The moon is expanding her light as she travels through the zodiac sign of Aquarius. As she is the Elder Moon of Sacred Silence, Giving, and Guardians, she will call forth this energy through the vibrations of Transpersonal expression (Aquarius). She will vibrate the humanitarian awareness that Aquarius urges. She will tilt the gift giving to friends right now and the reaching out a hand to help someone along the way. She will encourage the feelings of love, particularly unconditional love. Guardians will be easy to feel, see and hear. Listen well, respond to their guidance, and feel the blessings.

The moon, at her Crescent stage, reminds you to re-edify what you are focusing on and make sure it is the focus of your true and most positive desires. You are creating during this growing cycle and you do want to create what you want and not abort it by fearful thoughts, denial thoughts, and negative fateful feelings. Be alert, as this moon cycle will bring you through the passageway of alertness.

Mercury is sitting in a Stationary position in Capricorn, a “standstill” if you will. It may be a day that making decisions is difficult. Mercury is hip-to-hip with Pluto in Capricorn and the urge to make changes is going on…but the how to may not be clear, and the “going forward” will not feel possible. Oh, my, controversy in the lunar cycle to this Mercury cycle. Well, not really. Stop and ponder before you act. Remember to come inward (as Mercury most certainly will draw you inward for the next 3 weeks), listen to the higher inner voice and then make decisions.

Mercury has connected positively with Venus (in Scorpio), and the ideals of relationships will be evaluated. The sensual dance will come through, the desire for deeper communication will take place, and the clock-work of questions for creating a family will tick, urging communication around, “Now? Is it now we should start a family?” For those of you who are done having a family, well, you may be questioning other fields to birth together–a project you have wanted to create.

Mercury does initiate her jaunt in retrograde through Capricorn and over the Christmas holiday, that may serve you well. It will be a call to ponder what you are spending, asking yourself if this is a true gift or a “let me look good,” reality. Practical Capricorn could get in the way and too many practical gifts may be chosen or none at all. Hopefully if the “no spending” sign comes up for you, it turns to the “let’s make the gift from our heart,” be the message that shines and activates your gift giving. Whatever it is, come within and make the choice from a loving heart.

May this moon cycle bring you insights and blessings from your inner realm of sacred wisdom.