Enjoy listening to Dr. Katherine Bell being interviewed about her sacred journey with Kristi Derkacy, host of The Wisdom of Wyse Women Podcast.

Recently I was in a delightful conversation with Kristi Derkacy who is the host of The Wisdom of Wyse Women Podcast. We spent time reviewing the gift of women aiding women, my work over the years, especially with WomanSpirit (The Divine Feminine), Malachi, and of course, the Tree of Life. We laughed at foibles in awakening, shed some tears in the challenges one travels through, and relief in the rewards. I hope you will take time to listen to this pod cast. It will be aired in two parts that she has artfully pulled together, with the first being published on Monday, August 17, and the second part being published on Monday August 24. The show goes out at 8AM. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, (anywhere else podcasts are hosted), and on her website at resonancerestorative.com/podcast.

Below is some information about the podcast program as well as Kristi Derkacy, a wyse woman with a heart to help other women restore their true resonance.

About The Wisdom of Wyse Women Podcast:

Use Your Voice, Create Your Resonance. We are all Wyse Women, on our own unique journeys, with our own unique voices, with so much to contribute to our collective wisdom + knowledge. Here, your space + time for curiosity, with hosted jams + riffs about relationship, experiencing the world as a woman, rituals + practices for embodied connection, somatic meditations, and always the affirmation that you are loved + so beautiful. Hosted by Kristi Derkacy, co-creator of Resonance Restorative Women’s Collective.

About Kristi Derkacy:

Kristi is a way-finder, wyse woman, truth teller, and collective shepherdess. The collective she has co-created, Resonance Restorative, is a home for other way-finders, nomads and students of them Selves who wish to restore their unique voices and resonate their soul purpose. Through collective programs, she works with women, acting as a doula for change as they rebirth into expression of their unique voices. Community gatherings are also offered for people of all walks of life to connect + convene to restore their voices of Truth, their Original Medicine. For more information about Kristi + her work, please visit www.resonancerestorative.com