Hello Everyone:
We have left the dark halls of Reed and enter the sacred halls of silence. Sweet mystery is stirring within us. Life continues to stream with wisdom for the continual plans of our soul journey. The mystery of what, where and when is occurring. Yet we must silence our self in order to hear, feel, and know the guidance. As we will recognize in the notes of this letter, much is going on in the inner realm. Can we silence our personal mind, emotions, ego, and physical activities long enough to gather the inner wisdom? I say “Yes!” What do you say?
We celebrate the Celtic Festival of Alban Arthan -Light of Arthur, also known as Winter Solstice. Also, the cosmic influence notes as well as the Elder video and Prayer/Meditation video will be on the website: www.katherinebell.org.
New Moon occurs just two days before Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy your holiday of sharing and celebrating the harvest of our land and the joy of being with those you love. It is a gift to say thank you to all of you who continue to share life with me and this awesome work.
Through the time of Elder we close out another year of the messages of the Divine Feminine through the Moon Mothers. Thank you for walking this path with me. I’m excited to share how we will journey through 2020 when we enter the New Moon of Birch next month. For now, may you feel my gratitude through a glow of love. The journey has been remarkable and I hope you are feeling the same way. May the lunar time of Elder bless you in many ways.
Elder – The Foundation of the Lunar Month and our State of Cognitive Consciousness
This wonderful Face of the Divine reminds us of so many things to be “conscious” of and allow in our awareness. She does represent the power of Sacred Silence. In this lunar cycle she is asking us most definitely to quiet our personal outer expressions of mind, body, emotions, and ego need to keep being overly active. Yes, I can hear you laughing (as I am). It is holiday time and the doorway of the busiest season is wide open. Yet, the Universe is asking us to be quiet. After all, through the cycle of Reed we have been stirred to the core with awakenings, awareness, and re-evaluating anything that lurks in the shadows of our memory. That is a lot! Constantly we are asked to be willing to “Let go” and go fallow with Reed. Thus, Elder steps in and asks us to rest, be calm in mind, body, emotions, and ego. She asks us to allow the inner spiritual fire to warm us and direct us.
When we first met the Three Fire qualities of the year with Alder, Elder revealed the Supernal Consciousness. How wonderful she now reveals our State of Consciousness as we finalize our year. It feels like the inner wisdom is ready to be consciously noted and we do need to be in “alert and awake” mode to receive it….not distracted by too much activity. When we are receptive, we will feel, know, and live the Benevolent Spirit of the Universe. We will recognize the incredible support of Divine Influence that is always within us and always ready to guide us through our daily and life.time experiences. It is a warm glow of peace and purpose. We recognize that we have brought from within ourselves the influence of Divine Intention to our outward expression.
Yes, we may have challenges to face through our conscious state with Elder. First to be realized is the challenge to go silent. To give ourselves the time to purposefully quiet ever aspect of ourselves and seek for nothing and yet, to allow the allness to rise up to cognitive awareness.
In our challenge, we will let our minds flit into many thoughts directing us into an incredible amount of activities to be fulfilled. We will also question our abilities to move forward or just give up because of our inconsistent manner of living. We will be crass. Impatience takes over and we become too blunt when communicating with others. We may live from a superficial and irresponsible level and take risks that thwart our greater intentions.
To change this we need to Stop, Pause, and Allow (S.P.A). Take time out and enter the silence. We need to allow the adjustment and adaptation of sacred moments in silence to change our attitudes, actions, and activity so we may hear our Higher Mind direct a superior attitude. Jupiteranu aids us in doing so.
Conscious Action of Elder – Jupiteranu
Jupiteranu is the key component of action in our cognitive, subconscious/ unconscious/ and Supernal conscious levels this month. This vibrant energy knows how to go with the flow and grasp the wisdom along the way. Jupiteranu presents the energy to go within and bring back out the highest wisdom we carry. As this is occurring, we rise in optimism, understanding, and we influence our success in all our endeavors. Jupiteranu activates a craving within us…we crave purpose and pure meaning for our life.
We want adventure, happiness, kindness, and peace when we flow with the active essence of Jupiteranu. In our conscious state with Elder activated by Jupiteranu, we do this with calmness and inner knowing that it is of the Highest Nature of all life. In the most positive qualities, we know how to go within, hold on to the higher qualities and bring them to our conscious state for positive use. We practice Divine Presence in daily reality.
In the challenging aspect of our conscious state with Jupiteranu, we may be prone to go within to dig up old attitudes of loss, lack, and inferior beliefs. We get stuck with machinations that carry false beliefs of what we can conjure up to gamble on our life as we head forward. We forget how to go to our higher mind-heart and recall the wisdom of creating positive and purposeful outcomes. We get stuck in our subconscious muck.
The Subconscious/Unconscious World of Elder – Alder
The subconscious world of Alder creates the power of anger, frustration, and quitting before we even get started. Oh, maybe we take a few steps. However, with the “anxious to get there” mode of Alder, if we don’t see our goal or desire immediately accomplished, or appear to have a road block, we edge into old beliefs of “I can’t; Why bother; I’ve tried before and nothing really happened; etc.” We put on the boxing gloves of defense and are ready to fight ourselves or anyone who seems to want to guide us beyond the road block (and that includes the Divine!). We use anger and agitation as our excuses. We lack the vision to see further than the moment of challenge. And we use the negative qualities of Jupiteranu.
The Subconscious Action of Jupiteranu with Alder in the realm of Elder
Jupiteranu can move quickly with the fiery attitude of Alder and open the floodgates of a river to bring back all the memories of “what is wrong.” Unhappiness rules the day. Obnoxiousness becomes the reactive action with all others. Inflexibility holds us stiff in old beliefs. Negative thoughts rule our mental abilities and thus, nothing changes. We need the guidance of our soul.
Alder – Unconscious Level of Elder
This foundation of the unconscious (soul) takes the Silence of Elder and allows the soul activity to stir, guide, and encourage our sense of being. We fervently feel our progression. In the essence of this feeling, we can be calmed by the Elder desire to step quietly through our days. We know we can see our future and we know it is the very moment of “now” that is important to step into the future. We can feel our daily steps have purpose, passion and drive, thus we don’t have to be anxious. We simply know we have the inner power, wisdom, and inner soul-sight to continue our path of living.
The Supernal Consciousness of Elder – Holly
The ring of fire in the 3-states of consciousness is completed by our Supernal Conscious state presenting the wisdom of Holly. Our strength is the faith we have in knowing we are committed to continue our journey. We have the ability to honor who we are and recognize that this life, this world, and all that we are experiencing and exploring is the realm of our dominion. It does not belong to the person next door, the companion in our life, the children we’ve raised, the world at large, it belongs to all, and thus, it belongs to us. Each of us has the knowing at the very core of our Supernal Consciousness that we have dominion of our existence and the world in which we create called, “our life,” each and every day. We can and we are creating what we want.
Holly not only reminds us of this, she asks of us the enjoy it. Holly teaches us to be a team player in the game of life with the realization that we are quite important. Holly reminds us to be committed to the essence of our Spirit and the essence of our Humanness, for truly they are not separate. We are human and we are divine and our Supernal Awareness provides this knowing.
With Holly as the power of our Supernal Consciousness with Elder, we learn another secret about silencing our cognitive mind, calming anxious desires of our emotions, and quelling attitudinal needs for egotistical recognition. To do so, we are able to reach the higher mode of our Supernal Consciousness that carries the passion and flame of desire to create and use the Divine Imaging to design each and every moment, day, and life events that are intended to be manifested through the evolutionary process of time and expressions in matter. We are the artist of our existence. Of course, to assist in this pursuit through this lunar cycle is Jupiteranu. Here is what is offerred….
Active power of Holly in the essence of Elder is Jupiteranu
Within our Supernal Consciousness is the action of cycles and phases of creativity. We enter the realm of Divine Mind, grasp the wisdom, and cycle through intuitive, sensory knowing. From there we begin to build upon the “sight” of what we want to create, and expressly develop it in matter. We know we have the resources to bring all to fruition. We recognize we have the knowledge to succeed because the flow of all wisdom is within us. We have the knowledge that all we need is always within us. At times it may seem to trickle to our cognitive state. Sometimes it flows easily, but we do have the power to bring good fortune into our realm, always. We have to seek and find the wisdom within and change false perceptions to the contrary. We are all wise at our highest level….let it stir the flame of intention and bring it through all states of consciousness within our being. For in truth, Jupiteranu reminds us we are the expression of the entire cosmos. Sometimes we look minute, yet we are massive beyond our human comprehension. Be All That You Are! Blessings as you continue the cycle of this lunar year of 2019.
Blessings of your time of Thanksgiving. Blessings of Silence and creative inner knowing.
New Moon Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD
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