Many people I serve experience and feel the abandonment of another, as well as abandoning their own self. They experience desertion by a parent, sibling, friend, or significant other. Abandonment comes in many forms: Loss through death, divorce, addictions, one absorbed in the shadow of their self and thus emotionless, or business separations after being dismissed. It comes through emotional detachment. It occurs via many realities.

The inner battle to feel loved, confident and courageous is often a minefield of shadows and self deprecation, as a result of abandonment. This inner terrain is scary to traverse. Some question whether or not their soul intends to live this darkness and desertion as a karmic challenge, for their entire life. Many feel abandonment is “their fault,” but feel incapable to change that reality. Few give way to knowing it is the dysfunction and emotional detachment that may also come from the Collective Psyche of many generations; as well as their personal experiences.

There is even a likelihood to consider when each soul, released from the realm of wholeness into the planes of individuation, carries the sense of abandonment. Many souls began this feeling as the Initiation of Abandonment the very first moment of leaving the Womb of the Divine. Yet, is it what is To Be as a total life experience? I believe not!

I believe we are humans filled with generations of soul-groups that have entered this Earthly reality with a soul-goal to change the paradigm of abandonment and emotional detachment for all people. I believe that one of the epochs or eras of time began with souls who entered Earth beginning in 1937. The Awakening of Self began. Self importance took a turn toward Self Enlightenment. We have been using this vibration to encourage a higher awareness with generations of souls entering who carry a deeper desire to explore Self Dominion and Self Realization. How do we cultivate these qualities?

When we first realize we carry a knowing or even a sense of abandonment, we need to use the acronym of S.P.A. We need to Stop, Pause, and Allow our personal self to dive into the waters of healing. Of course, it is a time of emotional excavation in order to discover the buried remains of our True Self. The period of mining carries the intention to understand, clear, and renew. However we need to:

Stop: We need to end the thinking and feeling that we are abandoned; as the time of abandonment was long ago. We need to stop thinking that someone will come back and claim their part in the sequence of desertion and leaving us in the muddy waters of hurt, hurdles to large to overcome, and hardship.

Pause: We need to push the pause button of the negative voice of self , others or circumstances that we feel and know brought us to the sense of abandonment.

Allow: We need to allow the inner journey to take us through the hallways of challenge until we clear and reach the light of truth, the light of our inner self, and most assuredly the Light of the Divine Self that is our most healthy and balanced reality.

As we dig to uncover our Divine Self, we may uncover our Karmic reality….what we are here to work toward while embodied. We may extract the many reasons of the people and circumstances that led us into the patterns of abandonment and self-deprecation. We may sit in the fluid of anger, shame, and numbness. Yet, this cannot last forever. For the greater truth is always revealed, if we keep on digging.

After rummaging through the darkness, the light of empowerment begins to shed it rays. The tunnel we have been excavating gives us enough of the coal/fossil fuel that has kept us entrapped in believing we are abandoned and less than all others. At the same time the ember of our Spirit Fire is recognizable and we begin to make the change of purification—-clearing the old and dross memories and entering the field of our true self with a flame of higher desires and self appreciation.

While we are rummaging, we go through anger at others and circumstances. We go through self-anger and even anger at the Creator. We can get stuck in this trap and keep providing the coal to keep the fossils of memory running our life. These relics can continue to bind us with the past and unworthiness woven in unwillingness to take charge and change our course.

When we quit using the fossil remains we enter the realm of higher wisdom, transpersonal development, and use the power of choice to dig deeper until the Light of our Divine Self becomes the fuel that is renewable. In fact, we might call it Solar Fuel. We enter phases of deeper understanding, forgiveness and self-responsibility. We become the Master of our reality. We become the chooser of our experiences. We choose a new course of action and make the most out of what we choose. We are no longer the victim of other’s attitudes, action, and admonitions. We are no longer angry, anxious and annoyed. We are no longer the victim of our own beliefs of being abandoned.

We are worthy! We no longer allow the abandonment of others, circumstances or events dictate our lives. We no longer abandon ourselves. We turn to the choice to live with our mind and heart in alignment with self acceptance, self motivation, and self appreciation for all that we do. We let the Solar Light of our highest nature shine. We share it, but do not give it away, thus dimming our own Solar Power. We keep the blaze of light glowing, for it is a light that strengthens our resolve to maintain self dominion. It also is a light that reveals to others they have the same power within their inner being that is ready to be spread in their personal world of human existence.

May Peace Prevail in your life and all of humanity!

Rev. Katherine Bell (AKA: Torres), Ph.D., D.D.