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Welcome to the Faces of WomanSpirit website. This site is designed to honor the Goddess and Her many guises. It is dedicated to Her Face as She reveals It through the Moon, the Planets, Worlds, Time, and of course yourself. The discovery of The Faces of WomanSpirit was obtained through the Shamanic Journey’s performed by Katherine Bell* as she gave honor to the request of the Goddess to know Her. The journey’s were performed by travels to the Celtic Realm of Healing, the Isle of Avalon. From this Isle, Sacred Feminine Wisdom was presented. You can discover this wisdom of The Great Goddess through the symbolic depiction provided in The Faces of WomanSpirit: A Celtic Oracle of Avalon.

As the site unfolds with Monthly messages of the flow of each new moon, you will be able to follow the path of Wisdom that Katherine did and as her Celtic ancestor’s before her did. To follow the moon paths one obtains Goddess Awareness, Self-Awareness and Global Awareness. Awareness brings clarity and purpose to ones life and the flow of events that occur through the natural seasons of experiences.

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Roam through the pages and you will discover classes, correspondence courses, use of the cards for divination, how to obtain the divination cards, and other products.

Now available for men is the Wizard’s Circle Correspondence course. It, like the Daughters of the Moon, is provided to help connect to the Divine Feminine and guide your life-course with Love, Nurturing, Healing and Purpose.

Blessings from the Moon Beams…..


*Formerly known as Katherine Torres.