In the Depths of Silence Spirit-Soul Known

Nowhere is my destination. And no one is my identity.

My daily bread is powerlessness. Temptations can be overwhelming.

Gone is every hope of help.

An abyss opens up within me.

I am falling, falling, Plunging into non-existence.

Is this annihilation?

Or, is it the path to the Silent Love That we are?. . .

—Thomas Keating, “The Last Laugh”

Hello everyone:

The dark months are here. There is a tremendous gift of the dark months. We are definitely called into a slower pace, more inner awareness, releasing, releasing, and releasing. Of course, our personalities are called to allow this to happen. During Reed we connected with All Consciousness and feeling the veils lifted, blending with the souls throughout the universe, and remembering that we truly are not separated. We continue to allow our personal consciousness to be aware of our Spirit-Soul essence and allow our sacred quality to be in the foreground of our living.

As we enter the Elder lunar cycle we note it begins on November 14th when the Moon connects with the Sun. It will still be in the Scorpio/Reed alignment. The Moon will shift into the Elder/Sagittarius field on November 15th at 8:46:45 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. This will be the best time to set seeds of intention for this lunar cycle.

Encouraged to continue to communicate the message of the importance for allowing ourselves to live more from the Spirit-Soul quality of our Being, this letter will be focused on this reality with the Outer Builder and Inner Builder offering pathways of awareness to use so we may increase our awareness. Before I go into the offering of insights to help everyone work with this knowledge, I would like to offer one event in my life of blending and allowing Spirit-Soul be the actor of my life in a very present moment. It involves a very simple moment in my life.

Each morning I fix breakfast for my husband and myself. My husband loves bacon. One morning as I was cooking bacon for him, I was in my normal state of consciousness. The bacon was popping grease and I was agitated by that reality, feeling to stings of the hot grease on my arms and hands. I caught myself and said, “Where am I? Where am I?” This is a phrase I use to remind myself I am separated and living totally in my personality consciousness. I paused, shifted mind and feelings, and called on Spirit-Soul consciousness to be the active state of the moment. I allowed my personality self to become the observer. An incredible wholeness feeling comes over me when I do this. Concerns, agitations, an pushing through time ceases. At the moment of this experience I felt Spirit-Soul as I began to turn a piece of bacon over. I felt the Divine absolutely appreciate the pig, the bacon, my husband eating and digesting the bacon, and it all returning to the Divine. It was a full circle of life experience, and a full, loving, delighted feeling the Divine was experiencing. I continued to remain in this oneness energy as I ate my breakfast of cereal. As I tasted the milk I was the cow releasing its milk, experiencing the pasteurization, being contained in a bottled, arriving in the bowl, tasted, digested, and returned to Source. The circle of matter-to-nonmatter and the joy of being was experienced. Nothing right, nothing wrong. One and All, All in One.

Elder: Active Conscious of Lunar Cycle – Power of the Law of Silence and the Law of Adaptation

The Law of Silence is such an important clue to living the power of Spirit-Soul. Yet, silence is the most challenging thing to do, especially in the Western World of busyness, achievement orientation, interaction with others, and “get-it-done” realities. Of course, I always laugh at the time of year when this wondrous Face of the Divine Feminine is revealed…holiday time.

Of course, I do encourage Silence. Find an hour, a day, and if you can, several days of silence. In truth from my reality, I do find time for silence, but a whole day is impossible when sharing life with my husband (after all, he needs his bacon). However, I do let him know when I am going to experience a half-day of silence. I remain in my office in meditation, and simply allow myself to seek a still-point. When weather permits, here in Colorado, I do spend time walking the labyrinth, focusing on the moment of each step in union with Oneness, sitting on my bench and reaching a state of silence in Oneness. I remain in that silent state until my personal consciousness returns to attention. The benefits that I experience in Silence, no matter what my practice becomes, are: a complete stillness; no past, no future; peace beyond explanation, a deeper sense of Union, and a stimulation of a flow of life-force energy. I feel a delightful flow from head, through my whole body, and out through my feet to Earth; another experience of uniting, and thus oneness. I also find that I’m further creatively inspired. For me that is usually an insight of the Universe and my need to formulate that wisdom into human words, and thus an article, a class, or simply a statement to be used in counseling or sharing insights with a friend.

The process I just described provides a small perceptiveness of the Law of Silence and the Law of Adaptation. In the realm of Silence I am connected to something greater than my personal, human self. In that state, a flow of The Divine Essence occurs and stirs my whole beingness: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Ego, and Soul levels (SEMPES). Allowing the occurrence of union, without me trying to make something happen, provides new levels of cellular consciousness that releases Divine Creative Inspiration. Naturally moving into the Creative Field of the Divine stimulates cellular responses that releases the Law of Adaptation. I adapt to the inspiring essence of Divine Intention. It flows through me with thoughts and incredible feelings of insights that encourage me to do something with the inspiration.

So, I ask you, What happens to you? Do you receive inspiration for an art form? Do you have a business insight that improves your position and aids the company you work for? Do you have an insight that stirs a sequence of intentions that help you and/or others? Do you feel the channel open between you and God/Goddess and you know what you receive is greater than your personal self knows or can realize in a moment? Next I ask you, How do you adapt it into your life and/or into the life of others?

Law of Silence – This law is found in three states of consciousness. The Cognitive conscious, which gives us our thinking power and worldly expression, is a place where we are called to silence our negative thinking, our voice of self judgement and judgment of others. It calls us to silence speaking of others in negatives ways and spreading a violation to another’s life and life style. The second level of Silence is our Subconscious. It is here we are called to silence the negative emotions driven by negative attitudes of self. We are to silence the voice of “I can’t.” We are to silence the beliefs that keep us separate from our higher wisdom. And Finally, our Higher Mind level. It is a call to silence mental, emotional, ego and physical qualities. We are called to be in total silence so we may hear the Vive Voce–the Voice of Source. For in this silence the 2nd Law can be used at its highest quality…this is the Law of Adaptation.

Law of Adaptation. The Law of adaptation provides the wisdom and awareness of the energy allowing changes to occur in which an organism becomes better suited to the environment of its existence. From the Law of Transformation, we thus see that what has been transformed now must function in a new reality and does so by adapting to the environment of existence.

A heart-desire, a sacred dream, adapts to the energy of influence that will determine the final structure and material-pattern as matter or experience through this law. This law teaches that every level of consciousness must adapt to its cause, form and function. Due to the power of evolution, this cause, form and function changes as each level of consciousness expands awareness, and therefore, creates the natural need to adapt and form itself into the new environment in which it can be most effective.

Passive and Active realities exist in adaptation. One must be passive to acquire information for the change (i.e., listening from within–Law of Silence) and then become active to achieve form and function. It is the responsibility of each person to place the knowledge into the form of usefulness. In fact, recognize that you are the Earthly Executive in charge of seeing that the energy of Spirit adapts to the form and final function of the desired outcome. Don’t just sit and wait for Source to make it happen. Source has already made it happen. Your will and choice has created the desire to see that what you want manifested is now vibrating into the matrix of matter. However, as it vibrates into the matrix of matter, you become the one in charge to see to the completion of the manifestation.

Know also, Spiritual cells become human cells from the inner reality. When the power of adaptation is occurring (passive and active union) an alchemical event takes place. The Alchemical moment destroys the old information of your prior existence (an hour ago, a week ago, years ago, lifetimes ago) and new experiences supersede the old. At the spiritual, emotional and personal level of awareness, we experience our “Ah, Ha” moment or have an epiphany (a moment of sudden and great revelation). We release the power to adapt to the new way of Be-ing. We are comfortable in knowing that all is in perfect order. We know our desires and dreams will materialize. No doubt exists.

Before I share another gift of inspiration, let me speak of more insights of Elder and the energy provided for all of our use. As noted, Elder is our Outer Builder. Asking us to use silence in our outer world throughout her cycle. Oh, my…how do we use silence in our everyday reality of work, interactions with others, and all we must do? Especially in communication with another, before we respond? It is a time when we can stop and listen to the Vive Voce and receive an insight that truly will aid our communication. When trying to work on a project, it is a time to pause the mental machinations, emotional anxiousness, physical pressure to “get busy,” and ego need to “stay ahead of the game.” Instead, silence all of these levels and turn your focus to your Spirit-Soul level. Listen, feel, and allow this level to inspire you. The more you practice, the answers comes in a split- second experience. You truly will not have to sit in a long meditation to gather what you need. With Elder being the Outer Builder, it is time to silence your outer attention and enter within. (The active partner, Jupiteranu will aid this process.)

Elder is also an energy that corresponds with the Hebrew Letter, Samekh, and that pathway on the Tree of Life is part of the Center Pathway. It is seen between the Yellow Sphere of Beauty/Tiphareth and the Purple Sphere of Foundation/Yesod. Thus, it provides a centering within our psyche. It is a pathway that is adapting the vibration of our highest/master nature (Beauty), encoding it within our soul essence (Foundation). Thus, this state of consciousness aids us in adapting to our highest essence (Spirit) within our Soul. This pathway is also noted as providing support via the angelic realm. No matter how separate we feel from the sphere of Spirit, we are not and we always have assistance to guide us to our true center point.

The letter, Samekh is a circle, 0. It reminds us that the essence of being is inclusive; a power of supporting All. It is the Universal essence that inspires the knowing of “the Greater Good of the Whole.” It aids us in realizing we are constantly in alignment with an inner knowing that We Are That Which IS: Infinite, Oneness. In the state of oneness, we are constantly the flow of Divine Essence.

With the gift of wisdom I would like to share a bit of inspiration that came in moments of meditation. I “saw, heard, and felt” the letters, IA. As I blended with these letters and the flow of feelings and thoughts, I was receiving a piece of wisdom. WomanSpirit used these letters with the realm of Elder as Sagittarius….the higher mind reaching into the realm of Spirit as She acknowledged the two letters were words: Intelligent Awareness. Below is the information I was able to put together in the flow of Spirit-Soul releasing inspiration to all other levels of my beingness. Spirit vibrates with Soul, this union aligns in the center of the 6-pointed star. From there it is activating all other levels. Note the movement from the paragraphs below. It begins with activating the emotions (feelings, intuition) which then strikes the mind with thoughts that design the feelings into pictures/visions, then stirs the ego to move into action, and flows into the earth to manifest the outcome.

IA = Intelligent Awareness

IA is the right use of intuition and logic. It is used when we honor Spirit-Soul and allow Its wisdom to rise up within our personal feelings and thoughts. As this occurs Spirit-Soul invokes IA, by stirring creative motion to move through our ego, and encourage action and into our embodied reality to bring a manifest reality into full expression. Only when the mixture has occurred are we, at a personal level, required to take action.

When manifest, the energy returns to the ego field. We can respond by acknowledging we have completed a task of manifestation and send a message via our thought-forms of gratitude, honoring what has occurred, which in turn, sends a message to our emotions providing pleasure, joy, and honor, that sends that back to the center, to the soul, returning to Spirit and the cycle starts again.

Within this time of Elder…the time of Sacred Silence, we can be still and allow the activation of IA. Allow Spirit and Soul to activate the flow.

Activator of Elder: The Outer Partner -Jupiteranu, The Law of Contraction and Expansion

The river of life flows in channels, pools, lakes, and oceans of consciousness. In the journey of the time of Elder, Jupiter calls us to journey within (contract) the river of silence in order to become one with the River of Life, and connect with the flow of Divine Consciousness. Using IA wisdom, allows us the use of the cycle of the year to enter silence, union, and inspiration in order to connect with Spirit-Soul and spiral into the flow of creation, be inspired, and then expand into our outer reality with impressive knowledge.

From the realm of Spirit-Soul the wisdom splays out into individual ideas and expressions in order for manifestations to occur. The cycles and phases of manifestation are very important to Divine Purpose. These states allow a constant flow and unfolding of the multiplicity of Divine Allness. Going within to a silent state of being right after emptying out from Reed’s nature, we are an essence of the void that is ready to be filled with the essence of Allness.

A note of awareness to recall: Jupiteranu is also a correspondent of a pathway on the Tree of Life as well as within a consciousness we call a Sphere. The Sphere is Mercy/Chesed and provides the vibrations of the Universe which is always presenting the individual essence (Soul-Personality) everything it will ever need as it journeys from non-matter-to matter. Its pathway is noted as Kaph (the grasping hand) and seen between the Sphere of Mercy/Chesed and Victory/Netzach (beginning of the Triad of the Soul as well as the Vehicular Triad–realm of matter). The grasping hand reminds us to remain connected with Spirit-Soul consciousness. In so doing, we remain positive in the thinking, feeling, and living in the human processes we endeavor to experience.

We will always have the knowledge of our soul intention to create via our imagination causing the vibrations to attract the outcome via the doorway of matter.

Law of Contraction and Expansion: This Law supports the vibration that whatever is within must come out and what is out must come in. Contraction provides the power to come within, listen to the Higher Wisdom, transform what has been experienced and expand out again. This expansion provides a new form, and an ability to depict and live at yet another level of the Whole. In order to understand and define this law within our lives, we must look at the powers of contraction and expansion and “grasp” the wisdom.

Within this law is the reality that there is a duality (Division leaving two parts of a whole in individualized states, i.e. body and soul) and polarity (the state of having poles or opposites) in all things.

This law provides two parts of a whole that allows individuality to occur. For instance Source and Soul, Soul and Human, Non Matter and Matter, and so forth. It also presents the power of Polarity, the opposing and complimentary energy that creates the arching of light that supports creation and manifestation.

The Universe is a constant motion of contraction and expansion.

Hawthorn- the Opposer of Elder- the Inside Builder – Law of Union

Reversed to aid us in looking inward and feel the energy of the internal soul wisdom. Our mind shifts from the outer world in order to recognize the polarity working within. Hawthorn also reveals the tone and timber of the Vive Voce. It is the voice presenting the script of our journey, the naming of the activities to be explored, and the power to form right assessments for deciding how to remain in union with the One Mind to channel ITs wisdom. If we don’t utilize the inner builder, we slip and slide in nonproductive thoughts and destructive emotions. We cannot make decisions without walking through the corridors of judgments usually reminding us of our lack, limitations, and most certainly, our fears. The reversed mode is the prescription  (M) for the perfect synthesis of the Outside and Inside coming together to build our reality for 2020.

Law of Union. This law provides the wisdom that everything (matter or nonmatter) is made of the one atom–the Atom of Source. Therefore, everything is in Union by nature. We are all One Cell expressing individual qualities of The Cell: Source. We are God/Goddess in Matter and Self in the NonMatter of God/Goddess. We are the Living Source and, individually, we effect each other. We effect Source and Source effects us. We are never separate from Source, we are in constant and ever-lasting Union.

As we work with the essence of Elder and the Law Adaptation we can also center and move within to form the greater aspect of Union with our Divine Mind. Hawthorn aids this through an element of challenge as well as reward.

First, Hawthorn will guide us through the corridor of a multitude of thoughts and choices we may desire to explore. Opportunities we know we want to experience may float through our feelings and inner visions. Care must be taken that we don’t slide into disjointed thinking and an inability to connect with truth and wisdom. Hawthorn, connected to Elder, can take our thoughts on distant journeys with no resolve. Focus becomes blurred and darting thoughts become a field of playful, but unproductive ideas. Frustrated, we then enter belief systems that remind us we “can’t achieve, we never have, and likely never will.” Our emotions expand on these thoughts, feelings, and solidify the negative belief.

However, Hawthorn can provide the greater power of Choice! Joined with Elder a choice can be made to raise consciousness to a higher order through the corridors of silence. We can choose to use the power of Silence to quiet unrelenting, challenging thoughts and realize a gift that Hawthorn provides…the wisdom that we do have many choices and by focusing on our inner realm of our Spirit-Soul, we can cut out the old beliefs, choose to decipher the True Inner Voice, and form a union with the higher dimensions of our true self.

The choice of silence, in fact, can guide us to the origination of our Spirit-Soul and the greater wisdom/reason for the journey into matter. How do I see this? Through the Tree of Life, of course. The pathway of Hawthorn is known as Zayin. It is recognizable as the field of energy between Beauty/Tiphareth and Understanding/Binah. The Sphere of Understanding/Binah, is the state of consciousness in which Source develops, contains, and births each soul into existence. Each soul has missions to explore as it journeys through the universe and through the essences of IA, will reveal many realities of the Whole.

By forming a union with the inner builder, we will form a union with Oneness Consciousness. Again, the power of Jupiteranu as the active energy of the Inner Builder will assist.

The active energy of Elder, Jupiteranu continues its grace as the influencer of our Inner Builder’s qualities of this lunar cycle. It will provide a river of consciousness to be directed inwardly. The Law of Contraction and Expansion is easily noted as the field of drawing us within (Contraction) and providing a desire to promote the welfare of our higher nature to be seen and known. This gracious energy will guide the will of a higher desire to expand and to aid a focus to the inner depth and most Grace- filled levels of Spirit-Soul.

Jupiteranu will continue to signal that we do have all we need and in order to grasp it, we are called to work from the center of this knowing and respond by expanding our Soul intentions aligned with the realm of Spirit. In alignment with Hawthorn, Jupiteranu will encourage curiosity, the search to know more, to understand, and to expand the wisdom through right discernment in the realm of matter.

Together, Jupiteranu and Hawthorn will offer the feelings of traveling through the realms of higher wisdom, the joy of understanding, and the ability to bring this knowledge from the realm of silence into the creative realm of IA to be used at just the right moment in space, time, and matter. In the realm of silence, patience is learned, calmness in the realm of emotions is activated, and the power to decide and know when to take action occurs at just the right moment when we allow our personal self to align with the essence of Spirit-Soul.

May blessings of this month rise from within the realms of silence. May you find the realm of silence a healing, calming, and rejuvenating process. May you enter the event of our Thanksgiving Day in America with a simple knowing of what you are thankful for and know that I am thankful for all of you. You have stirred my soul to depths of sacredness and wisdom my personality would have never dreamed of reaching. Without you I could not be me. THANK YOU!

New Moon Love and Blessings,


~Lunar Phases of Elder~

New Moon – November 14 Crescent Moon – Nov 18 First Quarter Moon – Nov 22 Gibbous Moon – Nov 26

Full Moon -Nov 29 (Sun Sagittarius, Moon Gemini) Disseminating Moon – Dec 3

Last Quarter – Dec 7 Balsamic Moon – Dec 10

December 14 – Birch New Moon (Solar Eclipse) Please know these are not exact dates, but very close.