New Moon – November 7, 2018
9:01:56 a.m . Mountain Standard Time
In the Silence Sacred Mystery is Revealed


I offer an excerpt for Elder: The Faces of WomanSpirit, Sweet Mystery, Katherine Torres, 1998.

Elder – Ruis

Silence fell after passion subsided.
Quiet and peace through the promise of guidance.

Hearts did calm and found their rhythm,
in the sacred place deep within them.

In the quiet of the mind
truth and light the seeker does find.

Sacred Love unearthed,
a new path of the soul does birth.

Single focus of a searching eye,
ears turned to the voice on High.
Heart of Love and Sacred Knowing,
all realize where they were going–

From the heart of Sweet Mystery~

Hello everyone:
We are entering the deeper regions of our inner consciousness as we cycle through another lunar month. I pray the work of the Lunar cycle of Reed helped influence your desires to clear the
events of your life from this last year and perhaps more of past memories that may haunt you. I hope you are at a fallow point where blessings of Sacred Inspiration can occur as you journey through the final vestiges of Scorpio, yet within the cycle of Elder Moon Mother. Most certainly, by 12:00 pm MST on November 8th, the Moon reaches zero degrees and zero minutes of Sagittarius/Elder and conjoins in harmony with Jupiter/Jupiteranu who is zero degrees and 3 minutes in the sign it rules; Sagittarius. A great initiation of inner benevolence that can flow into our personal adventures and we can share lovingly with others, if our independence isn’t challenged (be sure to read the Cosmic Influence notes on the blog page of
Elder’s vibrations draw us within to the fallow point and beyond. The fallow point represents all of our releases that allow a still point to occur within us. To meet that still point, we must enter into silence. Through Elder, it is called, “Sacred Silence.” Why? Because it calls on us to still every part of our being (emotions, thoughts, ego, and physical body, as well as even silencing our soul voice so we may hear the True Voice of the Holy Spirit). To become so still, we use a sacred attitude, a knowing that we are at points of true holiness in the silence. In such a state of silence we consecrate (devote) our body, mind, emotions, and physicality to the vibration of our True Essence; the Holy Being that we are. It is in this state we experience higher vibrations of Cause and Effect. In fact, we are allowing ourselves to be in the Presence of The Holy Spirit who is Cause and Effect. And the point beyond is the everlasting Light of Holiness.
Elder – Foundation of Silence
The vibration of Elder provides us with an intention to center and adapt to the will of our Higher Nature–The Divine Will. Elder’s vibration is a conduit that allows the Holy Spirit to merge into soul and physical embodiment, and our embodied reality to merge with our Soul-Spirit. Elder reminds us that it is time to use the blessings of Free Will and personally chose to enter our inner realm.
Elder’s vibration encourages us to experience the still point of our inner being; the place of the Fire of Spirit that is only found within. As we journey inward, we discover that the challenges of the year, a lifetime, or many lifetimes has processed into a healing as we came through the devouring energy of Reed. We find that we can take a deep and sacred breath to ignite the Fire of Spirit that has been banked by our focus through the lens of our mental and human reality of our personal experiences.
Perhaps, from the beginning of our lunar year, our personality has only been viewing our human experiences and placing our spirit in the quiet corner of an inner sanctuary, as we forget to visit there often with heart-mind intention. Through this lunar cycle, we are reminded that this sanctuary is always available to visit, relax into, and allow the voice of the higher nature of life (Vive Voce – True and Living Voice of the Holy Spirit) be felt, heard, and always releasing guidance.
In the power of Cause and Effect, we can see that Elder is providing the purity of a Causal Moment: Silence. In fact, at Full Moon (November 22, 2018 at 10:39:06 pm MST), the power of Silence meets with the power of our Free Will, and opens the doorway to the Vive Voce. (For at this time, the Sun is at a prominent degree in Sagittarius/Elder: 0 Degrees 52 minutes while the moon is at 0 degrees 52 minutes of Gemini). I most certainly suggest we use that time (check your time zones) to stop, pause, and become silent for at least 10 minutes-to-one hour. Simply quiet all aspects and feel ourselves as an empty vessel honoring the sacredness of the Holy Spirit’s willfulness to mystically fill our vessel. Through our personal will, we are called to be silent and allow the causal energy of the Divine work within us. We are to let the mystery of what is occurring happen without trying to make the causal energy be “something” of our desire. Simply we need to be empty and let the Causal Energy of the Divine set the foundation of a higher purpose.
Jupiteranu – The Effect
Shall we pause and respond to the call to set the foundation of mystical insights through silence, Jupiteranu will create the effect that allows the intentions of the Holy Spirit to become manifest in our personal life. The action of Jupiteranu begins with the power to contract and enter the chamber of our Soul-Spirit sanctuary. Silence does call for an action–internal resting.
As I suggest, on the Full Moon, enter into silence. At this time, the power of using the action of Jupiteranu is auspicious as it conjuncts the Sun in Sagittarius/Elder. Right alongside Jupiteranu is Mercurianna (Rx) in Sagittarius/Elder, aiding the mind to go within. The effect of this action is the power to dwell within silence (hopefully for 10 minutes or more) and then use the second grace of Jupiteranu, which is to expand the wisdom from the inner sanctuary and bring it to our mind-heart and personal activities as an effect of Divine Guidance.
With this action, we allow the River of Life to flow into our awareness and we can grasp the blessings and use them in our daily experiences. While in the inner sanctuary, the mystical wisdom may appear in vision, inner knowing, and the sense of ultimate truth, thus causing the action to move from the contracted level and give birth (expand) to the wisdom gathered. The wisdom, in fact, may not be noticeable at all, at first. It may creep into your life without us ever knowing. However, we will feel the sacredness of our being and recognize we are experiencing more of a true blend of our self and the Holy Spirit as One!
One message of caution: Jupiteranu is the ancient ruler of Pisces. If we dwell in the field of our personal will and perceptions, we may well contract into inner memories of falsehood and illusions and expand all of that into the realm of our living activities. However, if we maintain the sacred intentions of dwelling in the Will of the Holy Spirit and emptying our needs and desires or requirements we “think” we need, we will use the blessings of Jupiteranu’s vibrations with Pisces. We will reach the most sacred moments of wisdom and express the mystical knowledge through our mind, emotions, physical reality and, of course, through our tempered ego.
Elder and Jupiteranu Guardians of Cause and Effect
It is quite easy to recognize that the Causal Energy is healing fields of peace through Silence and the effect is the wisdom of the inner sanctuary brought to our human experiences. Each one of us is called to be very aware of what we publish in our causal moments. Will we publish the will to empty and be silent, or the will to take off into strange lands of thinking and feeling? To publish means to bring something to fruition, and thus the foundational energy of Elder calls us to publish the Will to Empty and be silent for we set the foundation of the most sacred renewal of our self from the elements of Reed’s call to go fallow and Elder’s reviewing that the healing has occurred and the wisdom awaits us in Silence. The Effect, as noted through Jupiteranu, is to explore the power of our inner sanctuary, sit in silence, and allow the wisdom to be absorbed before expanding into the living realm of our daily activities.
When we work diligently with our intentions we will actively in publish and reveal what has been learned in our merging qualities with the Holy Spirit. We will express it in thought, word and deed. We will discover we are more benevolent to our self and others and ready to climb the mountain of new adventures yet to be revealed.
This is the time of year when we become busy with the days of Thanksgiving and the preparations for December Holidays! Hanukkah – December 2 – 10, Winter Solstice – Dec 21 and Christmas – December 25, Kwanza December 26 – January 1. Of course, New Years Day, January 1st! I’m sure there are many other cultural celebrations. However, what does all of this mean? Busyness! It becomes difficult to adhere to the invitation of Elder to be Silent. Yet, I would offer that if we do (especially on the Full Moon of November 22nd), our holiday season will be filled with more joy, peace, and delight in being a human being reflecting the creative expression of the Holy Spirit in all ways we live.
For now, simply remember, you are entering the sacred wisdom of Silence through the Lunar Cycle of Elder. May peace and love prevail!
Love and peace,
Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD, CEO/Founder
SPICA – Way of Light
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~Lunar Phases of Elder~
New Moon – Nov 6-7 2018
Crescent Moon – Nov 9
First Quarter Moon – Nov 14
Gibbous Moon – Nov 17
Full Moon – Nov 22
Disseminating Moon -Nov 25
Last Quarter – Nov 29
Balsamic – Dec 3
Birch New Moon – Dec 7