By Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

Chill is in the air. Frost actually!
Time to gather wood, for nights are now chilly.

Beaver reminds us to prepare and even have something to spare.
For in the coming months to tread through snow and ice we do not dare.

The frost reminds our beaver mind to prepare for self and human kind.
What do we have to fill our bellies, to warm our hearth and to be winterized?

The darkness comes, sacred wisdom is seen in the chamber of fires
if we let go of our frosty considerations and not stuck in the mire.

Time to come inside and reside in our hut of comfort.
Let’s not forget others, for they are our sacred consorts.

Each and every one of us has a tone to share with another.
In the winter each note of love is like a warm, gentle comforter.

Beavers of the frosty moon, teach all this day,
How are we to shape and fill our home with a delightful buffet.