Katherine Bell, in her work The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon, brings her personal story, the intercommunication with the guardians of the other worlds and a shaman’s wisdom gathered only through travels of the inner dimensions. She provides the account of sky travels, moon walking, and journeys on the Isle of Avalon. She presents the spiritual pathway of an ever unfolding lunar year as a way to connect with the Divine Feminine and the cycles and phases of life.

With the artistic work of Cruz, the pictorial expression of the journeys come alive. Celtic wisdom is held in the hearts of ancestors and shared with those daring enough to travel the interior world. Feminine mysteries are found in the inner dimensions of the revered Isle of Avalon. Wyse women are assembled on the island and sing heart rendering lyrics of wisdom. Their song is the lure to enter a sacred land. They release the memory of the Goddess to the guest who takes it upon their self to come into their realm. Their music captures every heart. Their wisdom leads to self empowerment.

The Lady, WomanSpirit, entices the entrant, as she did Katherine, to Her sacred place of knowledge. “WomanSpirit” is name that Katherine calls the Shekinah (The Divine Feminine Essence of the Universe). This Sacred Essence calls to many and it was through the Isle of Avalon that Katherine heard the call.

Today the alluring lyrics and wisdom of the Isle can be evoked by the use of the predictive deck: The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon. When you hear the song, respond. You will feel a welcome from WomanSpirit and an invitation to participate in the Circle of Wyse Women and Wise Men. Through their guidance you will grasp the inner nature of their wisdom.

This deck is presented to you as an intuitive tool to help you find the path on the isle to your Divine Feminine Self and awaken the ancient knowledge within you. It serves as a map for you to travel the ancient land of Avalon. It will gift you with the direction to the Wyse Women of the island and your heart knowing of the Goddess. Katherine was called to the Isle of Avalon during her Celtic Shamanic training. Her journeys began through a passage into the inner world and an eerie ride across the misty waters of the lake. It was an invitation from WomanSpirit, the Great Mother. She called her to know the Feminine Face of the Universe and encouraged her to understand the Goddess as well as share it with others.

WomanSpirit, not just a goddess, but THE GODDESS, let it be known to that no one goddess could reveal Her. Her voice, expression and energy declared that the Divine Feminine Essence of the Universe was to be discovered by all. Every face in the moon, expression in the planets, and human face is to be recognized as an aspect of the beauty of the Goddess. To know Her, we must know them all. She requests that we learn of these faces brought forward during Katherine’s journeys, their energetic emanations and assisting patterns for the growth of our soul.

Through inner domain journeys, WomanSpirit opened the door of Feminine Wisdom. With this doorway open, you can follow the same path as Katherine and gain greater inner knowledge. WomanSpirit is calling you. Do you hear Her? She calls you to Her Circle of Wyse Women. Know that they will help you empower yourself, express your divine essence, and share in the healing of all life. The Isle of Avalon holds a special place in the hearts of all who want to know more of the divine feminine mysteries. It provides an enticing call to know the Goddess.

If you are fascinated by the legends and the culture of the women of the island, then you can heed the call of the ladies and be connected to the mystical paradise. By allowing yourself the journey through visions, feelings and sensations, you can enter the Isle of Avalon and a are guided to empower your most provocative, creative and talented self. Empowered, you can become the reflection of the Great Mother, WomanSpirit. You can bring about the wisdom of healing, the expression of confidence, the medicine of nurturing, and the magic of soul retrieval. The Celtic Wyse Women obtained their wisdom through connections with Nature, the path of the moon, and the ability to transform energy by becoming “one with” the elements, the deities, and the power within. From this potent place they exercised authority over healing. They held meetings between the worlds. They used intuitive art and crafted magic in their life and the lives of others. The Wyse Women lived and honored the power of the feminine. Their augury was defined by the cycles and phases of the moon, the patterns on the stone people, the nature of the wind and the pitch of the fire. They learned from habits of animals, shape shifted as birds in flight, found messages from reflective visions of the waters and significant prophecy in the trees. Many ways were used to understand the conditions of life and direct the outcome of possible future events.

The Faces of WomanSpirit, A Celtic Oracle of Avalon is a wisdom tool to use for joining the Circle of Wyse Women. Use it wisely and come through the passages as Katherine did absorbed by the love of the Great Goddess, spellbound by the ladies of the moon, and empowered by the secrets held within the cycles of the year, the four worlds, the power of time, and the star gates in the night sky. Use this tool to help you gain clarity, open your heart, find the magic of your soul and the wisdom in the Divine Feminine Mysteries. May your journey be a sacred journey and your completion only the beginning to a new level of personal and universal wisdom.

May you join the women and empower yourself and others.

Katherine Bell is a Transpersonal Psychologist, author and lecturer. Dr. Bell specializes in Esoteric studies to define the Mystical Wisdom of the Universe. She has been following the intuitive path of her Celtic and Cherokee ancestors. Taking after the ways of her Shaman great grandmothers, Katherine journeys into the mystical realms for others. Her journeys into the inner realms have brought forth the Divine Feminine qualities which are revealed through the symbology called, The Faces of WomanSpirit.

Dr. Bell is the President of SPICA – Way of Light Church and University of Divinity, specializing in Metaphysics, Transpersonal philosophy, and Mysticism. The educational and spiritual programs provide alternative practitioners with positive and professional degrees in Spiritual Philosophy (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate).

Katherine offers several modalities for spiritual awakening, self discovery and healing. As of 2018, she has journeyed with Spirit to help others for 55 years. She presents her gifts as an intuitive counselor and channel. She is also an Astrologer and Minister of New Age Philosophy. She has written, Soul Magic, Understanding Your Journey; a book that helps you discover your Soul Destiny. She has also written: The Faces of WomanSpirit A Celtic Oracle of Avalon, The Faces of WomanSpirit Coloring Book, BE THE LIVING TREE, From Roots to Fruit You are Divine. THE 72 NAME OF GOD, Healing Codes for Sacred Living, and many articles. You may find one of her healing and spiritual pathways suitable for you.

Spiritual Counseling and Other Sessions (all fees subject to change).

To setup an appointment with Katherine,
click here: https://katherinebell.org/appointments/

For other consultations, visit our Online Store page.

The following sessions are $125 (Approximately 1 hour):

Aura Readings
Soul Retrieval
Spiritual Mentoring
Tibetan Numerology
Faces of WomanSpirit Readings
Dream Therapy
Spiritual Counseling/Coaching
Tibetan Chakra Therapy (with toning)

Healing modalities offered:

Reiki: Dr. Bell is a Reiki III Master.  Reiki joins to words:  Rei which means Universal Consciousness and Ki which is Life Force energy.  Working with spiritual guardians and the needs of the individual, Dr. Bell gives way as a channel and allows the healing to flow.  You will find the great reward of relaxation and moving to a center point to help you receive Divine Healing.

Vibrational Sound Healing:  Dr. Bell uses Tuning Forks and the guidance of Cryptograms of Healing to create an orchestra of sounds. The sounds initiate change and harmony. Cryptograms are created for special needs of the client. Many codes, such as Soul Retrieval, 5 Power of Change, Moving Beyond Anxiety, Healing of Stress filled headaches and more are provided with a pictures, colors, affirmations an Universal Laws associated to the healing.

The healing modalities that Dr. Bell uses can be given as blessings by long distance. If you do a Long Distance Code of Healing, you will also receive a CD along with the picture of the code.

You may also purchase Cryptograms with CD and pictures of the cryptograms to listen to on your own. Be sure to peruse the Timeless Cryptograms of Healing® portion of this website. There are very many choices to discover. Choose the one that suits you.

Channeling with Malachi$175. Katherine has been an open channel for Malachi since 1983. The teachings of this angelic guardian call you to expand your wisdom, apply your knowledge and assist the ever changing Mass Consciousness.

Astrology$175-$350. Your Natal Chart reveals the blueprint of your cosmic patterns imprinted at birth. Progressions & Transits reveal the inner and outer activity of your life. Sacred Covenant offers the secret of Universal Law imprinted at birth with your Cosmic Circuit Board (Horoscope). Let Katherine know if you want your Natal Chart only ($175) or the Progression and Transit charts included.

Natal, Annual Progressed and Transit information combined is $350.

Conception Chart$250. In the remarkable wisdom of astrologers and the realm of the Divine, the importance of one’s conception reveals another “code of life” embedded in our soul. These charts are proving to be incredibly insightful and each recipient is reporting how they know and feel the “truth” of the wisdom provided. It has been encouraging them to “step up,” with the ideals they have felt, but have held back from feelings of “unknown” origin. Now, they take the chance and step into the experiences they know they will fulfill soul desires.

Relationship Charts – $300. Whether you are looking to understand your love relationship, friendship with another, peer at work, or any type of relationship you are involved in, Katherine can reveal the blessings and challenges to be experienced.

Please e-mail Katherine with your preferred time slots for consultation and visit our Online Store for payment via Paypal: kbellwmnsprt@gmail.com.

Dr. Bell also provides charting systems to uncover inner awareness and soul development. These include: The Sacred Path Wheel – $200, Soul Origination Chart ($200).

Member of the Following Astrological Association: San Diego Astrological Society

Special learning and healing programs may be developed as determined by you and Katherine. They include: Spiritual evolving through Correspondence Courses, Shamanic training, Reiki, Tuning Fork healing modalities, Self Development and others.

For appointments in person or by phone, please call: 719-792-9248 or 800-499-2353. You may also send an e-mail to kbellwmnsprt@gmail.com or to setup an appointment with Katherine online, click here: https://katherinebell.org/appointments/

Please Note: A 24 hour cancellation program is in effect. Please be sure to meet your time or call a day before to cancel (or simply honor the fee required).

Katherine has client sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (mountain time) via phone, skype or in person in Colorado.


*Formerly known as Katherine Torres.

Consultations with Katherine

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