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Every Word Counts

An Alphabet of Life Affirming Thoughts!

by Katherine Bell

This book is filled with joyful, playful, thought-provoking spiritual affirmations. They are written because of Divine Inspiration and provided for everyone. They open the conduit of Spirit-to-Matter that guides a manifestation in ones life. This book is filled with colorful photographs that enhance the flow of inspiration and union of Spirit and Matter. They provide a vision that connects with a desired manifestation. Affirmations from A – Z are available. Each letter of the alphabet has three affirmations. Thus, 78 choices!
EVERY WORD COUNTS! An Alphabet of Life Affirming Thoughts! is a book created with simplicity, delightful photographs, and affirmations that fit the needs of everyone. These are not your ordinary affirming statements. From A-to-Z, the words of affirmations carry the blessings that serve one’s self as well as all humanity! The combination of words and photographs delight one’s senses and inspire positive expression in daily life. Written simply, the reader does not have to experience a didactic flow of teaching. A description of what and how to use affirmations is found in the introduction. From there each page becomes a picture book with positive statements that strengthen joy and the simplicity of intentionally forming a bond with Spirit and the flow of the desired result into matter. Words formed in thought and feeling and spoken with intent are powerful. In fact, the sound vibration of the words and the vision within one’s mind are the benefactors of energy that moves a purpose from the realm of universal wave-forms to the particles that reveal the living qualities of earthly experiences. They are used to unify desires that are inspirations from a higher source within us. The statement of a desire incites the final outcome of a manifestation. It can be a statement of health, a loving relationship, prosperity, or an intention of purpose to be brought from our thoughts and feelings into an actual manifestation within our life. The reader is asked to randomly open the book and see what appears! The jolt of delight when uncovering an affirmation stimulates the agreement of the heart and mind with Divine expression that will manifest in this exciting realm of earth!

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Every Word Counts – An Alphabet of Life Affirming Thoughts

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