Good Morning:

I just took a look at the Astrological line up today…and realized why some of my clients are in agitation, and Oooh, so wanting to do what they feel their soul desires. Hmmm. a universal push is occurring.

I discovered that the arching of lights between planets, nodal points and Chiron the planetoid, are in a grand square. Chiron in Pisces (heal the world wound), is pushing on Pluto in Capricorn (not only heal and transmute the world, but how about one’s career?), and they match up with the push and pull of the North Node in Sagittarius (push of the world soul to get going with the intentions to bring forth spiritual benevolence) and the South Node in Gemini (let’s get talking about the world soul and personal soul know and want to do). Yep, if you are listening “in,” you are being challenged to awaken to your purpose, move into the power of the shape-shifter and take on the whole being you are.

Listen to the voice of your soul and make the choice to create the pathway to achieve what you know your passion truly is. The Sun in Pisces will help you shed light on the most sacred place within you. It is in a semi-square, or small push to Venus…who will remind you how to be resourceful, creative, and cultivate the inner relationship with your soul as well and the outer-world relationships that help you bring your passion to fruition.

Use just this little bit of energy today, and the other phenomenons of the universe will pop out as well. A Yod (finger of fate) configuration is happening with Jupiter in Taurus at the helm and the North Node and Mars (in Virgo) lending the grace of opportunities for everyone to reach the goal of manifesting. Mars is still in retrograde position, so it won’t feel easy, still asking you to clean up the clutter and prepare to move into action.

Mars initiate a Grand Trine….reminding you that the Grace of the Divine is supporting the growth in your resources (Jupiter in Taurus is the next point on the grand trine), and helping you transform the soul intention to the tenacity and stamina you will need to respond to your soul and bring your purpose to the world (final connection with Pluto in Capricorn).

Enjoy the use of these energy fields. The Cosmos are a gift of universal frequencies that we must choose to use.