no longer beneficial beliefs, and the long held discord within you.  Form an active and intimate relationship with your soul-self.  Discover the Higher Truth.   To help guide you to the Sacred Truth, Neptune, Venus and Chiron, all in Pisces, are holding a strong field of challenge with Mars in Libra.  They are calling on the relationship with your Soul Memory of being The One.  They are supporting the great change of the collective field of consciousness.  These three arc a light to Pluto in Capricorn  with an ease of energy offering the doorway of opportunities.  Chiron is calling out for the opportunity to get beyond the old wounds, Venus is sending the message of how we are all One Relation, and Neptune is helping us sink in to the deeper awareness of the message of Christ, “I and the Father Are One; who I Am You Are [We are the I AM].”.  These three send a further message to Jupiter in Cancer, it is the message to relax into the Oneness, be receptive for the Divine is providing Grace.  Let Go and Allow.
Full Moon time, eclipses, and challenging energy are constant realities.  The challenge is not a discord of our self or the Universe.  The Challenge is the power to make a difference.  The Challenges is the gift to move forward with passion and purpose.  The Challenge is the creative inspiration that calls us all to know our self better, live in a greater harmony with others, and discover the cure for the diseases of war and poverty, lack and loss, separation and sadness…..and oh so much more.
May you all be blessed by the challenges you are facing.  May you find the rose in the midst of the thorns of challenge.  May you take up the call to be a participant of the new wave of living.  May you, perhaps, take up the call to lead, if only in your own relationship with others.  May you be the one who initiates the gift of Love, Peace, Harmony, Health and the knowing of Oneness.
Many blessings, Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA-WAY OF LIGHT
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