It is a week after Easter, yet the essence of renewing light remains.  I’ve chosen to share my Easter Morning, Sunrise meditation:
I sat with him in the glow of light.  He spoke with a soft voice and a gentle heart-opening vibration.  I told him I felt lost, at times, in the field of the Great Mystery.  He nodded affirmatively to me.
I shared that I am blessed.  I know the Grace of Divine Oneness.  I shared with him how this has healed a dumbfounded reality within me and I so want everyone to know.  For I have always, always, known the sacredness of my connection to him and to the Great Creator.  I have always felt the love.  I have also always felt that it was my responsibility to let this love transfer into my realm of matter in order to manifest the desires of my prayers.  He nodded affirmatively to me again.
Yes, I acknowledged, but I’m still dumbfounded that we human’s don’t understand our union with the Divine.   We falter, forgetting this; at times,  I surely do.  I’m dumfounded that we have taken the wisdom of sacred teaching and twisted it through our belief in the four corners of our churches, synagogues, and temples of all religions.  Not that I see these as places to blaspheme, but places where we cultivated a wall between us and Divine Knowing.  We gave our power to an unseen realm via our priests, ministers, rabbis, gurus, and philosophers that note our unworthiness in proportion to the Creator.  Oh, yes, we know we are loved….we hope.  Oh yes, we know you are guiding us through the darkness…we hope.  But we confuse ourselves with noting we have to be saved, and make that through one being and one being only.  Again, a note that we are unworthy, and incapable of being whole, and that we are note Divine.  We ignore the greater truth of your messages.
Do you weep? I asked.  Do you mourn for the human condition that maintains separation, unworthiness and turn from the wisdom you taught?  How is it we did not hear it, read it and know it?   It was given to us, clearly. He nodded.  Then he spoke.
“Confusion in the minds and soul memory has occurred since human beings began to sense division.  They saw the sky and it was too far away to touch.  They saw the magnificence of mountains, to high to climb.  They saw the vastness of an ocean, to wide to swim, to deep to dive.  They saw the  mammoths, and they were fearful and knew not how to keep them at a distance.  They experienced storms they did not understand, fires they could not contain, and the shaking of land they could not escape from.  Confusion.  Beliefs began to build that something beyond them was controlling, damaging, hurtful and untouchable.  They drifted further into limitation and a belief that this vastness of the universe was greater than, and well beyond their own self.  They believed in a punishing, superior God; and even believed in a loving God.  As time and space evolved the condition of matter and humans increased the crevice of human and Spirit.  Yet, some began to know of the unseen power of the Creator, yet did not understand.  Some became the Holy Ones, the Wisdom teachers; yet remained limited in knowing and oneness.  Separation became a great living power between Spirit and Matter.  A peril, but a living experience.  But Seekers and Seers continued to search.  Prophets began to emerge and the wisdom began to flow.  But the realm of Separation continued the division.
“I came into the realm of matter.  A goal in my soul, a passion within my heart and a union with the Divine.  I knew the I AM and remained in that knowing as my soul embodied the physical temple.  My passion was to teach the wisdom of Oneness and the reality that each being is the Divine. The intention was to release the memory within all of the greater Truth—All are God.   I found a world of humans etched and woven in separation.  I found humans seeking a messiah, a savior.  Still seeking something they believe is more powerful than their self.  I spoke to them, demonstrated the blessing of Oneness.  I saw them as Divine and in this recognition their natural, anointed self brought them from the death of separation and  the illnesses of the mind and body.  They entered their own Light and Union.  I lead them to the power of prosperity and revealed how to create more from less.  I acted with possibility in a land where impossibility was a greater knowing.  I called upon all to listen, watch and know that what I was revealing was the power within their very essence.  Some knew, some understood, and some were too afraid to know of an empowered essence of their own self-the Divine living in Matter as their own being.  Some found it easier to live in the belief that someone or something else would take care of them and they need not do anything but remain in the realm of less than, and pray without intent to live the answer.
“Do I weep, you ask?  No.    I know the awakening is occurring.  I know the wisdom is being brought through mystics, mystical teachers and is flowing in the walls of religious-based teaching.  They are activating the Light of Awareness.  They are exciting the wisdom that I was a teacher revealing what is in the very core of each being in this Plane of Matter.  They are revealing that who I am they are.  Nothing Less than the Divine.  I see the day in the realm of time and space where the greater truth is lived.  No longer will people say the Holy Spirit is within them, yet live as though that is a perception of hope never to be realized.  I know that each being will cultivate that Truth and know they are the Holy Spirit expressing in the realm of matter, experiencing time and space, and revealing Its face in multiple realities.
“Don’t be dumbfounded, for in such a state you help maintain the separation.  Be in the Knowing.  You will shed no tears for you will delight in the uniqueness the One Great Source is in the multicolored, multi-conditioned realm of matter and nonmatter; and thus everyone is a Master…I do not save, I See the I AM in all.  I am not a are all your own savior.  Master your wisdom and reveal the knowledge of Oneness by living It.”
Thus, Easter began with yet another rise and  renewing wisdom.  May I, may all,  live in Mastery and know the Divine Self within that will save me, you, us  from our negative challenge of believing we are Less than the Whole.  May our Christed Being, High Self, Krishna Essence, Buddha quality, Lord expression….whatever we call it, reach to the forefront of our consciousness so we will not live in fear, hate, condemnation, and separation.  “Rise up!”  I say to myself, as I feel that Holy Spirit within.  “Be my daily living essence. Let me know and Live my Divine Nature.”  Awen!
…Until Next Time.
From My Heart to Your Heart
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
soon to be unveiled:

©2017 Katherine Bell