The SPICA – Way of Light Church has been established to bring an understanding of the Divine Feminine qualities of the Universe to humanity. We believe The Holy Mother, as well as the Holy Father, is present in all living things.  Our spiritual philosophy provides a method for revealing sacred knowledge of the Holy Mother.   Our beliefs extend as far back as the Ancient EssenesTemples of Egypt, and the Celtic Orders who honored both the Holy Father and Holy Mother.   These time-honored teachings are now honored in our places of worship.

It is the intention of this church, SPICA – Way of Light, to expand the wisdom of the Holy Mother by providing worship in the form of regular services and teachings through seminars and symposiums.   These teachings will offer ministerial guidance for all interested in pursuing the expansion of their spiritual beliefs and extending their Grace to others.

The Meaning of “SPICA”

The name of the Church, SPICA – Way of Light is derived from the Star called SPICA which is the 15th brightest Star in our Solar System.  It is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo.   When viewing the star-model of Virgo, it is seen as a Virgin.   The star, Spica is the brilliant light emanating from her left hand where a shaft of wheat, or an ear of corn, is identified. Esoterically it is said to carry the vibration of the Divine Feminine.   As it oscillates, it releases energy of a feminine nature to all of humanity. The feminine nature is loving, nurturing, creative, organic, sensual, and fertile.   It holds the consciousness of new development in a container of light as it discovers its true nature, capabilities, essential quality, and empowered state of being. Once these aspects are developed, the Divine Feminine releases the energy into the evolution of productivity and successful manifestations.

In esoteric astrology, SPICA’s radiance honors Isisthe Virgin Mary, Anu, Sophia, Domnu and many other names of Goddesses from cultures who honor the Divine Feminine Principle. The star radiates the activation of Brilliance within a person, animal, plant, or mineral.  Brilliance is the quality of recognizing union with Source and the awareness of wholeness.   It stimulates the brilliant aspects of one’s personal self as well as the Spiritual consciousness within.   Good fortune and success are attributed to the radiance of Spica.

The name, SPICA – Way of Light, was chosen to honor the Brilliant Light of Goddess, the Divine Feminine Principle that is presently leading the way of conscious evolution as it nurtures the new wave of creative, organic, sensual and fertile energy. The, statement, “Way of Light” honors the reality that we follow this Light to know the blessings of Source guiding us always. We do honor that Light is Within us…not somewhere in the ozone of an energy field we cannot know until we die.   We honor that we can know It now and it is our intention to know and live this Source Light.

Spiritual inspiration did cause Dr. Bell* to use an acronym of the word SPICA:  

Spirit Present In Consciousness Always

*Formerly known as Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.