Classes Offered
Katherine Bell*, Ph.D.

For those of you across the U.S. and abroad who keep asking “Do I travel and teach?” the answer is “Yes, I do travel and teach classes beyond San Diego County.” Here are a few classes for you to consider in your area. I do require a minimum of 10 students per class and fees vary depending on the amount of time I will be teaching (1-day lecture, 2- 3 days, week-long workshops, etc.) and traveling. If I have to travel beyond San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, I like to teach 2 – 3 day classes. Contact me for fee requirements. Here are some of the subjects I will teach while traveling:

  • Abundance
  • Angelology
  • Astrology and the Tree of Life
  • Astrology – Natal, Spiritual and Universal Laws
  • Celtic Spiritual Philosophy
  • Chakra Awareness
  • Colorology and Healing
  • Divination using The Faces of WomanSpirit Oracle
  • Dream Interpretation (reviewing levels of dreaming)
  • Ease into Astrology (Beginners class)
  • Enhancing Your Intuition
  • Energy Healing Methodology
  • Feminine Face of the Divine
  • Healing Essences – WomanSpirit Elixirs
  • Looking at your Elements: Fire | Water | Air | Earth
  • Lunar living (living with the Phases of the Moon)
  • Malachi Workshops
  • Meditation Workshops
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Numerology
  • Name – What are the secrets of your Name through Universal Laws
  • Numerology
  • Reiki I, II and III
  • Rose Readings
  • Ritual Processes for Spiritual Enhancement
  • Sacred Astrology
  • Sacred Sound
  • Sacred Stories of Self
  • Soul Journey
  • Shamanism
  • Symbology
  • Teach the Ego to Soar
  • Universal Laws
  • Will Power and the Chakras
  • Tree of Life Intensives (Quarterly Weekend Workshop)

Contact Katherine at: